Join Lisa and friends in the 3rd and Final Webinar

Where do the beings of myth, legend and story come from?


Are they real?

Are they from our memories?

Meet our most controversial Character yet


After 7 years of publicly researching the nature of our reality and coming to the conclusion that we are living in a holographic virtual reality, something remarkable happened. A being from outside this construct made contact with Lisa in October 2016, a being she subsequently named Leeloo.
Leeloo confirmed many of these conclusions about our reality but also provided much more information about our history, current situation and potential future.
In this final webinar we will introduce the most controversial character that Leeloo has brought forward to share their stories and perspective.
NOTE: It is advised that you have either attended or viewed the archives of previous webinars for context.

December 1st 2019 Brisbane Australia Time

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