I know it has been a long time coming but with everything being made visible over recent months, to put anything out earlier would have involved a lot of speculation and confusion. Actually there is still speculation and confusion, but there is enough clarity around some of the issues and events to speak out now in regards to them. If you read the previous posts in the series, this video is not as detailed in the information given but I did my best to pick up where that series left off in part 3.

 Description from Mel Ve from Freedom Central

ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER DOOR OPENS Record on 27 November 2014. Following on from an interesting 2 years which started with the UCC filings and the One People’s Public Trust, also known as the OPPT, so much has happened to the people who took up the gauntlet and traveled around the world to inspire a generation of freedom seekers, by educating them as to what they are, their true value, and seeking a tangible way for us to gain our freedom in this present reality. I was honoured by the opportunity to catch up with Lisa M Harrison, Brian Kelly and Dee, to get a clear picture as to the facts regarding their journey, their time in Morocco spent with Heather Tucci, and their understanding of the truth with regards to the entire OPPT journey. It is also great to get to know the further extended members of The One Network, being Mel B, who also spent time with the crew in Morocco. I have been very close to this story personally, being close to Lisa, sharing mutually appreciating interviews and having interviewed Heather Tucci and Dee, and having worked with Brian Kelly on the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Tour. Furthermore, the OPPT filings was followed on by the introduction of Swissindo to the global picture, and if anybody has been following my personal journey, you will know that I have been a delegates of Swissindo since June 2013, and currently hold the position as Head of Media within the God Sky Earth Project. Freedom Central travelled to Indonesia in June 2014 to meet Mr. Soegihartononotonegoro, the King of Kings, who had bequeathed 6 million to every person on earth, following on from the “system being foreclosed” as stated by Heather Tucci based on the UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust. It is great to get a clearer picture from those at the heart of this story, who spent time getting close to Heather, and who got to see the truth for what it is. Hopefully this will give some closure on this chapter of the story, as the circles of light who have overcome this cosmic gauntlet, have pulled together to begin an amazing new journey. We look forward to 2015 and encourage people to keep an eye on The One Network, because they are a strong team, and we are honoured to be able to work with them, as they have much in store for the media consuming truth seeker and believers of a better world. Peace Love Unity Respect Mel Ve

From Hopegirl of Fix the World

On Thanksgiving day, in one of the bravest interviews I’ve seen in a long time, Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Dani, Mel Batty, and Mel V gave a no-holds-barred personal testimony regarding OPPT filings and their creator Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.

The “OPPT Filings” are a set of documents that were filed with the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) that allegedly foreclosed on all world governments and restored the value of monetary and banking systems back to the people. In December of 2012 several alternative media groups were used to spread awareness of the filings via the internet. This resulted in as many as 20 million people having an awareness of the OPPT filings around the globe.

Two years later, millions of people have attempted to use the filings to stop the oppression of the governments over the people, yet the “foreclosed governments” certainly appear to still be open for business. Never the less, the effect that these filings have had on millions of people has proven to be quite profound in both positive and negative ways. While many alternative media groups reported on the OPPT filings, one group in particular, the One Network, took on the full responsibility of investigating and reporting on the filings and any follow up work from their lead creator Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.

The One Network (formerly known as 5D media) is comprised of a group of bloggers, radio show hosts and investigative reporters that have joined efforts in reporting news and perspectives that the main stream media will not disclose to the general public. For two years, several members of the One Network tirelessly reported on the OPPT filings, hosted weekly call in radio shows, established websites and facilitated the many people that followed what became the “OPPT movement”. Then they took it one step further, and shared a home in Morocco with Heather for the better part of a year. During much of this time, they were isolated and cut off from most communications with the outside world.

This interview discloses the personal testimony of what they witnessed while in close living quarters with the woman who initiated the filings, that while seemingly had no effect on the governments, affected the lives of millions of people.

Some Highlights From the Interview

  • “The only reason why I agreed to do this interview is because I feel an obligation to share with everyone that was affected on the blog. I feel that responsibility to be that transparency we talk about. We want to give others who may have been misled an opportunity to heal.”-Brian Kelly
  • “There were times when the hurt was so bad, you almost thought you wouldn’t come through it.”
  • “We all stopped writing and Heather came up with a plan that we would all go dark.” –Dani
  • “We were lured here to Morocco as a job to take down the 5D media platform…”
  • “Through my daughter I was able to see the things that I wasn’t able to see before…”
  • “The filings had an effect that triggered a lot of people. They spoke to many of us and people felt it. Don’t regret what you’ve done if you’ve done it while walking in empowerment.” –Lisa
  • “The love, the connection, the togetherness that we NOW have as a group brings tears to my eyes. It’s like a Phoenix rising.”- Mel B
  • “I knew in my heart that when the exposure, when the evidence was there that Lisa wouldn’t just stand there and go with the flow. I knew she would do something about it. I have been waiting for you guys to talk about it. It takes a lot of courage to go in and get into a story the way you guys have. People will look into this and may blame you that the OPPT didn’t deliver what it was supposed to deliver. You got in and got your hands dirty, and people will judge you for having that dirt on your hands, instead of thanking you for doing the work that they didn’t have to do” –Mel V

There is SO MUCH MORE in Hope’s post about much more than just this video, I recommend reading it.