Copied from a post I made in the Facebook UU Group.

Have to cancel DTC show for tomorrow, there is something I must do that has to be done on someone’s else’s schedule.

Primarily what I wanted to discuss is this:
On Saturday 22nd as mentioned on last show, I received a lot of info, downloads or whatever you want to call it. Part of that was that in November (linear time) the original construct/layer was closed off/quarantined and that the humans that have an aspect ‘there’ retrieved that aspect before the door was closed. Some of us integrated that aspect at the time which included memories of ‘invasion day’ but many held those aspects in their energetic field and they are about to begin the process of integration.

What I have seen in this room alone (Facebook UU room) with posts about feelings of sadness, loss, confusion and arguments with significant people that seem to come from nowhere or have no basis in this reality for their intensity tells me that this is in fact happening.

I believe those feeling this are in the process of integrating the aspect of themselves that were here in the beginning, the moment the construct was taken over. I have experienced this myself this week in a very weird way.

Please ask yourself the question: What is the source or root of what I am feeling, thinking etc, keep going deeper………. You may find that what is happening here in this 3d construct realm does not justify the intensity of what you are feeling, if this is the case…….keep looking, integrating etc and see what shows up, much seems to be related to memories and experiences of what happened ‘back then’.

Imagine never knowing death or even conceiving of it and finding the bodies of those you love lifeless? Talk about cognitive dissonance….

Imagine chaos and fear where none had been before or not knowing who to trust when everyone, always, could be trusted?

I feel this is what we are integrating now, love yourselves and go easy on each other.