General strangeness reported in our skies, I don’t necessarily agree with the opinions or conclusions of the channel/poster but the strangeness can’t be denied.

A small sample of the responses so far to the info put out in DTC Ep 33

.I just want you to know that I have shared privately with sevral friends, from dreams and visions over the last several months. Even the Allison Coe video. Almost every single ‘point’ yes short and sweet I have shared with others privately and then BOOM episode 33 and yes I shared it. No contact and yet the same exact information….validation after validation. Those I shared the video with that I have told privatey what I had seen, jaws hit floor.


OMG, Lisa!! It wasn’t until you said January 8, and asked if we had noticed anything weird, did I remember that the clock on my computer had frozen at 8:88:8888 for a full day. I refreshed; nothing would change. I *wish* I had taken a screen shot of it, but I was in a rush. I just figured it was the Universe saying hello. It was around 10’am PST; but when I returned home later that evening, the clock was working just fine. Out of curiosity, I did an internet search to see what seeing multiple 8’s mean, and I got this link (…/angel…). Anyway, I couldn’t remember when that happened; so I just now did a search in my internet search history, and guess what? That happened on January 8, 2018!!! I’m still picking my mouth back off the ground!!!!

Oh…and there’s more!! I’ve also had more lucid dreams (meaning I know I’m dreaming, acknowledge it, and choose to continue with the dream just to see where it goes) in the past two weeks that I’ve ever had in my life. In every dream, I’m in an alternative reality. The thing is, wherever I am I have memories of that timeline. That’s happened a lot in my dreams over the years; but lately, I’ve found myself working as a coffee shop manager (which I’ve done in the past), back in my parents’ home (who have been divorced for years), walking through a school (that I’ve never attended, but I “remember” it), etc. And in each case, I have memories of the timeline I’m in. I’m still a coffee manager, and someone has come in and changed everything from the way I had it (which on this timeline I don’t even remember the shop I’m in while dreaming, but while dreaming I remember everything about it all the way down to how many cases of coffee beans we have because I remember ordering and receiving them…MONTHS ago), my parents have never divorced and I’m surrounded by family (which is by NO means the case, but I remember everything about that timeline), and the school–which I’ve never even seen in this timeline–I know everything about it while dreaming, I know the students and teachers (who I’ve never met on this timeline), and I have a complete history with all of them. Sometimes I wake up with so many memories of thing that on this timeline have NEVER happened, that I think I’m losing my mind!!! Everytime I sleep and dream, it’s of a different timeline complete with history and memories. Like I said, I’ve had such dreams in the past…here and there. But multiple times in just two weeks?? This is getting nuts!!


Around the first or second week of December 2017, I had to take my daughter for an interview at the small, local TAFE (in the off-chance we were still here in 2018). Due to her being home-schooled and under age, she had to go through an interview process to be allowed to enroll in a particular course. So we met the two lecturers and spent about an hour with them asking and answering questions making sure the course was a good fit for her etc. and then they took us on a tour of the campus. We left with them saying ‘see you in January for enrollment day.’ Well we went back to the TAFE yesterday (Wednesday) which wasn’t busy and the two lecturers were just standing around outside the room where the interview had previously taken place. My daughter and I walked up to them and said ‘Hi K, Hi M we are back to fill out the paperwork, nice to see you again’ – you know usual greetings – and these two “people” just stared at us, like blankly looking at us like they had never seen us before…ever. They started bumbling around and asking questions like they were trying to jog their memories of who we were but every time they would try to say ‘oh yes you’re the one who likes this…’ or ‘you’re the one who went to this school…’ we would have to tell them that they were wrong so then they couldn’t even pretend that they were suddenly remembering us or knew who we were. They only accept 10 people into this course and as an (ex) teacher myself, it is not that hard to remember 30 children so 10 adults should be a breeze – plus my daughter was a special enrollment case so really she should have stood out in their minds. It was so weird. My daughter said later that they felt so empty, so hollow that she had to resist the urge to wave her hand through them like they were holograms.

Which reminds me, last Thursday or Friday, I asked my husband to call the local Auto Upholsterers to check that our car was still booked in for Monday. Again, they had never heard of us, didn’t remember our car or the seats we wanted re-covering , even though we had been to their shop in December last year and the admin lady and the actual upholsterer guy had looked at our car. We had chosen the leather fabric stuff we wanted and I had watched the lady put us in the calendar/diary thing for the 22nd of Jan and had written all the details on a business card for us. My husband just sat on the sofa dumbfounded and I could hear him saying ‘but I am holding your business card right here.’ Nope, nothing, no recollection whatsoever. It seems whatever we did in December, 2017 has not carried over into January 2018 for us here in this household.