Optimal wellbeing is a collection of pure, natural products and ancient practices that I have used and continue to use for myself and my family’s wellbeing.

Optimal Wellbeing covers detoxing, rejuvenation, cancer cures, energy practices and treatments for common conditions.

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In Lak’esh
Lisa Harrison


English Version

Hebrew Version

‘A big thank you to Lisa for making her fine E-book, Optimal Wellbeing, freely available to the public. Well written and educative, the book’s contents provide pure, natural, non-toxic and chemical free treatments for many of our common ailments. All of these occur naturally in Mother Earth’s environment.

In addition to the inclusion of the 5 Tibetan Rites, several links to other websites offer sources of further information for mind, body and spirit health. I highly recommend this e-book and have shared Lisa’s URL with friends.

Mary Mageau