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UPDATE: Finally after 3 attempts have the archive online WITH Audio.

It was a wild weekend.  A Strange and Weird one.  On Today’s One People Show, Lisa and Dani Discussed the physical reactions to whatever it was that happened, and danced in and out of various Rabbit Holes, including:

*You might be in a Simulation when……
*Seeing through the Veil, into the Matrix
*The Shadow and the Light
*Setting the intent to focus on the positive this week
…. and damn it!  We missed the End of the World…. AGAIN!!!!

Click here for a copy of the chat

Try as we might, every time the One People Round Table for August 2nd, 2016 is uploaded to Youtube, they mute the entire thing. It was uploaded to the UU fb group with sound by a viewer but I cannot share that outside fb. Still looking for a solution/work around.

One thing I did propose on the show was a week of positivity, both online and offline. We know social media and fb in particular is data mined to get a census on the collective, and that information is then manipulated and fed back to us for the purposes of predictive programming among others.

One of the reasons for positivity week was to do an experiment in seeing what they attempt to do with all that positive energy.

The other reasons were to just not feed the fear for ourselves and others, and to further feed ourselves positively, I have declared to be positive offline as well.

Here is my FB Statement from Wednesay morning and a few examples of my posts since then.

As stated on yesterday’s show, I am only posting and sharing positive, life affirming, uplifting and fun information this week both online and offline. Let it be known that as of today and for the next 7 days all projections of drama, negativity, fear, manipulation, harvesting, control and general fuckery will be returned to it’s source immediately. Thank you x