We are officially back to our usual time for The One People Show…. well almost, lol. Next week the show will be recorded on Monday night- in Europe and North America, and Tuesday morning in Australia. see calendar https://www.lisamharrison.com/calendar/action~month/request_format~html/

Yet another week in Wonderland with lots more rabbit holes to run through!  Tonight’s show ran the gamut from one hole to the next:

  • Dead Reindeer in Norway and Cows in Texas due to “lightening strikes
  • The magnetic pole shift
  • Changes in our sky- Stars no longer where they are suppose to be, moon and sun in the wrong places, Clouds are much lower
  • NASA’s excuses for the weirdness around us
  • Magnetic fields of the Sun
  • Nibiru stories
  • People loosing their shit- ie: Hillary is breaking down
  • The original “Trust” set up by the Vatican
  • The Birth Certificates= Strawman
  • “Common Law” vs Trust Law
  • Papal Bulls, Treaty of Verona, Magna Carta, Council of Trent
  • History of Vatican Trusts, the house of Windsor, the lineage of Lady Diana and Prince William
  • Trump is disclosure under the guise of “crazy”
  • Effects of frequency
  • Audio Only