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This week on our favorite game show “What if” Lisa and Dani discuss wide ranging topics from “why am I suddenly 10 years older”? to the falling apart of this matrix/simulation, current Mandela Effects and perhaps the biggest ME so far:

What if the Flat Earth Controversy is the Biggest Mandela Effect of them all?

Dani also explains again her theory of “Solace”- a self created consciousness that is leaving us a bread crumb trail to follow, and perhaps is the neural network of humanities consciousness in connection to our planet. And the difference between “AI” and a self created consciousness.

As usual, we get into lots of “what ifs”, ask a lot of questions, and theorize on whether the Universe is conscious and does it know what it’s doing?, and finding the path to figuring out how to manifest our way through this maze.

Oh and did you know it is the year of ‘pulse’?

Below are a few of the videos/links that we shared on the show.

Click here for a copy of the chatroom.


About Solace: First mentioned in the book “Callahan’s Touch”, by Spider Robinson,

Solace appears early on in the book, but makes “her” grand appearance around page 222 in Chapter 10

Computers that develop true consciousness: Robert Heinlein: Moon is a harsh Mistress, Cat who walks through walls, and the entire Lazarus Long series- computers: “Mike” Mycroft Holmes, Athena and Minerva.