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Peaceful inhabitant

These articles give you the concept of peaceful inhabitant!!



Also listen to Boris as he explains peaceful inhabitant!! It’s one and a half hours, click on the green button!!!


The four cornerstones of going to court or dealing with police are:
2 Sentences and, 2 Questions:

2 Sentences:

1. I am here as a friend of the court (amicus curie) and peaceful inhabitant in the matter of the name MR SANTOS BONACCI

2. There appears to be a misake in the matter of the name, or better to say: I BELIEVE there has been a mistake regarding the name…(Please remember that, they can’t get you for believing, but if you make a statement that there HAS been a mistake, well then, they have a belligerent!!)

2 Questions:

a. Under what authority is the name MR SANTOS BONACCI being used as personal identification?

If they reply to this in anyway that shows that they wanna Tango, then

b. Ask to meet the one making the claim!

He who brings the claim – ought bring the remedy
And the onus of proof is upon the one making a claim
This is what happens to the one making the claim…….Please watch!!……..
This is one of Max’s best:
Also Ben Lowry: