Shortly after posting the last DTC, Ep 39, Argus came through again on the computer and said “I am calling on ALL Dragons’. A few hours later an ‘energetic’ meeting took place with the following details coming through.

  • Argus announced the Red Dragon is here and he introduced himself.
  • The Red Dragon, Fire Dragon (with Gold under his chin) will be appearing soon.
  • He is here to perform a cleanse, it will be a fiery cleanse. Although necessary and for our highest good it will probably be quite disruptive.
  • He is making a pathway
  • We could see ‘blood skies’
  • Argus is calling in ALL Dragons, including ‘Realm Keepers’ from other realms…..
  • This cleanse will be very physical, ‘lots of heat in our bodies to accelerate the cells to vibrate at a higher rate to prepare bodies to transition’….For some this will be very uncomfortable.
    -Symptoms can include: internal heat/burning, head pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, high blood pressure and migraines. Recommends rest, hydration and meditation.
  • All will feel this
  • There will be many deaths, people leaving this construct during this time. For heart sourced beings going home this is a choice.
  • This will be the first big wave of people leaving, via heart attack, stroke and aneurysm. It won’t be reported publicly, you will hear through word of mouth and personal contacts.
  • This energy will move ‘across the plane’ geographically over several days.

Use your discernment, if it fits and helps to support or explain your own experience then great.