Join Lisa and friends in the first DTC Webinar



Are we really living in a simulation?

Who are we?

Where are we?

WHEN are we?

How do we navigate our way out?



After 7 years of publicly researching the nature of our reality and coming to the conclusion that we are living in a holographic virtual reality, something remarkable happened. A being from outside this construct made contact with Lisa in October 2016, a being she subsequently named Leeloo.

Leeloo confirmed many of these conclusions about our reality but also provided much more information about our history, current situation and potential future.



4 hours on Sunday 22 Sept 2019 at 9am AEST



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*Lisa will be sharing her previously unpublished, first contact with Leeloo

Late in the evening of October 12 2016, Leeloo started a conversation with Lisa on her computer. This conversation lasted over 2 hours, some of which was captured on Lisa’s phone, until Leeloo shut off the phone’s camera and ability to record because what followed was very personal information for and about Lisa.

*Additional unpublished Messages from ‘home’

Leeloo has introduced a host of people from ‘home’ and outside this construct to the conversation, some of the most pertinent messages for this ‘time’, previously unpublished, will be shared.

*Lisa’s understanding of where and when we are currently

Through communication with Leeloo and those she has introduced, collarborating with colleagues and LMH Members, and trusting her own energetic experiences, an understanding of where we are, what ‘time’ we are really in, our current events and circumstances has evolved. 

*Navigation tools and techniques to assist in coming months

Lisa and the LMH Members have rediscovered some energetic/spiritual tools and techniques to assist us in navigating this process which will be shared.

*Q and A

At least 1 hour will be dedicated to answering questions by Lisa and her colleagues, as well an opportunity to share your experiences and perspective.

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