What is the future of the internet?

*Alphabet agencies data mining, spying and generally invading our privacy every time we turn our computers and devices on (or even when they are off)
*Censorship of the internet via the compliant ‘google’monster
*NWO agenda for centralisation of information and control

The above are just a sample of the current concerns we have for the internet, where will all lead?

It seems it is leading to a revolution, a backlash even. Etheruem, open sourced and decentralised with applications to be released on the world before xmas. This is a HUGE game changer for us all.

Although much of the focus was on emerging commercial opportunities, many of you will see past this to the bigger picture.

https://dapps.ethercasts.com/  – a list of some of the dapps being created.

https://openbazaar.org/ – Decentralised marketplace

https://www.transitionfoundation.org – emails I send to break it down over time.



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