We are now in the ‘space before waking‘!

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One thing I didn’t mention at the time because I didn’t think it was wide spread enough (between recording, editing and uploading I now do), so many are not able to sleep recently before 3am. You are ON GUARD, on WATCH.

*dreams of forces ‘outside’ this realm warning that if humanity do not back off they will invade.                                                                             *Feelings of foreboding, chills down the spine over recent days by those who are highly sensitive                                                                     *A form of old, dark tech that was in the oceans has been drawn out and removed, those with clairaudience may have heard the low hum of this over recent days and then suddenly stop.

Also while waiting for this to upload the following video was sent to me which touches on this as well as Tartaria/Tartarus connection, Africa and Spain are mentioned as well.


Shortly before recording started on Friday 15th Feb around 10am Brisbane Aus time, most of the women on the call with me were all hit at the same time, including myself, with an intense energy. This caused head pressure, nausea (even sudden vomiting). It was not understood at the time at all but shortly after the recording Gaia Portal posted the following and it feels connected:

“Scurrilous energies dissipate as Cosmics infuse.
Territorials are abandoned. Levitations commence on grand scale.
Fortunes are collected and shared.
Maters are seen in the Telepathics”


Shortly after recording I received a download of sorts with the words:
‘The parent has become the child and the child the parent’ repeating over and over in my head with an accompanying image that made sense to only me.

I think of this in computer/code terms and feel it is connected to or possibly confirmation of the operating system change.

Figure 8 Breath:

1. Imagine yourself in a large energetic personal sphere.
2. Start at the core imagining a ball of energy there.
3. Take a breath in and imagine the energy stretching out from the core behind your back, over your head enveloping, down over your face and back into the core.
4. Breath out as it goes through the core of you and out around the lower torso under your feet and back up to the core.
5. Repeat this with your breathing until you get a even flow
6. Then you can add an intention to unhook/disconnect from/delete programs on the in breath and on the out breath align to Freedom/ love/balance.
7. When you become aware that the figure 8 is moving very quickly and easily lock in the new frequency by bringing up your hands in a prayer motion at the core and allow it run.