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-Walk-ins…are you a walk in?
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-Cleaning out the middle men
_Toxic relationships are cleaning up or moving out

Excerpt from schrodingersothercat:

September 16, 2018
I reach out now to someone who wants to connect and who can enlighten us on what is going on with images of ships near the sun posted recently, as well as the apparent shutting down, without explanation, of numerous solar observatories around the world.
Is this possible?
Yes. There is information available for you.
I hear more than one voice?
We are gathered to submit information. There are many; several of us old friends. I was chosen to speak however. You have exuberant friends.
Yes, I do. Hello everyone! (I am seeing (what looks like) one being jumping up and down and waving to get my attention; big smiles. This is pretty wonderful.)
What precisely do you want to know?
Thank you for coming forward. The questions I’ve received are really one – “what is going on with the sun?” I believe a full and complete answer to that question will answer several others regarding the closings as well as images of ships.
We cannot hope to satisfy every curious reader with our information. Yet, since we are representing several groups, we can offer what we know. Much, if not all, of this is not readily available to you.
There are vehicles preparing for entry into your airspace. Although there have always been such preparations, it is only recently, as the event approaches, that their numbers cannot be hidden or completely dismissed.

Full article here: https://schrodingersothercat.blog/2018/09/16/solar-observatory-stuff-latest-from-sophia-love-newsletter/

Gaia Portal 19th September 2018

Separations for the next phase are completed.
All energetic ties to the past are cut.
Higher Light enters.
Strengths are amplified.
New pathways begin.

SOHO LASCO IMAGES 19 and 20 Sept 2018

Schumann Resonance – 11th September 2018

Schumann Resonance – 20th September 2018