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Something is going to happen very soon that will effect everyone, my feeling is before the end of the year.


For myself [and as agent for an on behalf of { } to the extent that they consent] I now revoke all agreements that I [and they] have entered into (directly or indirectly, with or without [my/their] consent) the broad or specific effect was to prevent [me/them] from communicating with my true Home, or returning to Home (whether physically or energetically or in any other form) or speaking, thinking or communicating by any means about certain things including (but not limited to) the use against [me/them] (either directly or indirectly) of any of the following against (or designed to affect) all or any of [my/their] physical, emotional, mental, soul or spiritual bodies or [my/their] mental health or well-being, or [my/their] home, place of work, school, or means or method of transportation or against [my/their] family, friends or loved ones, enemies, acquaintances or strangers, pets, animals, plants, trees, or other beings, or planet, elements, elementals, fae, or other mystical or magical creatures, or authentic or organic heart-coded beings of any description, or [my/their] environment or other environmental places whatsoever:

Killing, murder, death, torture, injury or assault; Imprisonment or slavery;
Threats or coercion;
Distortion fields;
Experimentation in any form;
Spells or magic of any kind;
Trust, hope, charity, faith or adoration;
Deception of any kind,
Removal, distortion, change or addition of codes or DNA;
Implants of any kind;
Obstruction, Distraction or co-option;
Programming, memory loss, mind-wipes;
Cloning, copying or projecting (including by the use of holographic or isomorphic technology) Blind-siding;
Affecting the mind;
Seduction, bribery or inducement;
Drugging the mind or body;
Disconnection, separation, cut-off and isolation; Confusion;
Harvesting of energy;
Clouding of any description;
Infection or poisoning (biological or chemical);
Colour magic;
Colours including Red, Black, White, Purple, Blue, Gold, Silver, Grey, Brown, Mustard Yellow, Orange, Green;
Metals including: Iron, Mercury, Lead, Fluoride, Calcium, Barium, Aluminium, Cobalt, Uranium.