Hey Lisa, 
Just wanted to share that I had a QHHT session on Tuesday with some insights that might add to today’s amazing call:

  • The shift will happen in 2 months. This will be an instantaneous shift to the new earth for those who are ready. 
  • The adjustment can take up to 6 months.
  • Some of the symptoms of my body preparing for transition will be a lot of activity around the heart and third eye, vision going in and out, sometimes feeling un-grounded.
  • Symptoms for me right before the shift include feeling dizzy, lightheaded, heavyness in the chest, queasy in the stomach.
  • All I need to do to prepare for transition is to be in my heart and trust.
  • All humans will be pulled out of the construct and the construct will be no more.
  • Those who are not able to cope with the shift will be placed in a ‘half-way place’ until they are able make a decision about where they would like to go. 
  • After we shift, we can choose different forms, we can create and materialise things at will, there’ll be no need for money (however barter systems may be put in place until people realise they can manifest instantaneously)I
  • it’s a place of love and respect.

  • The homes that we saw in our doings are the same as what other QHHT clients have seen…ie etheric homes usually in dome shapes.

  • My dad who has passed said he will meet me over there (so I’m assuming that will be the same for others who have loved ones who have passed)

It’s 5 am and I am UP! like awake, really awake, I don’t know what did it but I was beat and tired, and tried going to sleep but the buzzing in my ears, uggg, so I just kept asking for help and was prompted to turn on 741 freq and when I did, I was OUT, LOL where I was all night was like, family chaos, it wasn’t home, it was like this HUGE resting place … my mind wanted to call it a luxury hotel, full of meeting rooms, game rooms, simulation rooms, and tons of plain old hotel type rooms with beds. Where I was it was known earth was a place a big ole play was being carried out to the finale, it was chaotic because we as the players, trying to bring it to an end, were going in it and out of it playing scenes out, bringing people to their place of choice, as in could they make a choice for good or had the experience turned them so dark they needed to be completely *re- created*. People were being called through this intercom, it was almost funny, at one point I get the hilarious giggles because LeeLoo had a brother.. *her other half* and over the speaker they were called, Leeoo and *they wont let me remember his name*, but they were called out by their first and last name to take their place, and they came ….. well kind of giddily skipping in, just ready to go play their part, they were TALL. My guy was there, just sort of following me around waiting for me to make a decision about something, it seemed to be about where I would *land* I had no plans of coming to that place, a sort of stepping off place, a gathering meeting place, I had been stubborn. Sure it was like a city with this huge hotel like place, but there weren’t homes, just these rooms, and where would I put my family, wasn’t going anywhere without my kids, ALLL of them. And we couldn’t all fit in a double hotel room, I had to find them the perfect place. So he finally grabbed my shoulder spun me around and looked in my eyes and said, STOP! remember! and all my simulations came flooding in, and I remembered they are their own spirit, with their own room, because when its over and its time to ALL come together, we wont be *mum* and *son* and *daughter* and *son*, we will all be our fully recognized selves that are all the lives we’ve ever been and I’m not responsible for them anymore. IT will be my time to rest, so I said, OH! ok, then just give us all our rooms here. AND LMAO! He threw his head back and said, FINALLY !!! I thought I was never going to get through, you are SOOO stubborn! Then the two of us were called into a simulation with a group of people in 3D, one of them had made a Dark choice and did something very wrong, he was being held accountable and was going to be re-created, he was crying and sobbing, begging for his life as if at gunpoint and didn’t want to *die*. I walked in .. it was what I DO, and raised my voice to my other half, I cant remember what I call him there, but I had authority, what I did I had done for EONS, I just knew this persons mind, I knew everyone’s mind, I knew why he did what he did, I knew his heart, he had made the choices he made because he felt in 3D he had to in order to protect and keep his loved ones safe, he was tortured and needed healing, remembrance and re-training because there was a base-love in there. And I became aware, right before I woke up that’s what I do, I SEE people. And I’m TIRED, there I help to heal them, I help to see them and sort of champion for what is needed for recovery, I reminded myself of a judge, walking into a space where a person is being *weighed* and immediately seeing it for what it really is, and I was just rattling off in a authoritative tone, I remember *Michael* had his hand raised on the ready to just send this person to re-creation* and I walked in, immediately, knew the person, the situation, what he had done, why, what his heart was and I became the authority in the room, I remember saying NO! he did this because of this, and for that, his base emotion was Love for his family, he simply does not remember who he is, its been too long for him, re-membering! …I woke up…

I remember, I am just as tired over there as I am here, and I know we are in the final stages of whatever, I don’t know what looks like time-wise here in the 3D, but I know its a frantic rush to get to EVERYONE, wake them up, remind them, nudge them to choose, everyone has a choice to remember who they really are, or should I say, the stuff they are made of or choose to wallow in 3D, but work was CRAZY busy over there, and I’m as stubborn and as forgetful as the rest and it seems I have to be reminded ALL the time too. Don’t know how this is lining up with your experiences, but I woke up lighter and almost laughing at myself for taking this place too serious!