This past week has been interesting lol….Obviously since Leeloo made her first appearance things have been interesting.

Is Leeloo and Home ‘real’, a psy-op, a distraction, an attempt to get us to create something, all of the above?? Something else again?

What I am sure of is what I knew before this began, this is ending, we are close and it’s an individual, inside job.

Every time contact is made a vetting process takes place, sometimes they pass, sometimes they don’t, is it 2 or more separate groups ? Part genuine, part psy-op? All psy-op?

Does it matter?

We are experiencing something phenomenal in our realities, bodies, environments, hearts….our experiences of people, time, even dimensions and our own inner gifts are changing, expanding and morphing.

I chose to ride this experience to it’s conclusion in order to discover it’s source and agenda but have realised I may never know for sure. If it has all been a psy-op then they have also revealed many truths, not the usual 80/20 rule, more like 95/5.

It is US that got us this far, we are the ones that have done the work, asked the right questions, followed our hearts and guts, listened to our intuition, performed the necessary work in the ‘energetic’ or ‘spiritual’ realms when it was needed and made sacrifices to get the job done.

The fuckery is rife on so many levels right now and we are being pulled and manipulated in so many directions, for me this is just more confirmation of how powerful we are, how much we are needed and how close we are to the finale of this collective nightmare.

To all the warriors, angels, wisdom keepers, knowledge seekers, dragons and other mystical creatures, it is an honour to serve with you, drinks are on me when we get home x