For many many reasons the time is now both right and necessary for me to create a membership site. I wanted to create a space for REAL people, asking REAL questions and exploring REAL Creative solutions to come together.

A place off fb, a place that is private and where we can collectively add the tools that we find of use and none of the ones we don’t.

The membership fee is $5 a month with the following benefits;

*A private social network

*Member created Forums and Groups

*The Collective Imagination in ACTION Group (a weekly group discussion and DOING contributed to by all who participate)

*Private teaching/workshops – Teachers/Researchers and Doers are invited to conduct private sessions/training on a variety of subjects for members. (some will be at an additional minimal cost paid directly to teacher)

*Members only are invited to be part of the studio audience for all LIVE shows and events including Symposium Group Discussions and Lisa M Harrison interviews. (this does NOT include the One People Show that I do with Dani Arnold-McKenny) That remains open to the public to join live.

*Archives of events will be exclusive to members for 1 month before going public.

*Access to Members Zoom account for private discussions

*Library of movies, documentaries and files

I have been building this site over the last 3 weeks with very little access to internet so it has been a longer, slower process than it could have been, apologies.

Our first training/workshops will be with john Anderson on Keshe Tech. starting at the end of the month.

I am very interested in this technology and it’s potential along with any other solutions put forward.

I have had some experience with a Keshe pain pen that was positive and am hearing great things from people I trust.

I want the opportunity to learn and make this tech for myself, to see if it is as accessible and workable as claimed. If I can learn to make and use this tech anyone can.

However learning Keshe Tech as it stands requires either going back through 100’s if not 1000’s of hours of lectures, talks and demonstrations or jumping in, in real time with people who have been studying for a year or more and trying to catch up.

John is Tech Support for Keshe Foundation and has agreed to do weekly real time training with us all, taking us through a step by step process in understanding how this tech works and making devices. This really is an amazing opportunity and I am very grateful to John.

Things still to be completed:
-The Member Library – as of right now it is empty, once I have proper internet (latest update is Monday) I will begin uploading content to the library which will include PDF’s, movies, doco’s, documents on a variety of subjects. I am also working on a solution to allow you to add your own content directly to the library to share with other members.
As it stands you can upload docs already as part of your profile.

=Lock in dates for upcoming Interviews and Symposiums and update the calendar.

Things you can do right away:
Create groups, make friends, fill in your profile, start posting on your wall, book zoom time and make suggestions for teachers to run training’s/workshops etc. and generally just have a play around and get to know the space.

As of today the Zoom Room can take 200 people, this is not only for The Round Table Show but for all zoom meetings.

So I am officially opening the doors to LMHMembers, I am very excited to see what we can create and hope you will join me there, we already have over 60 members playing and getting to know their way around.

You are more than welcome to share this with your family and friends who you think would be interested, there is even an invite others option within your profile if you choose to use that.

There is a link directly to the member site in the menu above or just click here