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After 7 years of publicly researching the nature of our reality and coming to the conclusion that we are living in a holographic virtual reality, something remarkable happened. A being from outside this construct made contact with Lisa in October 2016, a being she subsequently named Leeloo.


Leeloo confirmed many of these conclusions about our reality but also provided much more information about our history, current situation and potential future.


From October 2019 to February 2020 Lisa conducted 4 Webinars to share her experiences with Leeloo and others from Home.


In these webinars you will meet many of the beings Leeloo has bought forward for us to communicate with.

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Lisa and her Team are looking for YOU if 1 or more of the following applies:


*You are conscious of where you spend your money and who/what that supports

*You want to build community

*You want to spend your time, money and energy on activities and people that heighten your sense of wellbeing.

*You want to enhance your own life and the lives of others.

*You want to support others in achieving their goals while achieving your own

*You would like a second income stream or even Business with a proven history of integrity

*You want to live ‘as if’


You can be part of this team as either a customer knowing who/what your money is supporting (and many more benefits) or as a part of the Business Building Community


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