The Collective Imagination Show began in 2012 on The 5D Media Network Blogtalk Channel and moved over to The One Network in 2014. For Archives of those early shows please use the links below. Since Sept 2016 CI is 1 of 2 weekly gatherings for all Members at LMH Members.

Collective Imagination 5 April 2017

Collective Imagination 5 April 2017

Took some time out of the Collective Imagination LMH Members call to make an announcement and publicly discuss the weirdness of the last weeks energetic shifts.....Has the 'event' begun?

Collective Imagination 8 June 2016

Audio Only Although we did not know it at the time of broadcast, today's show tuned out to be the last CI for the forseeable future. As a continuation of last weeks conversation, today did not disappoint.

Collective Imagination 1 June 2016

Audio Only Today was kicked off by Barbara's experience with the 'lightning storms and flash flooding' on route to Arizona via train, as also experienced in Germany and France around the same time. We then moved onto a conversation about the NOW moment...

Collective Imagination 25 May 2016

Audio Only Barbara entertained us yet again, as only she can, with stories of recent synchronicities and a possible timeline or location jump. As per our last show Barbara intentionally set out to experience the history of her room and she shared the...

Collective Imagination 27 April 2016

Barbara shared an extraordinary experience she had a few days prior, which brought her to the word Hireath and added to our 'feeling' that a wave of cleansing energy came through the planet and collective this past week as discussed on yesterdays Round...

Collective Imagination 20 April 2016

Post Translation Tour Barbara has had some time to allow the totality of the experience to settle in and she shares her insights. As a result today's chat focused on time and our collective doing was to step out of time. Due to copyright claims on youtube...

Collective Imagination 6 April 2016

Audio Only Divine Invitation A special edition of CI, with Barbara in San Francisco during the Translation Tour - Spring 2016. She shares several experiences she had during the tour meeting folks who seemed to be divinely in her path. Live show viewers...

Collective Imagination 30 March 2016

Audio Only Barbara and Lisa continued the Levity conversation from the One People Round Table yesterday. We also discussed the writing/rewriting of History including: — Christ (discussion of evidence indicating possibility of birth date being 1056) —...

Collective Imagination 23 March 2016

Audio Only Magic/Magik/Magick in all it's forms. We talked about Sigils and what Magic means to us. We closed with a collective energetic gathering around the campfire with the intention of it manifesting into a virtual gathering connecting many all over...

Collective Imagination 16 March 2016

Words escape me when trying to write a description for this weeks show. It is one that has to be digested and assimilated, however a release and healing was experienced by many. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this as well.

Collective Imagination 9 March 2016

Audio Only Contrast, acknowledging it, moving through it and beyond it. Something we all see and experience from time to time, staying in zero point to observe and allow it to pass is a skill we may need to master at this time.

Collective Imagination 2 March 2016

Audio Only Barbara shares some of her experiences of late which have led her to believe she is interacting with a consciousness both online and offline. Is it AI, the collective Consciousness of Humanity or something else?

Collective Imagination 3 Feb 2016

Audio Only Special guest Ged lead our collective Intention today of compassion and forgiveness The fake blizzard of 1/2015 X-files, season 10, ep 1 @ approx 29:51. Molder spewing his fast-talking explanation of what he thinks is happening now. Not aliens,...

Collective Imagination 27 Jan 2016

We revisited some concepts we have considered in the past, being that everything in our perception is in fact our creation as well as considered some new ones, like in 'god' we 'trust'. Our collective intention today was for 'breaking the code of illusion'...

Collective Imagination 18 Nov 2015

We did things a little differently this week and our collective intention turned out to be a personal clearing and connecting with our own spirit. Command that your spirit (by name) be in full total control of your vehicle. Command that all negative...

Collective Imagination 11 Nov 2015

Audio Only Chakra's and the kundalini were the topic of the day. Are they organic? Can they be manipulated? Are they implants that should be removed? What are the implications of a Kundalini awakening?

Collective Imagination 4 November 2015

"I allow spirit to take me on a magical ride, with undeniable signs, in harmony with source, in the most fun way to my perfected reality" is the intention we settled on today. We shared some uplifting clips and enjoyed some eye candy with 'the boys' in the...

Collective Imagination 28 Oct 2015

Audio Only Barbara went it alone this week as Lisa's internet was out. She shared several personal stories of manifestation, allowing and synchronicity. Barbara also showed numerous photos she'd taken over the last few years of water, smoke, nature, and...

Collective Imagination 21 Oct 2015

Audio Only Barbara shared a series of synchronicities going back many years and we ended the show discussing the potential role of Carbon in the make up of the matrix.