Continued from Part 2

‘What was next’ was not something I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Did NOT see that one coming at all. I awoke on Boxing Day, December 26 to Bob Wright and Chris Hales calling me on Skype very excitedly asking if I had seen the OPPT filings yet. Of course I hadn’t, it was the day after Christmas and most Australians were nursing hangovers.

As I jumped onto the website and started reading through the documents with Bob and Chris I had a physical response, every cell in my body/heart/mind screamed YES, this is it.!!!!

I also listened to the conversation between Brian Kelly and one of the trustees Heather, as soon as it was made available on January 3rd 2013 on American Kabuki. Heather had contacted Brian and Bill to thank them for the POOF interview they had released (briefly) as it contained the exact information she needed to make ‘something’ visible.

Heather had already gone to mainstream media and was told that ‘It didn’t matter what the trust had done, no-one would ever know because “they” owned the media and would never let it happen’. No one in mainstream media would touch her, the filings or the trust.

It was the article that D published on 11/11 that brought her to Heathers attention also.

As Kauilapele (KP) was a contact of mine, involved in the initial public release and mentioned in the published conversation, I asked him immediately to put me in touch with this ‘Heather’ woman.

Heather accepted my Skype contact straight away and we began to talk. There was a connection, a familiarity between us that was unexplainable to me at the time. Many of you have also felt this when hearing her voice.

I had the same experience when Heather put me in touch with D and we spoke for the first time.

In the last few months of 2012 I had also been in touch with Adnan Sakli, a gentleman (and I use the term loosely) who claimed to own the whole corporate world structure. In early January I had a written skype conversation with Adnan regarding Heather and the work of the OPPT which I shared with Heather, up to that point Adnan had refused all my attempts to have him speak with Heather directly.

Heather passed on the entire conversation to Brian and Bill and they promptly published it January 11. I found out through a phone call from Chris Hales while I was out shopping, Chris was laughing so hard he could barley tell me what was going on. My initial response was to be furious with both Brian and Bill and again I asked KP to put me in touch. I sent them a raging Skype message and they replied very apologetically. Once again as soon as we began to talk there was an unusual sense of familiarity. It was already clear that something out of the ordinary was going on here, never before had I connected with this many people in such quick succession so intensely.

Before long Heather, D, Brian, Bill and myself were speaking daily, often several times. We discussed our interpretations of what was being made public, what we knew from various combined sources wasn’t, measuring and following the response of the ‘system’ to the filings. Always there was the thread of the ‘energetics’ at play in our conversations as well.

Over the ensuing weeks we were joined by others including Bob Wright and Chris Hales, some came and went while others are still with us whether here in Morocco not.

I dare say ALL of us began to expand as a result of our connection. We shared ‘dream’ experiences, could feel each others energies and our own intuition, sensitivity and ‘psychic’ abilities began to expand at an exponential rate.

In February (I think) we also started to work together with the energetics consciously. This is the part of our work together that until now has not been transparent but that is about to change. We are in the process of compiling the notes necessary to publish some of these ‘doing’s’. Some time in March we all started to get visions/dreams etc. of the desert along with scenes from the movie ‘The 5th Element’. By April it was clear we all desired to get together ‘in density’ and so a trip to Morocco was planned.