Steve Hughes – Conspiracy Realist

Steve Hughes – Conspiracy Realist

Audio Only Internationally renowned, Australia's own stand up comedian Steve Hughes tells it like it is – confronting, alarming and always hilarious. The convict wizard with worldly insights into the bleeding obvious comes armed with more issues than an...

Max Igan at BOOM Festival 2014 Portugal

I caught up with Max Igan at the BOOM Festival 2014 in Portugal where Max was a guest speaker. We discussed the psytrance festival scene and it’s relationship to expanding consciousness as well as Max’s personal relationship to the current conflict in...

Evolution of Humanity w’ Wendy Adams

I finally had a chance to chat with Wendy Adams from publicly about the changes and experiences so many of us going through in this process of spiritual and physical evolution.

Michael Monk in person – Florida

One of the highlights for me on the OPAL Tour has been to meet in person some of the amazing people I have been fortunate enough to meet, interview and get to know online. Michael Monk is one of these people, he has also assisted me a great deal in my...

Robert Morning Sky – The Origins of Marriage

Robert starts by explaining his recent communications issues and then goes on to discuss the original Semsiye Elders meaning of marriage. We did loose the recording towards the end which is why it ends abruptly.

Chris Thomas – The Akashic Records

Chris Thomas, reader of the Akashic records and Author of 11 books. Chris joins me to share what he has learned directly from the Akashic about our history, the Human plan, the Annunaki plan and our potential future. Chris' books can be purchased from...

Robert Morning Sky

Robert Morning Sky, author of the Terra Papers. Robert shares what he has learned from the Semsiye elders and as a result of many years of research into our hidden history and possibilities for our future.

The Simion Collective

This is my follow up with Amariah, this time speaking directly with the Simion Collective.

Thomass Hughes – The Sasquatch

Thomass is in contact with the Sasquatch and other interdimensional beings. He also has the ability to communicate with most life forms. Here he discusses what he has learned about this transition over the next 18 months.

Dr Bruce Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit. Stem cell biologist and bestselling author of 'The Biology of Belief' and 'Spontaneous Evolution'.

Amariah and The 7D Simion Collective

Amariah (Jill Marra) is a channel for the Simion collective, a collective of light beings residing in a seventh dimensional perspective whose purpose is to assist in spiritual evolution. Amariah channelled the book 'Keys to Soul Evolution'...

A Conversation with Kelly La Sha

Kelly La Sha is the Author of Liquid Mirror. In this conversation she shares her introduction to the Dark Side as a child of 4, her rescue and spiritual training throughout childhood by a very special being and much more....

Andrew Basiago and Bernard Mendez – Jump Room to Mars

Andrew Basiago and Bernard Mendez discuss their involvement in the Mars Jump Room program during the early 80's along with Brett Stillings. For more info, visit: email:

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great granddaughter of US President Dwight D Eisenhower joined me to share her wisdom, insight and personal experiences. Laura's Website is

Max Igan and Santos Bonacci

Information mentioned by Santos: An Aussie perspective on what is going on both in Australia and the rest of the world and what the rest of 2012 may bring. Peaceful inhabitant...

Cobra of 2012 Portal – The Resistance Movement

Cobra is a member of a 30+ years resistance movement that is currently engaged in negotiating the surrender of the Cabal or their elimination, whichever comes first. You can download Transcript of Cobra...

Len Histon – The Wizzdom Game

Len Histon is the creator of the Wizzdom Game which is a powerful tool for assisting people to get in touch with their innate gifts and abilities. A 'game' to help us navigate into a new paradigm.

Grey Et’s – A roundatable Discussion

I am joined by Alfred Webre from Exopolitics, Mary Rodwell of ACERN and Suzanne Hanson of UFOCUS NZ to discuss the Grey et's. Who are they and what role are they playing in our experience.

Dannion Brinkley – The Lightning Shaman

Dannion Brinkley has had 3 NDE's (near death experiences) since 1975. Dannion's NDE is perhaps the worlds most well known, officially dead for over 28 minutes, he has written three best selling books about his experiences. It was Dannion's first NDE that...

Bill Brockbrader (Wood) and Eva Moore

My second interview with Bill Wood and this time we were joined by Eva Moore. We primarily discussed the implications of the information Bill Released on 5/5/12 regarding Obama. We also went off into more esoteric topics and concepts.

Andrew Norton Webber – Distilled Water

Andrew Norton Webber, creator of Andrew has very important information regarding the power of distilled water for physical, emotional, mental, even spiritual wellbeing....