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supermarketselfregulationAs regular viewers of my weekly shows will know, I have spoken a lot over the last few years about how we CAN make a difference to this world. Each and every one of us has the power to affect/effect great change.

As most of you already know it is Corporations that run this world, some not quite ‘as advertised’ like Corporate Governments and others more obvious like Multi National Corporate Conglomerates. These conglomerates have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, embedding themselves in our homes and wallets very subtly with the result being every 30 to 40 cents an Australian spends (and increasing annually) ending up in the pocket of either Coles or Woolworths.

According to Roy Morgan analysis, between them, Coles and Woolworths have a market share of 72.5 per cent of the $82 billion grocery sector in Australia. The more market share these Corporate giants have, the more influence they have over suppliers and the easier it is to stamp out smaller independent retailers and small family owned community based businesses, which have been eroded to the brink of extinction over the last few decades.

These supermarket giants have been blamed for Australia having the fastest growing grocery prices in the developed world. The giants lure us in with cheap prices (initially), reward programs etc and we don’t notice the small but rapid increments in the cost of living until we are really hurting.

Not only that, the food and consumables they stock are at the least unhealthy, and at worst, highly toxic.

The information below is Australian focused but with just a few minutes research you will find the same results anywhere in the world.

Woolworths and Wesfarmers (owner of Coles) account for:

*40% of ALL retail in Australia.

*Almost 80% of supermarket sales

*65% of alcohol retail (Woolworths is the largest seller of tobacco and alcohol)

*50% of petrol retail

*Woolworths is Australia’s largest poker machine operator with more than 12,500 poker machines in some 290 hotels that it owns resulting in $1.2 billion dollars of  gambling revenue.

Wesfarmers operates in the areas of retail, coal mining, energy, insurance, hardware, chemicals and fertilisers as well as industrial and safety products. It bought Coles Group in 2007 for $22 billion.

Woolworths is also set to move into hardware retail to compete with Wesfarmers’ Bunnings, Woolworths bought Danks and is planning to open 150 big-box hardware warehouses over the next five years.

But that’s not all…….These corps (corpse) are either already or in the process of moving into Insurance and Finance/Banking.

Here is a brief look-

Woolworths, Safeway,
Thomas Dux (& more in NZ)
Coles, BI-LO
IGA, Supa IGA,
Foodland, Franklins
Dan Murphy’s, BWS,
Woolworths/Safeway Liquor,
plus 316 hotels with
11,584 poker machines
1st Choice, Liquorland,
Vintage Cellars,
plus 96 hotels with
3,000+ poker machines
Cellarbrations, Bottle-O,
IGA Plus Liquor
distributes to 15,000+ liquor
retailers, yet owns none itself
Caltex Woolworths/Safeway
Coles Express (with Shell)
IGA X-press, Lucky 7
Big W
Target, Kmart
Masters, Home Hardware,
Thrifty-Link, Dick Smith
Bunnings, Officeworks,
Harris Technology
Mitre 10, True Value,
Autobarn (75% owned)
Woolworths, Homebrand,
Select, Fresh, Organic,
Macro, Naytura, Freefrom
Coles, $mart Buy,
Simply Basics, Derma,
Purr and Banquet pet foods
Black & Gold, IGA,
Signature, Way of Life,
Purely Organics, Foodland
75% of Australian Leisure
and Hospitality Group, 67%
of Danks. Operations in NZ,
India, Hong Kong and China
Operations in coal mining,
energy, insurance,
chemicals and fertilisers,
industrial & safety products
Distributor & brand owner.
Stores are independently
owned. Also distributes to
Foodworks, 7-Eleven, BP


I have felt for several years that the Corporate structure in and of itself is not necessarily evil, that with just a little tweaking they could actually serve us and the planet rather than consume us. In my mind there are 2 basic principles of corporations that need to change, motive and profit.

1. If motive was shifted from increasing profits each quarter to reducing product cost and decreasing environmental impact, corporations could be a force for good.

2. If share holders were eliminated and profits returned to customers everyone could benefit.

So what do we do NOW, we could wait and hope that these Corporations get the memo and make the changes necessary or we can take action by choosing where to put our energy in ALL it’s forms, and the form that speaks the loudest is money.

1. Switch stores from Coles and/or Woolworths and shop from home in what amounts to a global community supermarket for many of your consumables. (see below)
2. Support your local growers/farmers markets for your fruit and vegetable needs.
3. Support the local bakeries, butchers, deli’s, liquor stores, petrol stations etc
2. Frequent the smaller, independent grocers ie: IGA (at least for now) for other grocery needs.

All the above is simply enough to do, even enjoyable, by getting back into our community and supporting the locals. Time and money are the 2 commodities we all feel we don’t have enough of and this is carefully used against us to have us believe that the major retailers save us both, they don’t.

It is point 1, switching stores, that is the most challenging as there just is not that much choice when it really gets down to it, or so I thought. I found 1 such company that met my criteria and gives us the ability to switch stores for most of our consumable products.  Delivering a blow RIGHT NOW to not only the Supermarket Giants but also the companies who manufacture the toxic foods, household cleaners, personal care products etc that poison us, our homes, families, pets and the planet. This store offers:-

*350 Eco friendly, every day consumable products safe for humans, animals and the earth
*History of ethical conduct
*No shareholders – profits go back to customers
*Competitive retail price compared to the majors (with up to 40% on top of that for member customers)
*Global accessibility

If you would like more information on how you can make a switch and make a difference, please email for details.

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