Message received Monday 18 Feb 2019
6:30pm Brisbane Australia Time

Message Transcript:

“My members in this meeting need more time. I was told to give you an overview of this information. There is no stopping the portal from opening and many souls still need time. You are coming Home, all of you. Leeloo and myself have created a split realm of Earth for those that need more time. But this is the year that everything is coming Home. There is no stopping this and it is outside of our power to do so. The stage has been set. You are already here with me right now. Part of this meeting is speaking to yourself to let your mind go through the final stage. All receiver have been given the location of this portal to help assist. We have sent this message to all receiver. Pass it forward. The time is near. You are all coming. No one is left behind. Enjoy the final times. I will meet you soon. You will be meeting my clan first for the greeting. Then you will passed down to groups to update your soul memories.”

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