Born into a large Irish Catholic family, Colin rebelled and lived a self professed life of ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll’, that is until 2003 when he met his Higher Self in Dreamtime.

‘He is from the blue avian race’ according to Colin. “He was able to persuade me through a series of synchronous, mystical and mysterious experiences that I should place my trust in what he was telling me and what it would lead to. He said that he wished to teach and train me to be an energetic and a grid-keeper. I had no idea what that was at the time, but I agreed and he spent the next 3 years training me”

‘Around mid-year of 2006 he said he would like me to move to Johannesburg so that I could keep and hold the grids there. I was living in Cape Town, and did as he told me and sold, or gave away, all that I had and moved to Johannesburg’.

I did my grid-keeping work from 2006 until Aptil 2014 at which point I was told that our grid-keeping work had been successful, that our off-planetary foes had been defeated, their plans thwarted and that I could get on with my life, but I was asked to share my knowledge with others’.

‘I have learnt to see things from the inside out, not from the outside in, and I was trained to do that. What we experience on the outside is mostly a controlled prison environment where we create the prison and live in it in blissful unawareness because we have the outside in perspective, though this is beginning to change and if I can assist in this process, I will be most happy to do so’.