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Posted on 23. Aug, 2012 by admin in Lisa's Blog

Ever wanted to spend time picking Lisa’s brain????

With 20+ years of research and 2+ Years of publicly interviewing a variety of people on subjects from the Esoteric and Ascension, to Black Projects, Lisa has accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

Lisa has also spent more than 20 years on her own personal spiritual journey over which time she has had many personal breakthroughs, insights and experiences.

Lisa is available to speak with individuals or small groups (max 6 people) via Skype audio/video


y  view? Lisa is a living resource.

Several months ago I approached Lisa about holding a discussion via Skype with a group of about 9 people. She very kindly agreed.

It was an experiment and the idea was that Lisa would talk for a while about her personal journey and then focus on the subject that the group has agreed to centre on which was “what is coming between now and the end of this year”. Towards the end we were each to ask Lisa our own question on some issue.

It started out as per the plan and ended as per the plan but what happened in between was a rich, rolling conversation between the group and Lisa that dived in and out of more rabbit holes than I would care to count.

Between us, the group had varying levels of knowledge so some mostly listened, but when the time came to each ask a specific question, Lisa did exactly what she does in all her interviews, she responded straight to the heart of the matter and the heart of the person asking the question, regardless of their level of knowledge. Her ability do this is a wonderful thing to observe first hand.

Needless to say, the group came away a wiser and more informed bunch than when we started, all in different ways. Several of them have asked me when the next session is going to be.
Given the effect and reach that her work has achieved in our global community, her efforts constitute a significant service to us all. If she is willing to share her thoughts and experiences with you I strongly suggest you accept the opportunity!

Chris H.

Session Fee is $150 AUD per hour

Method of payment is via PayPal.
An invoice (PayPal payment request) will be emailed to you after initial contact has been made to confirm session time.

Please fill in the form below to book a session.

34 Responses to “Sessions with Lisa”

  1. nevenko kordic

    29. Aug, 2012

    hello Lisa,
    gr8 work, love your free style you tube videos.
    I am enclosing a link of an amazing lady who I feel would be great for you to interview.
    MOLLY ROWLAND who channels Saint Germain, and to get your answers directly from the master himself.
    and this is the link of one of her radio shows

    hope this finds you well
    big dolphin hug

  2. Barbara

    18. Sep, 2012

    Hello Lisa,

    I would like to suggest that you consider interview Annie Hopper of Canada who developed the outstanding Dynamic Neural Retraining System, (DNR) for limbic system illnesses. Her website is

    There is a book by Norman Doige, MD, The Brain that Changes Itself, in which he describes how the brain can recover after severe trauma by reprogramming new areas to take over from from the damaged parts. This applies not only to stroke victims but also autoimmune diseases associated with the limbic system.

    Annie, having found a cure for her own Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, is using these principles to help others recover from MCS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Electric Hypersensitivity Syndrome and acute anxiety, which can give rise to some bizarre ritualistic behaviour.

    The method she uses can reprogram the limbic system, occasionally within a startling few hours, but generally within 6 months of commencing her course. It is a home study course consisting of a set of 4 DVDs, instruction book and charts. Personal counselling is available if required.

    The information Annie provides could give hope and prove life changing to any of your listeners sufferers of one of these illnesses. She would be a great person to interview.

    Many blessings,
    Barbara E.

  3. Lisa

    20. Oct, 2012

    Hi Lisa,
    I have been searching for something to help 2 things, Lipomas, which are a fatty tumor, and cramps in the legs. I have tried all the usual things, like potassium, magnesium, Noni juice, dates, You name it. Both my husband and I drink reverse osmosis water and are very hydrated. I have every vitamin made. We eat a lot of salads.
    If you could help in any way, I would appreciate it.
    Oh and I was wondering how much of the Honegar you take and with food or w/o food?
    Please email me.

  4. Lucrezia Borgia

    26. Nov, 2012

    Dear Lisa

    Thought you might like this article. It’s a unique view on 2012 theories and ETs:

  5. Lentine Schoon

    05. Dec, 2012

    Hallo Lisa, i hope that you are fine and in good health.
    It give me strange feelings that there is nothing to find on the intenet from you after 16 Oct.Chris Thomas – The Akashic records. No inteviews, no comments, no answers…..
    I’l hope you ‘ll be back soon bye!!

  6. Bernadette

    05. Jan, 2013

    Hi Lisa,

    Happy New Year from The UK.

    Have you been reading and listening to all the stuff on American Kabuki and Kauiiapele’s site about the One Peoples trust. I would love to hear your take on it.

    Warm wishes,


    Ps I have been drinking 4 liters of distilled water a day for 6 weeks now and have felt amazing benefits unfortunately my water distiller has broken and for 2 weeks I have been without it and again i feel much worse. i cant wait for it to be repaired.

  7. admin

    06. Jan, 2013

    Hi Bernadette, Yes to the people’s trust. I have been consumed by it for a week. Also made contact with Heather and hope to be talking with her soon.

    Glad to hear about your positive experience with distilled water, the only water I drink these days. Lisa

  8. Bernadette

    09. Jan, 2013

    Hi Lisa,

    So good to hear back from you do can you please put me on your email list so I know if you are doing any interviews soon.

  9. Martha McLaughlin

    17. Jan, 2013

    Lisa…watched your interview w/Weber on distilled water…and a friend shared your radio show on 1111.1 . Would love to be on your email list…can’t find the signup for that….thank you for all you share and the light you hold. cosmickid
    ps water results: nose sores gone in 3 days…dry heat in house…only was using 1/2 the time, vamping up now as periodontal issues are horrendous…will report back soon.

  10. Michael

    23. Feb, 2013

    Hi Lisa,

    Love your work!!!

    Have you ever heard of Michel Desmarquet,

    “Michel Desmarquet was taken to planet Thiaoouba for nine days by Human extraterrestrials from that planet.”

    His book and story are amazing but very little known.

    I think if you could get an interview with him it would be a huge eye opener for many.

    He is a French farmer living in Australia.

    Keep Up The Fantastic Work….



  11. Sofia Ambrosia

    01. Mar, 2013

    Dear Lisa,

    In your last Collective Imagination broadcast which you posted to YouTube you mentioned that you would have Tolec next but that did not happen.

    I’m guessing that the Tolec interview in December did not happen. Am I right? If it did, please upload it to your Lisa M Harrison channel on YouTube, please.


  12. bridgenit

    07. Mar, 2013

    i recommend interviewing richard alan miller. beyond cool.

    tell him i recommend him to do it………….he is amazing he has been on both sides.

  13. Marion White

    08. Mar, 2013

    Thanks for the work you are doing

  14. Shane Bennett

    12. Mar, 2013

    Many people over the ages have pondered the cosmos and have come up with many theories this has all been done from the vantage point of standing on earth. My approach and perspective to this can be only done by looking at it from the top down “Cosmos to us”
    Firstly let me define a few parameters
    We are one of many universes within the great Multi-verse. Within the Mufti-verse are different densities of energy which we perceive as matter and anti-matter our universe and earth is one of the densest in all of the Multi versus but also at the same time this universe is a pure light construct.
    There are 2 types of energy that makes up this universe
    1) Intrinsic vital energy of creation This is the intelligent energetic glue that defines and holds this universe together.
    2) And one single particle of energy that travels at infinite speed. This particle traverses all matter in our universe 30 trillion times a second.

    Our consciousness and intent dictates the path that this infinite particle takes The paths are always conform to Sacred Geometry which allow infinite Fractals of itself. The size of the fractals are defined by the size of our individual and collective consciousness The intelligents of this geometry comes from the Intrinsic vital energy of creation. As these energies get to the edge of our universe (outer limits of our intent) or fractal we also come to the edge of our consciousness at this point these 2 energy’s get less dense and they start bending back to the center of the Torus “the source” as part of a fractal to create an infinite loop. On the route back to source the infant particle becomes anti-matter this duality (or Trinity if you add space time) –becomes a singularity when both energies merge for the purpose of creation.

    The Big Bang actually is this single particle with the consciousness of the infinite creator within the intrinsic vital energy starting to create this Universe.
    Matter is the infinite particle criss crossing in sacred geometric forms at infinite speeds bonded to the Intrinsic vital energy of creation to create this universe which makes up one of infinity of universes that exist in our multi verse
    The universe is expanding (matter) and contracting (anti-matter) at the same rate as our intelligent creative consciousness expands or contracts or put another way–Anti-matter is the separation of the prime particle (on route back to source) and Intrinsic vital energy of creation.

    First draft
    Dated March 4 2013
    By Shane Bennett

  15. sonja kalckar

    17. Mar, 2013


    I was not able to find your e-mail, on this site, perhaps
    you can let me know what it is .

    I am interested in being on your RADIO SHOW.
    I have a web site that aligns with much of what you do,
    and it is a bit different as well.

    I was on a radio show a few years ago called PROJECT CAMELOT, the link of my interview is on my web site.

    INVENTOR, EDUCATOR, and much more.
    I empower people by giving them TOOLS, for HEALING,

    Please feel free to view my site;WWW.SONEYA.NET
    [ T V show, down at the bottom of my home page ]

    My new CD, on youtube .com ‘ Soneya sound harmonics ‘

    Please call if you wish ; 808-280-0070

    ALOHA NUI LOA, Sonja Kalckar

  16. admin

    19. Mar, 2013

    Tolec did participate in the countdown show, we are just behind on getting everything onto yt….

  17. admin

    19. Mar, 2013

    Apple cider Vinegar rubbed into the legs should help with cramping. Urine therapy, even topically, should also help with both cramping and Lipomas.

  18. see the light

    19. Mar, 2013

    hi lisa&all, i am a bit concerned with heathers first statements and what they are now, i love what the trustees have done & we all owe great love, gratitude & thanks to them all. i have a disability & with pain, my children & i hand deliever fliers all over the city, over 2000 homes done so far giving info and poeple a chance to be aware & a choice to BE& DO. we need MORE INFO about our space brothers & sisters , we need HELP to balance power! our battle with out is TOO GREAT WITHOUT, thats the reallity in the real world , i hope the 20th or/& the 21st is a day of awaking. love to all from tassy. x

  19. Steph soldo

    21. Mar, 2013

    Hey Lisa , in regards to yesterday’s collective imagination show … Would like more info on Emillio , the young guy from Melbourne with up coming blogtalk radio show , can’t seem to find any details … My 21 year old daughter ( from Perth ) very interested in every thing OPPT would like his contacts,
    Warm regards & deepest respect to you & all who contribute ,

  20. admin

    25. Mar, 2013

  21. Gail L Ross

    27. Mar, 2013

    I need your assistance…please. My son has been arrested and the lies and lengthy sentences in Az where the local Sherriff like to get National acclaim for the horrible ways he has hurt and exploited the poor while amassing great wealth. I want to file OPPT papers for the probation office, the local police and the judge who want my son as fodder for this prison state(that’s how they make money). I am a retired Nutritionist. I gave up my RD status just like you gave up your Bar. Besides I could not agree with much of what they have done. Check out my Twitter page. I am working on a web page-quit facebook. I’ve done radio and some tv interviews in my past. It would be a great boost to have a radio interview on any area of nutrition food or water. I love what you did. I really want to play a hand in curbing the injustice that is rampant in Maricopa County AZ. Nothing is as it appears. Please email me. Everythhing is time sensitive and my son is not fully informed nor am I allowed to to speak with him due to the high cost of phone calls I hope to hear from you. US jails have banned David Ickes Books!!!!!! I sent one to my son he never got it and I never got it! They stole it!

  22. Doug Minnick

    01. Apr, 2013

    Hi Lisa. Have you heard of the book “Finite and Infinite Games” by James P. Carse . I believe that it could be a great template for creating the post OPPT world. In infinite gamesthe rules are adjusted so everyone can play, and the game goes on forever.
    Here is an excerpt from:

    1. There are at least two kinds of games. One could be called finite, the other infinite
    A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.

    2. There is no game, finite or infinite, unless the players freely agree to play it. No one can play who is forced to play. This is an invariable principle of all play. Whoever must play, cannot play.
    If a finite game is to be won by someone, it must come to a definitive end. It will come to an end when someone has won. Winning is determined by agreement of the players.
    3. A finite game has a precise beginning and end, and has clear spatial and numerical boundaries. There must be at least one opponent.
    5. In a finite game there can be only one winner, but other players may be ranked at the end of play.
    6. Other than the principle of voluntarism, infinite games are the opposite of finite games in every way. Infinite games have no spatial, temporal, or numerical boundaries, and no winners or rankings. Finite games are externally defined; infinite games are internally defined. The time of an infinite game is determined in the game itself.
    7. Finite games can be played within an infinite game, but no infinite game can be played within a finite game.
    10. The rules of a finite game are predetermined and fixed. The rules of an infinite game must change in the course of play, to avoid a finite outcome. The rules of an infinite game are changed to prevent anyone from winning and to bring as many persons as possible into the play.
    14. To be playful is not to act as if nothing of consequence will happen. When we are playful with each other we relate as free persons; everything that happens is of consequence. In fact, it is being serious that closes itself to consequence, for seriousness is the dread of the unpredictable outcome of open possibility. To be serious is to press for a specified conclusion; to be playful is to allow for possibility whatever the cost to oneself.
    17. Surprise in infinite play is the triumph of the future over the past. Since infinite players do not regard the past as determining the present/future, they have no way of knowing what has begun in the past. With each surprise, the past reveals a new beginning. Inasmuch as the present/future is always surprising, the past is always changing.
    Get it at:

    I would ask that you mention it on the program tomorrow to start spreading the word.

    Thanks for all your DOing and BEing

  23. Elry Guffey AKA E Dog

    03. Apr, 2013

    I am an Etheric Warrior, . helping balance energy, and fight Chem Trails. Referred to you by: YourTubeNews

  24. Yazmina Rawji

    09. Apr, 2013

    Hello Lisa,

    I work with an Author, Speaker, Intuitive Healer, John Eitel. I have visited your site, BlogTalk Radio show and I am quite interested in learning more. I wondered if there might be interest in having John as a guest on your show or site. Please check out his site and if there is a fit, please reach out. Our platform is based on Alignment and Oneness of Purpose for the Good of All. Please visit

    Yazmina Rawji
    Eventually Yours
    626 327 8365

  25. Fossy

    13. Jun, 2013

    Hello lisa,
    I have just listened to your interview with david icke, very interesting, am from victoria and recently moved to darwin, I have been on a very spiritual journey searching for the truth, I thought we lived in the lucky country how very wrong and niave I have been. We need a message to wake up australians, I believe a documentary called australia the unlucky country based on the inhumane treatment of the aboriginal communities which I have witnessed first hand would be a hood starting point, just wondering your thoughts?

  26. terri

    22. Jun, 2013

    Hi Lisa, I’d love to set up a session with you. I’ve communicated with you via email re: the One People and have followed your shows for month. Are you open to an Exchange vs FRNs? I’ve got a treasure trove of fine jewelry etc and would be thrilled to give you $150 worth of jewels or other items in exchange for your time. Let me know.

  27. admin

    24. Jun, 2013

    oohhh Jewellery, we speak the same language lol
    I would love to Terri, please add me on skype and we can arrange a time. x

  28. catherine

    03. Jul, 2013


    I’m looking for contact E-mail contact details for Chris Hales and wondered if you can help.?
    Love all the work you guys are doing for One People.

  29. Anon

    30. Aug, 2013

    I’m watching a video online of an interview with John Scott and his near death experience and it made me want to share the details of my own experience.

  30. admin

    04. Sep, 2013

    Would love to hear it, please send me an email to

  31. linda

    12. Sep, 2013

    i would really like a session with you, i met you briefly at the gold coast meeting, we were talking about children and university, studying politics and law. So much is happening and would love a chat. please send invoice if this is possible. In Lak’ esh Linda

  32. Michael Maaskant

    17. Sep, 2013

    Hi Lisa,
    I’ve been listening in on Monday and Tuesday since the beginning. Thank you for all you and the team have done.

    I sure hope “The Tour” includes Alberta, Canada! I’d love to meet up. What about a meeting in Banff – amazing energies and I’ll drive out to meet you all!


  33. Montebo

    02. Jan, 2014

    Hi Lisa,
    Was wondering what you and The One People will do when the time comes for an ID chip to be implanted in your bodies? Does this bother you, are is it something you will all collectively voluntarily agree to?
    Montebo from Nebo

  34. admin

    03. Jan, 2014

    No I will not…..