Deconstructing the Construct

Deconstructing The Construct Ep 11 – 4 July 2017

2 Comments 05 July 2017

Today was an attempt to express what is being seen in terms of the timeline, copy, fractals etc.

Recently a crop circle showed up that mirrored a drawing Kurtis had done a few weeks prior, today during the show a crop circle showed up matching a diagram that I had drawn the day before.

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  1. Philip Jonthan Sink says:


  2. Pie-ata says:

    First crop circle that was shown shows me two worlds being ” anchored ” and now possibly for entrance and exit from one to the other . The small circle or the ” I ” in the outside middle of these two worlds is followed by on each side , the accessible tunnel / portal that Lisa spoke of . The eye of the storm is the calm before . The key is within to open those doors . It is for the ready .

    In more detail to the ‘ crossing ‘ it was noted to me 3 months ago through my ” Oracle ” that the karma that I had carried for many years has been ” erased ” When I heard this , I felt like a feather . Stunning as it was , I hope that many can relate to this experience … If non polarity can excist within us , then we all can fly like an eagle

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