Deconstructing the Construct

Deconstructing the Construct Ep 10 – 27 June 2017

4 Comments 28 June 2017

Last Friday an energy ‘hit’ was felt by many and things have not been quite the same since. Feels like we are being moved into place in preparation for stage 2 which could well include the next wave to follow the Map Keepers, the Sound Keepers……

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  1. Jackie says:

    I had to comment after watching video. Finally others are starting to see these anti-gravity (Elana Vreeland calls them exotic propulsion aircraft) aircraft/low flying satellites (I call them satellites because they have the ability to park in the sky). Never think they are harmless for they are weaponized although probably rarely used on civilians (I’m guessing although I was attacked by one). I started seeing them in the winter of 2014 — right before Jade Helm (summer of 2015). I live in Cleveland Ohio. They are silent but will supply you with a sound if aware they are seen. They have holographic & cloaking capabilities. The reason I know so much about them is they began to appear right after I got yanked out of the “Garden” reality. I bought a pair of Skywatcher Binoculars cuz I just had to know WTF was patrolling over the lake (Erie) at night. They also chemtrail at night. The small old tech airplane stalking? Been there many times. Black ops helicopter stalking? Unfortunately, repeatedly been there. I have always been like WTF? And why me? I could go on but why give this miscreant energy anymore attention that necessary. I always knew that this level of intense fuckery would ultimately dissipate. I look forward to the day when its gone. I had a dream early this morning where my own personal jinn admitted to me that he was losing his “spark” (his terminology). I know I sound nutty as hell. Be kind. Lol.

  2. Pie-ata says:

    You are not nutty Jackie …, in one of my dreamcopias , my feet left the ground and speedily headed for the skies . Not knowing where I was going , I passed the clouds and then was abruptly stopped by a hit on the head . With no bleeding , I then realized what had happened . I was stopped by the ” firmanent ” The dome had been shattered from the head blow . The blow to the head was enough to wake me up . This happened about a month ago . Often wondered what could have been on the other side . I think that I was just to ” spring a leak ”

    Ever notice how some people really accelerate in aging while others deaccelerate ? Could this be an external indication of timelines coalescing or blending ? Or our internal clocks in chaotic mode ? Or DNA rewiring ? Past or future selves merging ?

    Pineal gland opening up . Taste of a rusty fluid that lasts for about two breathes . Immediately to follow , rapid scenery appearing within third eye imagery . For me , it was non stop for about 45 minutes .

    Portals appearing like wild in the journey .

    Trump is good . Creates polarity and dualism ergo seperating the wheat from the chaff .
    Sleeping cells have been triggered by Trump energetics . See it for what it is worth and NOT judge it because of ignorance or the lack of knowledge while in the persuit of personal growth and development . People are too quick to judge and not innerstand the ” implant ” , the purpose of . This is not the time to condemn others !

  3. Patbul says:
    When matter touches a black hole it becomes a hologram… A copy of itself that continues to exist


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