Deconstructing the Construct

Deconstructing the Construct Ep 7 – 30 May 2017

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The past week has seen us hit on many levels, all good.
Map Keepers awakening, Egyptian timeline/quadrant closing out with the accompanying integration and mandela effects, BIG heart expansions and balance being restored. This has involved past wounds, both emotional and physical coming back up to be released as well as imbalances in relationships being highlighted.

We heard from a woman who was declared dead in this timeline in 2010, a message from Leeloo and much more.

Audio Only

Leeloo’s Message

This is a story for you, I wrote this for you, let it decode you.

PINK rises to the fall of BLUE
GREEN is near to the end of the moon
RED is here for only the descent
Creation and Love (Blood is God….possibly?), is the time of Creation,
Declivity is here, declination of the Genii descends,
Gates are open to all with keys to the GEM



Port Lonsdale Pier Victoria:
Lachlan Manley Photography


Port Lonsdale Pier Victoria:
Lachlan Manley Photography







Ocean Grove Victoria


Ocean Grove Victoria









NZ 28th May 2017


NZ 28th May 2017







Invercargill, NZ 28th May 2017






Wyoming USA on May 27

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Change to Tut’s Headdress











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9 Comments so far

  1. Mary Boura says:

    Same heart experience last friday night ( may 27 Volos, Greece) however i’ve been preparing for conscious ‘exit’ and i had to endure the pain and thundering and vibrating heart beat thru out my body while reciting numbers out of order to distract my brain from going into full panic mode. 2 hrs later (around 5 am) the Gateway slide open to an indigo-purple clear wave of pure healing that run for an hr before (exausted by that time) manage to fall asleep. What the experience left me with is a certainty of a time frame no more than a month before evacuation of 3d for all who have done the Work and are ready to survive the frequency barrier btw 3d to 5d.
    That is what this purging period is desinged to hepl us achieve by letting go every single lower frequency feeling, thought or intention for only Love is the ticket that will carry us thru.
    The 3d matrix is done collapsing and we do not need to be here for what is coming.

    Stay strong and true

    Love is the Lord of all.


  2. john chisholm says:

    I think john mentioned sacred geometry, I believe that the ringing in our ears is the frequency of the geometric shapes that make up the construct that we can see and hear ( frequency’s and sacred geometry = nine code)
    Also I had a dream a few years ago where I picked up weapon and fired it at the moon, then from the moon a small green sphere emerged and it grew bigger as it came towards me at a very high speed, it then smashed into my body and left me feeling what I can only describe as complete bliss, I had never felt anything like this before. At the time the dream meant nothing, but after listening to what was said today I’m not so sure.
    You might find watching Sonic Geometry the language of frequency and form helpful.

  3. Jules says:

    Please check out photo’s on google of the EPIC lightning storm over the UK from 26th -29th May 2017. They where immense with thousands of bolts in one town alone. The sky’s where pink/purple it was truly amazing!

  4. Edward Visse says:

    keys to the gem = key to the heart. I got a golden key in 2003 in meditation ‘to open the mind’. Didn’t know what to do with it. tried to open my mind, but got nothing. In gozo we were told that the mind was the heart, not the head. And suddenly it made sense for me. So therefore I think they key to the gem is the key to the heart.

  5. Aspentree says:

    I have worked with Water as an ally since the early part of the century. As far as I’m concerned, Water is the Mother, She holds all, connects all, is the communication medium
    and the Conductor both electrically and sonically.
    She’s the BOMB!
    If the water elementals are freed to serve the All rather than the few it will break the construct hindering all the Elemental and Fae communities. La Mer is joyful at the prospect. Can you imagine the bliss that would spread through every molecule of Water within and without us at that moment?
    Thanks so much for all the sharing! (((HUG)))

  6. Kath Kelly says:

    See my comments x 2 under this video posted on you tube can’t copy text across for some reason, but in short I’m getting visual of feminine energies coming through (the pink) more nurturing and loving type energy and decline of masculine energy (the blue). Also the colours in the ether transmuting and activating our DNA which can be programmed and ‘unlocked’ using light and sound/vibration which perhaps she is saying energies are strongest and sunset and sunrise?. Perhaps reference key to the gem…key not physical key but vibrational key of sound frequency activating and unlocking something within the mind or DNA. Maybe gem heart or pineal gland the gateway to the other realms. I’m getting visions of electrical circuits, magnetics and brain wave patterns and colours. Link to Egypt taming of the kundalini energies relating to the double helix energies rising up from the base (masculine and feminine energies) creating more balance….triggering the unlocking of heart and pineal gland. I think the construct to which you refer to is a frequency thing and we are being upgraded to a new frequency with help from Gaia/Mother Earth which will disempower old ways so they fall away as we are no longer ‘tuned’ to that channel. I also think when you say construct and trapped here that’s also our own minds conditioning etc forgotten our own power but slowly remembering and waking up so we will be set free from our old ways of thinking…remember our more original untainted source codes. I think that huge clap of thunder in Sydney at 5am a week ago was a Gaia rebirth and I think the vibration hit people in their heart chakra and set off a release of energies.

  7. Jackie says:

    A few years ago I had the experience of the laser show in the sky overhead. I was being frantically searched for and was located — the light show was over my mom’s house & that night her internet connection/ computer hard drives got infiltrated & taken over. I had been obsessively air stalked (high & low tech, military based) & consistently blocked, tampered with, interfered with, etc. Subsequently, the laser show happened 2 more times over my own house (within a year) & it could not be captured digitally. I never could figure out how or why I became a TI but now I think it is because I stumbled & lived in the Garden for a time — maybe about 6 months off & on. The correct version of the construct (in the Garden) responds to you. Even the clouds communicate with you. You live among fairies, dragonflies circle & welcome you — the coolest thing was to see beings traveling in merkabas! It was amazing until somehow I was captured in astral/dream state & got catapalted through a vortex ending up in this highly controlled synthetic replica/mirrored version. I know I sound crazy as fuck (lol) but the proof of the pudding was in the actual eating. I once took a pict of the nightsky & the moon was the eye of a massive neon? green dragon’s head. I have had so many interesting experiences I never would have believed possible 10 years ago. Even the negative shit ended up being a gift because ultimately it brought about expansion. Not sure where we will end on up this journey (it actually never ends–the journey I mean) & unfortunately cannot tell with certainty who is friend or foe (but that is ego & duality speaking now). It is frustrating (this journey/experience) & it definitely ain’t for “sissies.” But I’m thinking/hoping that all of us will end up where & how we wish to be.

  8. admin says:

    Hi Jackie, yes you sound crazy…..welcome to the club hahaha…..Do you have any idea how and why you ended up in the Garden?


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