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1 Comment 28 March 2017

Last night I joined Dani as she continued her conversation with Denise and “Stan” the Data Collector from the Sphere Alliance, and this time we brought along the UU room and the LMH members as well to ask their questions. We dug into several deeper questions to do with this “construct” “earthsphere” and the information from the Sphere Alliance and their view of what’s happening. As always, use discernment.

We really did try to keep the questions and answers together in a written format, but between failing Zoom chat, and failing skype chat….. it would be hours of work to try and correlate it all. So sorry my friends, you’ll just have to listen in to the video and read along in the chat here:

For parts 1 and 2 see:

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1 comment

  1. moxa says:

    Just watched the show. Wow, Lisa’s energy was that of a growling Lioness, ice cold and crystal clear. The power emenating from her was papable through the screen. I was transfixed on her face that morphed in front of my eyes from beautiful alien queen to native american shaman to chinese wise man and back to Lisa.

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