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One People Round Table 28 March 2017 – Taking back the Construct

3 Comments 28 March 2017

Today we recapped yesterday’s interview with Stan from the Sphere Alliance and moved onto the energetics that are playing out right now.

We re visited where the New Age twisted truth and stepping into our true manifestor/creator roles and this construct is being cleaned out.

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  1. Susanna says:

    Hi Lisa , is there a show on the 3th your 4th of april , there is nothing on your calendar and if theres a show what time ? 22.00 hours ? Dani’s time ?

    take care :)Susanna

  2. Susanna says:

    Hi i heart that you and your family where evacuated because of the flood , hope everything is ok and that your back home , hopefully you will be back next monday , take care .

  3. Gemini says:


    01. Ave Verum Corpus – a body of evidence – a body of truth – a need for good education without parental interruptions. I pray your guidance for all our Royals and Royal citizens in all matters concerning education and all matters that involve the Financing of this world and for respect for all your Royals from Royal Citizens not imposing on them or accusing them of anything in the spirit of anarchy, but showing the same care and concern for their children that we ourselves have.
    02, ™Angelcraft ™Angelcraft Crown.yv Edu. « the square is mine » (™Angelcraft Crown Education.corpus) is in partnership with the Holy Spirit around the world meeting every educational budget without charging the country so citizens are not taxed for Education.

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    04.  These are people who have no cause but their own life, their own pocket-book and their own egos that are so big they find themselves thinking to highly of themselves and soon they become involved with criminals instead seeking God about all issues in their lives.

    05. Such Arrogance exists all over the world and is so self-absorbed existing without any self-sacrifice of their own lives or any good works for their King or Country or their God

    06. Yes their Holy Spirit who asks only that you love one another and that  pray for one another and do good to one other,  and do not lie, or do bear false witness and do not let jealousies rumors and gossip affect your lives,

    07. Such arrogance exists and that without any scripture written by their own hand or good works or any sufficient purpose or a cause other than a brand of politics called law of Herod – the laws of demons and demon men who pretend to serve the people and yet cannot serve God for they do recognize the Spirit or the incarnation because pride is found in them,

    08 Men and Women who base their knowledge on lies and rumors from others or lies in the media and news and then they wonder what happened to my life and why am I so gullible?

    09.  Such arrogance exists in this world without sufficient love in their hearts for the Holy Spirit, for Humans, for children and for animals and their environment to justify their arrogance.

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    ……………[/end quote]………………


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