One People Round Table

One People Round Table 7 March 2017 – Place of No Time and the Grief in getting there.

8 Comments 08 March 2017

We have not run this long over our allotted 2 hours in a very long ‘time’.
Started off with an ME over our apparently new skulls…. with holes everywhere! Then we were off! Major discussions about “Time”, “Mirrors”, “Dimensions”, “Simulation/Constructs & Time Loops” & and the physical, emotional, and mental effects these are having on us.

Lots of Audience participation brought home the need of being “together”, of having the ability to reach out and at least talk/chat with others who are going through the same feelings of Loss, Abandonment, Grief, and Anger.

We’re getting through this my friends!!! We are!! Together!

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  1. Angela (Azalia in Zoom Room) says:

    Hi Lisa and Danni

    I respect and support any decision you both have regarding the frequency of One People Round Table gathering. I just hope that you decide to stil do some together. You come from different angles to some extent but complement each other in a way that sets the ground for deeper understanding for all of us. Thank you so much for the great work you do.


  2. Kya says:

    I’m posting here about It’s been fully infiltrated by the SJWs and Soros! Yay I began a search for local and all non-local groups and all are UU Humanists groups, LGBT, for Democracy, and the largest movement which is backing the most is #RESIST. I found this in the search under: movements but here is the link on their full statement, who they are backing and why on their HQ Blog site here:

    I know it’s mainly used for gamers, but Discord is a wonderful way to create chat groups, private rooms and groups, etc. in a wonderful layout. This is what most people who know about it have gone to outside of Skype, which no longer works for me and others. It’s very secure- you can download the application or simply just use it in your web browser by use of a username and password. It also doesn’t have crashing issues and is free :). The only bad thing but also good thing about it also at this juncture of where we are at, is Discord doesn’t use video so don’t have to worry about web camera stalking lol. This is also why it doesn’t crash often.

  3. Kya says:

    I meant who they stand for and who is backing them.. at the blog site

  4. Blue says:

    the Chinese evidently cover their mirrors or put a prayer on the back of it, to keep bad entities away

  5. Blue says:

    It is said that these entities enter through especially full length mirrors

  6. Blue says:

    The Beloved Stuart Wilde who coined the phrase “Tick Tock World” also talked in detail in his books about the fight going on in the Mirror World. He too mentions NZ

  7. ronnie says:

    has the table discussed the the video ‘no forests on the earth’ ?

  8. i really appreciate the way they both respect and complement each other and @blue thanks for sharing the chinese style to keep bad entities away..i have started reading their concept about bad entities in detail

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