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One People Round Table 21 Feb 2017 – The ‘In Between’ Spaces

12 Comments 21 February 2017

Quite a few people in the UU fb group and LMH Members, Lisa included, felt a sudden onset of ‘excited anticipation’ hit over the last few days. A sense of ‘something positive this way comes’ and that it’s time to prepare our minds for what’s next…..

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Yellow Rose for Texas latest update:



Max Spears Message:


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  1. RunningDeer says:

    YouTube isn’t allowing the video to come up in the USA.
    Here’s the message: “This video contains content from CBS CID, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.”

    While I’m here, thanks for all you do.

    “One People Round Table 21 Feb 2017 – The ‘In Between’ Spaces. “

  2. RunningDeer says:

    A follow up to that last message. The same video comes up on Dani’s YouTube channel. It also shows up on your website.

    “The One People: the “In Between” Spaces”

  3. admin says:

    Have uploaded to Vimeo, works this end now

  4. Kyle says:

    Regarding the “energy above the head” you mentioned. Though I’m not exactly sure that this is the sensation they mean but for the pass two months I’ve been feeling sensations both physically and what can only be called energetically. Physically it feels as if all the nerves on the top of my head would react and tense up in flares occasionally throughout the day (no pain) and energetically I feel as if I’m regularly meditating which includes forehead and pineal gland sensations.

    If these are symptoms of some kind of new or rising frequencies then I am sure that this is what it would feel like.

  5. Kathleen says:

    My hair has been hurting for about a week, right at the scalp. Last week I was having a bit of vertigo.

  6. Brenda says:

    Putting the puzzle pieces together, I had just finished reading Lisa Rising Berry’s blog and she reposted an article she wrote a few years ago about the figure 8 infinity symbol and the gates. In the article, she says we incarnate through the silver gate and it loops horizontal and we can’t get out (like your rinse and repeat cycle) until we look up 90 degrees and turn the 8 vertical, cleanse and purify our chakras while moving the figure 8 from the root to the heart to the brain and back down to the heart and to the root, merging the heart and the brain. That reminded me of the picture of the Egyptians with the 90 degrees looking up.

    Also, I remember the late Stuart Wilde used to say to look 90 degrees in meditation. I never really got it until now. I know other articles will mention looking up, but I think they mean to the skies where I think it is looking up within us. Maybe the skies within ourselves.

    Anyway, Lisa Berry says there is an exit golden gate aligned with the galactic sun and the vertical 8. Interesting article and your videos are interesting as well.

    I too always felt like this place was not right–even as a child things did not seem right and I could not stand going to church and doing all the ritualistic stuff and even school sorority stuff creeped me out.

    Thanks for all you do. Love you all.


  7. Brenda says:

    I watched the Yellow Rose video today and have seen many of hers over the years along with many other sources over the last 20 years and as some of it resonates with me, some of it does not. In past videos she always talked about having to be sealed by the “One” to make it through the gate and the pictures she showed looked to me like a faction of the Annunaki. She seems to still be in polarity of light and dark and others have said that this is two sides of the same coin and two factions of the Annunaki–Enki vs. Enlil and that this light is the false light.

    My take on it is to remain neutral and when you make the vertical figure 8 as the energy moves up through the heart it opens the portal there, in the shape of the vesica piscis, and that is where you go through the gate.

    I don’t know, sometimes things just keep getting more and more confusing, so if someone has a better explanation feel free to share. That is just my take on things.

    I liked the Max Spears message. It seemed to resonate with me as well.


  8. Jackie says:

    I had a vision about 10 days ago (on awakening) and I saw a huge scarab beetle just floating in mid air. Then a pair of wings appeared (may have been a butterfly) — at any rate, it flew behind the scarab and attached itself to it giving the beetle wings. I looked up scarab beetle info & saw that it was a metaphor for human brain (exact same shape) — maybe even for earth. I interpreted vision to mean my mind was now free (maybe even planet). Although fuckery has not stopped. I listened to recent JP interview with Lisa & something unlocked inside of me. I say the way to get your head right for whatever comes –whenever is to not resist it. Thanks guys for your work. PS – I am also double airplanes and cars and double tracks from my car when I pull in my driveway (when snow on the ground). I have seen a lot of cray cray shit. Lol.

  9. pat says:

    EARTH 2.0 (VIDEO)

  10. Pie-ata says:

    Mandela Effect to me , feels like a ” cloned ” version of realism . Think about it …,It is a distraction to further uphold our slavery within this false reality syndrome . Mandela Effect has us questioning ourselves like the Planet Nibiru escapade does , along with the flat earth expanded ephemeral . With this , it has us outside of ourselves rather than inside . They want us in itellectual mode rather than Heart mode . Lets not fall for this like the repeated ” fallen Angel ” fixture …, Dream within . That is authentic . The non ordinary , non linear , non localized truth is within . We know this !!Lets not fool ourselves .

    After Life excists 3 feet above our ground level . Knock on Prime Creators door and it shall be opened . Belief programming will have us all follow thru the conditioning . Tunneled white Light is fine , as long as our destination is fatefully / faithfully within our Celestial and Divine power / essence . I have been in the after life many , many times over . I get to see my family ( the extension of one self ) on the ” other side ” by just ” opening ” that particular door ( way ) . Its that simple , if you care to EXPERIENCE it .

  11. Pie-ata says:

    One more thing …, many ways to get to your destination ,surreal physical death included , what you need though are the etheric tools of your own personalized programmed ( and not others ) consciousness properly utilized and formed / moulded to fit the perspective or the so called , Divine Comedy . Physical death is the ultimate crossing and is made a mockery of here as we objectively feel the physical loss of a hologrammed loved one . That is not to say that our feelings are not real in a sense , but in turn , invoked to experience the sensations there of . It bears witness to the depthness of ones reality in a way that would have one attentively seeking ones true inner selves thru whatever means / ways that be-comes a lineage and non lineage of ever expanded nowness . WE all eventually get to where we are going . Question really is …, do we have to prove it ??

  12. zoubir says:

    Thanks for sharing love! love! the video of star trek voyager totally real!!!!

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