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One People Round Table 14 Feb 2017 – Mandela Effects, Veils and Waiting Room is Morphing

6 Comments 14 February 2017

Within a couple of hours of last weeks show I felt a shift, an influx of people enter the ‘waiting room’, feels like multiple time lines converged and we have seen more Mandela Effects show up in the last week.

The “Waiting Room’ has morphed into a healing space as well as a practice room for us to master manifestation in this new space as the rules are different. There is no tech interference is how it feels.

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  1. Blue says:

    The dam was in the news yesterday 13th of feb at Jean Haines site

    The heading reads ” Problem, reaction,solution?

  2. Blue says:

    Re: the Elite moving to NZ, I asked ‘my source’ who told me ” Yes, that is correct. We know where they are” , he and mentioned places on both the North and South islands

  3. Rachel Stokes says:

    Lisa I think you may of hit it at minute 43, these males are able to gather large numbers of women I agree.

  4. pat says:

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  5. Deborah says:

    That’s awesome about your new relationship with water – sounds like you are at a higher frequency. Maybe this is where walking on water came from. Next you will be walking on water!

  6. Michelle says:

    Lisa just listened to your latest interview talking about the construct and then listened to a youtube by adam 1414 titled the matrix is real-we live in a computer simulation. Please look at this because they have been talking about this for 40 years yet the scientific community will not accept it. Some wonderful physicists have done wonderful research on this. Talk about a rabbit hole to go down….mind blowing.

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