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One People Round Table 7 Feb 2017 – The Veil Process and Welcome to the Waiting Room

3 Comments 08 February 2017

Going home is a process, though the 7 veils, into the waiting room where we all gather and await what is next…….at least that is how it is playing out for us.

It is our hope that together by sharing our experiences we can help each other, no matter where we are in the process to all reach the finish line.

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  1. Pie-ata says:

    To Jeannie ;

    With reference to your sons missing toys , I have had this type of experience for many years . Either things would appear before me thru immediate manifestation or disappear . With that , I feel that it may be in the hands of either Gremlins or tricksters playing with the field . What works for me is to have a chat with them and request that the items be returned . Quite often , it may seem that you are losing your mind and thus have one questioning his / her reality . And I think that many of us need to do this accordingly . In short , we are self actualized architects of observation .

  2. zoubir says:

    Hello Penny i totally understand what you are talking about when you merge to the frequencies i have been doing almost everynight since juanary first and you are right they are more than one frequecies buzzing at the same time, i do wake up tired in the morning because it feel like being in 2 worlds at the same time and look like really like astro projection, i think my dog is having a very hard time adjusting to it he used to slpee with me now he goes to the living to sleep since i started doing it i think i may have open a little portal in my bedroom and dagobert my dog do not like it..

  3. zoubir says:

    i think when the construct was hacked we got trap in it,

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