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One People Round Table 17 January 2017 – Magnetics, Manifestation, Manipulation & Metamorphosis

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Last nights One People Round Table Discussion  was a lively one, bringing in several people from the audience on multiple topics.  Starting off with a conversation about Homeopathic remedies, specifically based on the North and South magnetic poles, with a list of “symptoms” that was jaw dropping!
As usual, we wandered through a multitude of topics, again discussing Antarctica, Thule, and taking a look at the whole con of “changing of dynasties”- revolutions that never really changed anything because the same controllers were still in charge.

Turns out all of Russia’s various governments, from Tzars to Communists to Democratic leaders…. are all deeply involved with the Knights of Malta?  And they aren’t the only ones!!

Are we master manifestors? Have we reached the point where WE are the ones who can control this matrix?  Can we pull everyone on board and come up with a singular prime INTENT, to send out over the WIFI, GWEN, ELF and every other type of “wave” across the planet – to co-opt “their” codes?  Can we all just shout “Wake the Fuck Up!” and charge it with the loudest alarm clock bell ever heard in the Universe?

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Geomagnetism and Evolution

“When you have a geomagnetic storm you can get microstructural changes within the brain tissue itself. Now if you change structure, you change function, which means the entire species, in fact every living thing on this planet could be altered. The other important thing to remember is that, how much of a change in the gene is required to alter the structure of the human brain? You realize a single point mutation, that’s one small position of DNA, 3 billion base pairs that make up our genome, one small change, and you lose your ability for language.

Now let´s turn it around. Just suppose that famous event, whatever it was, when all cultures begin to use language more or less at the same time, was because of a point mutation that spread throughout our species. What would have done it? It had to be something that would have united all of us, something to which every human being was exposed.
And that’s the earth magnetic field.
When you look historically you’ll find that these massive global changes and what we call revitalization movements, or revival movements, or feelings where there’s massive movements of an idea, often occur during periods of certain kinds of geomagnetic activity.

Remember, for the human brain it´s not the amount, it´s the quality, it´s the pattern. Sooner or later, we will have a geomagnetic storm, that has the appropriate pattern, that will influence large portions of individuals, who will see all kinds of things, perceive all kinds of phenomenon, that are remarkably similar. Modern science tends to feel somewhat uncomfortable when you make the assumption that all of us belong to the same species, and we are all exposed to the same environment, and that global changes could influence us all simultaneously, and influence the direction of history. That takes away the sense of human control over their destiny. It´s an anxiogenic idea, anxiety producing idea to many people. But I think the data indicate that’s probably correct.”


Homeopathic Magnetic poles:

“take a look at the symptoms that people produced after exposure the the South Pole of a magnet … pretty much everything we’ve been complaining about is listed … from vertigo, head pains, tingling to menstrual symptoms. So .. magnetism is causing the unusual symptoms we’ve all been experiencing ? Looks like it. This proving was done by homeopaths towards the end of the 1800’s so the language is a bit archaic … they also note that expose to the South pole of a magnet produces different symptoms to exposure to the north pole ”

The Materia Medica of the Nosodes. by breakingthesilence on Scribd


Thule Air Base in Greenland:

“Thule is the home of the Air Space Command. My dad was stationed there in the 60s.
Dad only shared a few things about Thule: he was there for one year.  The officers were given the opportunity to escort home the enlisted men who “Went Crazy” during their assignments.  He was one of several dozen officers and he got to escort two separate fellows home in that year.  On a cargo plane to Jersey.
The boys had to wear straightjackets.
He was a dentist and he was only allowed in the officers club, the barracks and his work area.  No where else”.

And this one received from a long time friend of Dani’s in her RTS skype room:

“I lived with a shaman from Greenland for 4 years. He told me how the shamans were laughing when the americans “landed on the moon” in that tin box. They go there all the time as on other planets, solar systems. No transport means – not necessary.
I do believe that all that stuff they try to sell us to “get out there” – is simply to maintain the illusion that we need something in order to go. We don’t. Maoris know that too – other indigenous people too.
But – there is something about the connection between Greenland and Ireland – and the old culture on Ireland that has been also hidden from us.
I was shown how the knowledge about this planet before the insanity set in is frozen in time in the ice cap of Greenland – and once it melts it comes back as an awakened memory with instant communication to all waters on the planet.
May that be the reason for why THEY are so eager to keep temperatures low so it does not melt? Just thinking.
Have a wonderful day. You are a bit shouth of me (South of France) where they are chemtrailing with an astounding eagerness.
Oh – and Thule is the place in Greenland known for the most powerful shamans. The Americans came in , drove them out of their settlements and placed a base there. Further, the american army has declared the air space over Greenlan for US territory.”

The Wordless Universe of the Eskimo

And yet another friend shared this about Greenland and Giants:

“Oh – and about the giants. Qisuk remembered being one long time ago. All was peaceful here and he was with his family. Suddenly some entities that they had never before experienced arrived and they had weapons – sort of big knives/instrument – that they used to simply slaughter all.

He survived but ended his life totally broken in pain and sorrow – he walked bent over and could not straighten up. {the Giant}Was red haired and 2,5 meters plus high.”


In the lists of “famous” people who’ve recently been to Antarctica, we missed one! Nov 2016 Australia’s Governor General also visited Antarctica!… just one week after John Kerry’s visit.

Real footage of Admiral Richard Byrd’s secret expedition


History: Russian-American Money Trust

“….Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln wanted to create the Russian American Money Trust in order to defeat Financial Terrorists–the Rothschilds

88.8% of Federal Reserve money belongs to Russian Czar Nicholas 2’s Family and Russia………Russian Czar Alexander 2nd, after receiving the information that England and France were preparing for war with America (the Union), had sent a Russian military ship and warned England and France that Russia would consider as a declaration of war against Russia if they attacked the Union. This is a little part, and below is additional important information, please, read:IRussian Czar Alexander 2nd sent not only a military ship to America but Russian Navy squadrons–war vessels: the Atlantic Russian Navy Squadron guided by Admiral Stephan Lesovskiy and the Pacific Russian Navy Squadron guided by Admiral Andrey Popov. The Admirals had an order written in Czar Alexander’s own hand, directing his Admirals to report to President Lincoln for orders, in case England or France sided with the Confederates. Immediately after the Russian Navy squadrons came to America, Czar Alexander 2nd sent a personal letter to England and France, stating if England or France would provide to the Confederates military or any other help, Russia would consider this as a declaration of war against Russia. Arlene´s note: Remember by 1861 Rothschild controlled both England and France.IIThe information that was unknown for the public is the fact that Russian Czar Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln decided to defeat the Rothschilds by establishing the special Russian-American money trust. Czar Alexander 2nd gave 50 tons (TONS!) of gold and with a special military escort sent it to Crimea and after to the special repository in the Mountains of Spain. General Platon Kuskov, special agent of a Russian Czar, guided all steps of this operation with gold.IIIHowever, the Russian-American money trust was not established because the Rothschilds have initiated assassinations of President Lincoln and later Russian Czar Alexander 2nd. The Russian article provides names of people involved, time of each of the events, and descriptions of documents, including an agreement between Alexander 2nd and President Lincoln. Now, I understand why in the former Soviet Union the Jews-Bolsheviks wrote in study books and everywhere that Russian Czar Alexander 2nd was the most “dangerous” person and was “against democracy”. …………
According to the Rothschilds’ plan, in 2013 in Malta,(I find that interesting!-D) the Rothschilds were supposed to return to so-called Russian Czar’s successors: Maria Romanov and her son George Romanov a right to Russian Czar’s financial assets of the Federal Reserve by given Maria Romanov three documents of an original contract-agreement that was kept in the USA. Three other signed contracts –agreements were given to Czar Nicholas 2 in 1904. During almost 100 years, the Rothschilds tried to find and destroy these extremely important documents after Czar Nicholas 2nd with his family were murdered based on the Rothschild’ requirement given Jews–Bolsheviks.”




Russia’s Romanov’s and Malta….


“The Russian Imperial House has had friendly ties for more than two centuries with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Order of Malta, with its headquarters on the via Condotti in Rome, has a unique status in international law, because it is recognized as a sovereign entity by the more than one hundred countries (including the Russian Federation) with which it exchanges ambassadors. Its Grand Master is considered a head of state. The Order of Malta is also the oldest order of chivalry in Europe.
In 1797, Emperor Paul I of Russia was named Protector of the Order of Malta. In 1798, months after Bonaparte had seized the island of Malta and expelled the knights, Paul I was elected Grand Master of the Order……..
…The Tsar’s portrait (a gift to the Order by Emperor Nicholas II in 1908) hangs in a prominent place in the Grand Reception Room of the Magistral Palace in Rome.Of the six emperors who reigned over Russia from Paul I to Nicholas II, five were members of the Order of Malta. ….
…..Grand Duchess Maria has repeatedly praised the worldwide humanitarian and medical work of the Order of Malta to relieve the distress of the poor and the sick. Like her father before her, Grand Duchess Maria has supported the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in its efforts to oppose the proliferation of illegitimate, self-styled orders imitating the Order of Malta, many of which claim a Russian origin. The heads of three other Eastern Orthodox dynasties are also assisting the Order of Malta in this fight against false orders. These are Grand Duchess Maria’s cousins, King Simeon II of Bulgaria, King Michael of Romania, and Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, all of whom are Bailiffs Grand Cross of the Order of Malta.”
maria romanov order of malta

hmmmmmmm……. the Knights/Order of Malta is a Sovereign State?!

They even have their own passports AND currency!

Sovereign Military Order of Malta
The Order retains sovereignty under international law, including United Nations permanent observer status,[9] issuing its own passports, currency and postage stamps with the Maltese cross insignia. The order’s military corps, three brigades, are stationed throughout Italy, liaisoned with the Italian Armed Forces.

Revolutions of 1917–23


What we did not get to cover in the show:

Large Hadron Collider could be world’s first time machine
by David Salisbury | Mar. 15, 2011,

“….According to Weiler and Ho’s theory, these singlets should have the ability to jump into an extra, fifth dimension where they can move either forward or backward in time and reappear in the future or past….. if scientists could control the production of Higgs singlets, they might be able to send messages to the past or future.”
….Weiler and Ho’s theory is based on M-theory, a “theory of everything.” A small cadre of theoretical physicists have developed M-theory to the point that it can accommodate the properties of all the known subatomic particles and forces, including gravity, but it requires 10 or 11 dimensions instead of our familiar four. This has led to the suggestion that our universe may be like a four-dimensional membrane or “brane” floating in a multi-dimensional space-time called the “bulk.”According to this view, the basic building blocks of our universe are permanently stuck to the brane and so cannot travel in other dimensions. There are some exceptions, however. Some argue that gravity, for example, is weaker than other fundamental forces because it diffuses into other dimensions. Another possible exception is the proposed Higgs singlet, which responds to gravity but not to any of the other basic forces……….Weiler, Päs and Pakvasa proposed that sterile neutrinos travel faster than light by taking shortcuts through extra dimensions. According to Einstein’s general theory of relativity, there are certain conditions where traveling faster than the speed of light is equivalent to traveling backward in time. This led the physicists into the speculative realm of time travel.In 2007, the researchers, along with Vanderbilt graduate fellow James Dent, posted a paper titled “Neutrino time travel” that generated a considerable amount of buzz.”

A giant ice crack is forcing the evacuation of the Halley Antarctic research station


Is Planet Nine a captured alien world in our own backyard?


“The Greenland Theory”:



Your Comments

9 Comments so far

  1. CINNAMON says:

    Wanted to attach this, makes a whole lot of sense to me. F’ing with the magnetism. These Partice excelloraters are everywhre. Trying to lock us back down. “they” built them everywhere, along with the RF BS, all as interference. Lisa, spot on, more more tech engaged, to keep us contained. There are these “magnetic” accelarators, every where. I will attach the link, he himself says to do the research. I think it is so unfair, for us outsider observers, to be ignored, because we do not want to join facebook, or sign up to the UU “club”, to be “heard/herd” , very disappointed Lisa. Anyway, will attempt to attach this.
    BREAKING NEWS NASA Van Allen probes confirm Earth as

  2. CINNAMON says:

    researching compound words…so much about inauguration, gave me a heads up. IN AUGER ATION.
    auger (n.) – Online Etymology Dictionary
    etymology of “nave”…back to the church
    Nave – Online Etymology Dictionary
    Would love for you guys to have Ben on, I so resonate with him. The encoding is within the words/spellings in headlines, down to blogs. It is all predictive programming. Putting the carrot in front of the horse, to lead us where “they” want us to go.

  3. Jennifer Gray says:

    Shmual Asher on Randy Maugans wonders if Trump is Knight Templar due to some key phrases he uses. Does he have access to their hidden money? Loads of stuff about magnetics and blood from Jack Heart

  4. Jennifer Gray says:

    Shmual Asher on Randy Maugans wonders if Trump is Knight Templar due to some key phrases he uses. Does he have access to their hidden money?
    Loads of stuff about magnetics and blood from Jack Heart
    Sofia Smallstrom also discussing traumatised blood in

  5. Brenda says:

    I enjoy your program and was interested in the discussion on homeopathics and the north pole, south pole matching the strange symptoms we’ve all been having. Has anyone tried any of these remedies and have they helped their symptoms? We don’t have any practitioners here so how do you know what potency to take and how much? I was doing more research on the web but haven’t found any answers yet. Will keep looking as I would like to alleviate some of these symptoms if possible.

    Also, I’ve been following your interviews Lisa for many years and also the times you were in Morocco and other areas and would like to know what your opinion is of American Kabuki and his sphere beings. I’ve read his blog for years also. I try to stay neutral with everything while keeping an open mind but things just keep getting weirder and weirder.


  6. Shelley says:

    Thanks Lisa and Dani once again. In regards to the knights of Malta you need to read David Ickes books on the subject he goes into great detail. Though all his books cover the subject the CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX covers the information extensively. I wont go into detail as i dont know whether you actually read any of these comments now that you have uu room etc. Also from what i understand of the reptilian brain that sits between the pituitary and the pineal glands, was supposedly genetically engineered into us for the purpose of control IT DOES NOT MAKE US REPTILIAN. I’d love you two to do a round table discussion on the Secret space program as i feel that topic holds the key to the entire catastrophe.

  7. CINNAMON says:

    As Shelley indicated above, do not know if you read these comments anymore, but I hope you do, for all of us that do not wish to go in that direction.
    Found this at Maid in the UK, which you referenced a long while ago, and it just makes sense to me and all that you have discussed. Will also try to email you.

    information theory number binary morse code message carrier

    number binary code and tones high frequency

  8. Is anyone familiar with the book alien interview, by Matilda McElroy, I haven’t heard any reference to it and it’s material, by any group. Old empire, the domaine, Is-Be…. Would love to see a group chat about this…lol


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