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One People Round Table 20 Dec 2016-If we knew then what we know now

7 Comments 21 December 2016

Each week just seems to get crazier and crazier and this past one definitely didn’t change the pattern. We opened the show last night with two major discussions:

– the “Energy Wave” that washed over “earth” Sunday and Monday, and various theories
– the question: did we just get tossed through yet another time loop last week?

Last Thursday “something” happened… no one is exactly sure what it was, but it was experienced all over the “planet”. People lost time, gained time, looped time and a few even lived through Thursday TWICE! Along with this came weird dreams and people falling sideways…. quite literally.

Dani and I again delved into the big topic of “if we knew then what we know now…” , if we could have traveled back in time and told ourselves in 2013 all that we would be experiencing, almost daily, in 2016….. would we even have believed ourselves?! The Mandela/Toto Effects? the Time warps? The “visually bizarre” spectacles? The dreams and “seeings” and “doings” of this past 4 years….. no one could possibly have foreseen all of the craziness.

…. And it ain’t over yet! We could experience an exponential jump in the weirdness factor before the calendar says 2017.

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  1. Darcy Collette says:

    Hi Lisa, a question for you and anyone who may stumble across this lol☺ have you found anyone that you could refer me and others to who may be aware of the causes or more importantly what can be done to heal ourselves, get healing help or psychic protection against the force or phenomenon that is the gyno issues many of us are having?
    TBh i was at a loss as which of the researchers in do trust to even approach it with when I inexplicably found your podcasts and you were discussing it.
    Thanks DC

  2. Mary says:

    Am pretty healthy. I did a bodywork session a few weeks ago, the therapist said , among other things, that my energies were all off balance. And I have had progressively more dizzy episodes the last few months. She told me to carry hematite in both pantsockets. This may only be prophylactic, with all that is happening on the planet, but I swear it is helping

  3. Tanya says:

    BP has a good explanation for the weird object being seen on Secchi.

  4. AL says:


    Interesting program.
    Ben Fulford’s latest article came out in Australia last Tuesday.
    As I was reading this ‘new’ release, I thought to myself ‘I have read this. This must be an old article’. But it was just released here.

    Love you ladies. Keep up the good work.
    Regards AL

  5. CINNAMON says:

    Lisa, thanks for you closing remarks, regarding the so called “holy/holly/hallow/hollow” day. nothing more than be LIE ve system. I am so in line with your bottom line. I will spend time with my family for that reason/sake alone, but not based upon “their” words/spellings, but my commitment to keep humankind united, not “their” false narratives. “their” words/spllings/def initions, will never supersede our tru INTENT, ever a gain…look at the word, it is a compound word, we were “taught” as one word. So few “see/sea” it is A GAIN, THE CONTINUING CYCLE OF A GAIN, not again, do not be fooled by words/spellings
    sake – Online Etymology Dictionary
    “purpose,” Old English sacu “a cause at law, crime, dispute, guilt,” from Proto-Germanic *sako “affair, thing, charge, accusation” (source also of Old Norse sök “charge, lawsuit, effect, cause,” Old Frisian seke “strife, dispute, matter, thing,” Dutch zaak “lawsuit, cause, sake, thing,” German Sache “thing, matter, …
    sake – Wiktionary

  6. Shelley says:

    Though i was intrigued with most of the series I was disappointed in the ending of OA. I must admit though the movements the 5 used to move through time space continuum or other dimensions, reminded me of Carlos Castaneda’s book Magical Passes. His six series of Tensegrity.

  7. annie says:

    ???!! from emails lately from Deanne:
    Sun/Earth Ascend in Milky Way | New location-New frequency
    past 2 weeks

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