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One People round Table 12 Dec 2016-Antarctica, CERN, and Energetic Waves

18 Comments 14 December 2016

We started off in Antarctica, bounced to the North Pole, back to the South Pole, and then spread out from there into discussions about this construct of a reality, jumped from the energetic to the political to the energetic, to the galactic and finally dove head long into physics. Get your popcorn ready and have lots of coffee on hand

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  1. CINNAMON says:

    FYI, I am on the northeast coast of the the US, at 7:30 AM i had at least 6 Robins (birds) sitting in a tree. This is 12/13/2016, robins do not appear until early spring, aka March (that name curious of itself) skies fully chemed out daily..IMHO, ‘their’ matrix is breaking down, and thank Source, this BS had to stop…cosmic wave, aka pulse, cannot wait. It not just about draining the swamp, it is about FLUSHING THE TOILET!!! better creations live in swamps, than these “entities”

  2. annie says:

    I can’t believe I found this vid now as I remembered -it stopped & struck me very strongly, as I wasn’t sure if this is a good thing or Not, yet here it is from 2012….
    World Record Magnetic Field 100T

    I feel as you stated Lisa, I haven’t felt fear about our future…
    especially in these regards.
    There are certain Destructive factors which will Not be allowed , and that is when the more developed and stronger Positive Forces of Creation may & will act….. only IF it is a destructive force used upon Earth and Life.
    The Wave may be destructive or enhancing…yet we shall be here with our unified loving intents and imagination to see/feel the response.
    Love you all

  3. karen2 says:

    Can’t believe my post didn’t view – apologies if this appears twice.
    In response to Annie’s post regarding World Record Magnetic Field 100T video. The sound of the magnetic field is really creepy. These videos never give any context for why so much time, human energy and endeavour are spent on projects.

    The sound reminded me of a video posted back in 2013 of weird sounds in Devon, UK

    They may be protected legally, but I wonder if these scientists and project managers have any idea of whether or not their work is Lawful.

    I believe that 2017/18 is going to get weirder. There is going to be more and more cosmic disclosure. I can’t advise anyone, but I am going to remain observant without letting the technocrats stimulus-response events get in my way.

  4. CINNAMON says:

    I agree, no fear at all, but more of a heart feeling of beneficial help for us. My gut feeling also is that “they” are the ones in fear, and “their” fear will grow, as we realize there is nothing to fear. The fear “they” generated for eons and PROJECT ed at us, is being mirrored back at them. We are relying on our intuition, inner selves and not “listening” to “their” external “noise/low vibrations/HAARP, ELF man made BS, to their GMO’s, vaccines, chemtrails, warmongering, self sacrificing thru nothing but propaganda, false flags, lies, deceit and distraction.
    Dani and Lisa, I agree, if there is a an entity connected to the internet, would plainly see, who/what is the problem. Eons spent by “them”, to never, ever accept responsibility or be held accountable for “their” “spinning”, and pointing fingers everywhere else, has run out of “time” and making excuses for ‘themselves”.
    Looking forward to the cosmic wave aka Pulse. Looking forward to not enjoying a “holiday” with the queen or the pope and the rest of “their” puppets and minions. Good Riddance!!! We all have better things to do! Like create our own adventures/gatherings that reunite us again and there is no want or scarcity.

  5. Shelley says:

    Lisa and Dani I know how you feel about Kerry Cassidy and i must admit though i’ve found some of her interviewees, since 2006, intriguing, I have felt embarrassed for Kerry as an interviewer as she interrupts repeatedly and her ego can be over whelming. Having said that she was finally given the go ahead to interview Bill Tompkins and this time she left her ego at home and let her interviewee do most of the talking. I’ve listen to a couple of other interviews with him and I think Kerrys interview with Tompkins is the best so far…dont tell Wilcock hehehe.

  6. karen2 says:

    I would love to have the discussion go to practical and accessible ways to become much more heart orientated…and to be able to practise daily `staying there’ under the most stressful conditions. Work is my most stressful condition at the moment which can feed into flawed decision making when I am not in the work environment particularly when there is an element of being taken by surprise.
    I wonder if we can share resources or point to helpful resources such as meditations (although I am not good at meditation) or techniques to help free the mind to explore all sorts of avenues for remaining neutral when the stimulus response demands an irrational reaction.
    One book I have found very useful techniques which the author has written out into methods is “The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar” found here:

    The title sounds a bit iffy and I guess the reader can take the techniques as far as they want to, but for me the first two exercises – The Basic Method and The Advanced Method – are perfect for not just residing in my physical heart but also spreading the joy of my heart throughout my body. It is like a rippling vibration that echoes throughout. Really gentle and loving and nothing sexual about it at all. And the writer is very respectful.
    Trouble is I keep forgetting to practise when I am in a work situation.

  7. Loralee says:

    Currently this is stated as voluntary, but who decides and enforces this? If it is a bracelet and the person is monitored by parents/caretakers/loved ones/etc. That is one thing. If it goes towards being mandatory and internal monitoring, say a micro chip, that is another thing, and if it is government controlled and dictated. Who decides who is monitored and who is not?

    There is a book called The Circle, that is a very good read.

    I am not big on slippery slopes.

  8. Pat says:
    This is just the sun duplicated image…

  9. peacefrog says:

    I agree with Shelley above. I started my journey when camelot started out and munched on many many interviews. Sometimes the searcher must ride the dark horse and in our current environment where dark and light mesh and mingle and but heads the ego is your friend and a component of ones identity.

    Kerry has interviewed many ringers and some who were part disinformation agents.She’s hip to this but to keep going in this sector of journalism you take what you can get.

    She’s strong and tenacious and gets alot of
    info from whoever she points the camera at.
    I like when she interupts in order to to point out contradictions etc with other peoples material.

    The Tomkins interview was gold and I hope more of his peers come forward. I think they will now…thank you Kerry Cassidy.

  10. annie says:

    Lithosphere emitting “alien signal” | Detected around the world

    Serpent Mound Secrets Hidden within the Earthworks [VIDEO]
    Published on Dec 18, 2016

    this last one is a history find-impressive researcher !:
    FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Ralph Ellis : Mary Magdelene, Princess of Orange : LIVE

    had trouble posting to UU or message ? its relevant here too:)

  11. Pat says:

    Caroline Cory Rouen Dîner Ovni Rouen 51

    It’s in french but she talks about a new earth new matrix already there superposing to the old matrix actual earth… both matrices are interconnected now until the new one is clearly visible…if you need more info and translation let me know..

  12. Jenny says:

    PUTIN to visit ANTARCTICA jAN 2017

  13. Jenny says:

    Sorry, I had not watched right through, I don’t feel any gloom or doom! The headline got my interest…


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