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One People Round Table 6 Dec 2016 – Where are we really?

16 Comments 07 December 2016

World Leaders resigning without notice, more activity in the antarctic and piecing together peoples experiences to pull together the story of who/what and where we really are.

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  1. teresa vanwagoner says:

    I watched a video where a guy was warning people telling them to wear masks because of the crap that has been dropped in the skies like chem trails. He said they were different they were like nothing he has ever seen. He warned people I am pretty sure it was in Australia. I tried to look for the video I watched but it was not to be found, I swear I watched that guy warning people showing them the radar.

  2. Here You will find the answers You were looking for

    see also yesterday’s news

  3. CINNAMON says:

    missing time. I have this alarm clock that I never reset after a power outage over a year ago. It is hard to reach, and was only used for watching TV shows. Since I do not watch TV any longer, it didn’t matter if I reset it or not. This clock has been flashing ever since, and when it would catch my eye, it was always about 6 hours off, even up to about a week ago. Well, I just glanced over at it and noticed it was now very close to the actual time on my laptop, it is now only 12 minutes off. Talk about a WTF moment (we have had no subsequent power outages. I know, because I do not shut down my laptop, so if there had been one, that power outage/interuption reset screen would have come up and my beside alarm clock would be flashing also. IMHO, someone/something is messing with time,
    Even my 90 y/o mom just mentioned to me, if something is going on with the sun, it is not shining thru the windows that it used to. I noticed myself early this year, the few hours per month, when they are not covering up the skies.

  4. michaela wider says:

    this is a video on the giant object in space

  5. CINNAMON says:

    was checking out my usual channels and clicked on a vid and immediately a trailer came up for “the young pope” starring Jude Law, a new HBO series to start 1/15/2016, wanted to give everyone a heads up. not on facebook, in the UU room or chat, etc. Just an outside observer. Do Not Know if Lisa pays any attention to the comments here or not, But for those that do, please bring this to her attention. It feels of much significance for me, I do not watch TV or TV series either, just feel as if this is a foreshadowing attempt. Remember, “shake spear” “works’ were riddled with fore”shadowing” predictives..all about the same timefames..a hex, that we must all outwardly reject, this is not of us, within us, or for us! Game Over, there is enough of us, “they” (k)now it, and are scratching/crawling to keep the illusion alive. Just a simple question, why does the letter (k)in front of now, denote “past (k)nowledge” IMHO, the “k” is a representative of the “ank” the key that keeps us from the tru now, the “time piece” that never allows into the now, the clock will never strike “12”, “their” own construct/time, cannot allow it. We need to keep hammering at it..the letters are nothing but symbols/hex’s, false construct, with false rules, that allows false rules/narratives, which allows tacit and implied consent to “govern/reinforce “their” actions. And the rest, was just outright sacrificial brute force, to make all comply

  6. Antarctica says:

    So the thing about Antarctica, if you look at Corey Goode’s information, is that the Draco, lovely fellows, actually have quite a presence down there. There’s a significant portion of these great masses of ice that make up the continent that are actually hollowed out and have military bases inside them. They fly advanced craft in and out of there all the time and the hangar doors are actually camouflaged by holograms, so it looks like they are just flying right through the ice. It would be a reasonable educated guess to say that all these major political figures heading down there are, in fact, connected to the Draco, most likely as puppets. It seems like when we reach important turning points when it looks like it could go either way for the war between light and dark, you see these politicians take a quick trip down to Antarctica, presumably to have a pow-wow with the Draco (maybe eat some babies?) and receive some new marching orders from their reptilian overlords.

  7. What’s going on Dani just asked.
    I am asking the same question. I posted a link yesterday and it became comment #2.
    This morning I am listening to the second hour of the ‘show’ and happen to scroll down.
    Who removed my comment and the link I had included ?? was the link and it may well contain some answers which were asked by Lisa and Dani

    Let’s see what happens this time

  8. annie says:

    new as a member, tho long time following this site… I had a comment disappear also in re of GK’s latest webinar pressing matters,re the importance of mitochondria rather than genetic dna(which is passed down thru the females of our species), and also the Inception points discussed- from which I realize from magenta pixie may have been perceived as just channeled and too new age. I hadn’t seen her work in 10-15 years yet it came to my attention this time. If it was deleted that is fine, I have missed your personal discussions-if not, I thought I’d mention it was removed. However, as a dot connecter I found some points in both pieces of the information that totally caught my attention.
    Got me searching, after I rewatched Lisa’s interview on 2.0 earth w/anais… you mention hexed, here is the video
    Explained: How Gaia Was Hexed by the Archons

    Thank you so much for posting the extra videos above 🙂 Everything helps us understand !

  9. annie says:

    as an add to above post since I couldn’t edit the first one: 5G future rollout will bring in a much different AI programming of control (a beaming) not yet experienced…..per gk

    non linear progression…explained in further videos which are insightful while she searches to integrate the information…. if you care to research this perception

    ‘Inception Points – Blue Star Solstice 2016 “Memory Complex Codes” (Royal Houses of Sirius, Pleiades and Lyra)’.

    The Royal Code and Inception Points
    Analysis of my recent channelled video ‘Blue Star Solstice 2016 “Memory Complex Codes”

    Zero Point Field Direct Source Incarnations
    Second part of the analysis of my recent channelled video ‘Blue Star Solstice 2016 “Memory Complex Codes”

    Diamond Matrix – Diamond Light

  10. annie says:

    oops… just saw I missed pt 3… wont blast anymore info
    but wanted to add looking beyond these dimensions perceptions to the many paths being experienced here and now… The Cosmic Brain

  11. shelley says:

    Oxford PHD Katherine Horton “Intelligence Agencies Are Attacking Me With Direct Energy Weapons!”

    I highly recommend that everyone listens to this Richie Allen interview as i have no doubt that we’re all targeted. (those who are ‘awake’ that being all of us and thousands more)

  12. annie says:

    thank you shelley for your percurvellince !

  13. shelley says:

    I thought you’d all find this interesting and how the ‘spell’ was cast and how the in/doc/tri/nation began. As it is said the WORD is mightier than the SWORD. Cinnamon, this short talk of Ellis’s is something you’ll be on par with.

  14. Mary says:

    Please google in “council of time: atmospheric compression” on you tube. The man narrating is ” Michael from around the world”. Nutshell, he is very biblically oriented , please persist, and bear through this verbiage. Long story short, I think he is pulling together some extremely huge, previously unexamined threads re: earth/ galactic changes. The above video will take you to his YT page on earth changes. Many riveting subjects. For the sake of humanity, I hope you can prove him wrong.

  15. Mary says:

    Or at the very least ,lets just let us flip into another dimension or timeline, so no one has to go through this crap.

  16. D'Arcy Collette says:

    The Ghost in The Shell

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