What’s Next? What could possibly top the Mandela Effect?

10 Comments 22 October 2016

I had a chat with a couple of girlfriends to try to explain what I am seeing, feeling and sensing right NOW, about where we are, what is happening and what I feel is coming in next.

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  1. R.Acari says:

    Hey Lisa I’m a fan have followed your interviews and have noticed similarities in your changing views throughout the last few years even though I’m on the other side of Sophie and am younger and male and only know what you are sharing on YouTube but…your taking a definite path with the Lola stuff…from whet I am it seems objectivity is being tossed out the window…don’t get me wrong it is entertaining to watch you and D but it was refreshing when you were a good balance between being a critical thinker while articulating the abstract personal strangeness we have all experienced to different degrees… if we are criticizing the “system” and it’s program but are embracing and personalizing the many concepts implanted in movies / tv shows and internet talks from D wave executives this is hypocritical and more importantly how is that being a true creator? Wouldn’t true spirit/ organic knowledge / inspiration birth new concepts / language / feelings and new reactions in us to really make a difference in day to day life…. The real culprits to shifting realities / timelines are probably wifi frequencies, chemtrails, (computer radiation) inordinate amounts of time spent sitting at computers effecting our perception and our experience it’s a sort of entrainment and homogenizing the collective imagination / experience… we depend so much on the internet for our facts which we are witnessing are being changed and rearranged whenever it severs their purpose…we will probably look back on this era like we look back on the new age era we just came out of….Authentic individual experience and creation is what “they” want to replace with their program of mimicking thats carried out by the more charismatic humans who have the real power to influence their admirers…lola would have been more convincing had she poped in on d’s computer and yours and a few others in the group simultaneously… for some it just takes a little more to believe… but it’s not that we are not open to believing… but I have to admit for those few moments it was exciting to view!

  2. Jayne says:

    Lisa, as always, thank you so much simply for being YOU! You are loved and appreciated. Also, at about the 52 min mark, you expressed so beautifully, the “detaching” that is taking place. It is “the” most humbling, but transforming experience. Powerful conversation ladies and thank you again 😉

  3. Audrey says:

    Wow! The experience of the woman who was in bed with herself is like something that happened to me a couple weeks ago. It was early in the a.m. and I was in bed, but definitely awake. I went into a lucid lucid dream but knew I was awake at the same time as if I was two people. The day before I had had a job interview with a entertainment industry person who I’ve known for many years and consider him to be one of the rare good-guys in the industry. It was an informal interview and we had an enjoyable dinner meeting. So this lucid dream was about him. He came up behind me and started touching me in a sexual way. I was kind of surprised by the sexual element but enjoyed the feeling and wanted to give in completely to him. We were getting more into it when his cell rang with a call from New York and he just dropped me and let me know that the business call was more important than me. I was hurt by that but still wanted to give myself to him. And as this was going on, I knew the other me was laying in bed awake. I couldn’t quite reconcile this as to why this man, who I feel is really a good and honest man, would use me like that. It felt like he stole something from me. But more to the point, I was having two different dimensional experiences at once. Thanks so much for telling this woman’s story Lisa as it gives me a better understanding of what happened to me.

  4. Jennifer Gray says:

    That was a very inspiring discussion and it was good to see Donna who has said so many deep things in UU. I have been thinking over the past few months about my own spiritual strength and how it has been weakened by fear of maybe challenging a power I would not be able to resist causing me to avoid it altogether. Also confused with the new cage thing of farting rainbows. JLL’s ideas about being a warrior also got me thinking. My feeling is that I now can with all the help that is available at this moment stand strongly against whatever comes and protect myself from being triggered and thereby leaving myself open to those attacks. I don’t think we can expect not to be attacked but we can stop them affecting us in anyway. I have been trying to build up my plasma via meditaion and also to integrate myself. Last night I fell in the dark and my arm was slightly caught at an odd angle up the wall. I managed to straighten it out and howled and howled and howled with no restraint. At the same time as this was going on I was feeling an amazing heat permeating my body from my solar plexis which was very pleasureable. As the night wore on my shoulder was very sore and I tried not to look to see who to blame but to keep judgement away. I was still very sore going to bed and did not sleep well but since getting up today I have not felt ANY pain – not even in my hip which had been painful for a month or so nor had any emotional aftermath . It seems that nowadays even something like crashing to floor in the dark can have a positive effect! We are definitely stronger than we think!!! Tell Lola she is too!! Love to you all xxxxxx

  5. Lisa,

    I mentioned ‘Lola” to an extra ordinary woman, and artist and a philosopher whom I admire a lot. She said she will explain Lola to you if you will call her in NZ. 021776964.

    Kindest regards

  6. Hi Lisa I have been following you and Dani for awhile hope you don’t mind but this is the only way to get in touch with you. I am from UK South wales(mature lady) what has made me get in contact is lola and about the codes. I have been studying all that she has been talking about since 2001 from the freedom Teachings it is not and I repeat not channelling its what is called Keylontic Science which is the science of light Sound and base codes of matter there is so much materiel even I cannot understand it all, the information comes from CDT plates which are selenite crystal there are 12 of them all humanities history back million of years are stored on them. I will just tell you a few things, we have 12 DNA what they have termed junk is our codes which have been turned off on purpose each DNA is connected to one chakra in body we have 15 chakras 7 primary chakras within body 8 outside body called morphogenetic chakras. We have 5 harmonic universes within one HU is 3 dimensions so we have 15 dimensions within our matric grouped into 3 but separated by frequency we are in 3D at the moment each HU is also separated by what is called the void or repulsion zone. There is so much information I am not doing it justice. I have DVDs about 40ish but there is more each DVD set lasts about 20 hours with hand books and not one is repeated no human being could do this information comes like I said it gets downloaded into her consciousness. information goes back to the start of it all to the first partici partica particum if you notice last letter in each word I AM we didn’t come here to Earth we fell from Tara before that Gaia our true home is Andromeda there you are right about the net the word net is abbreviation this is the 8th time we have been through this we got stuck here when we came in to help those who were being mistreated we new that those fallen ones were going to blow up star gate 12 but we who are here now could not get out in time because our mate was still here blowing up the star gate 12 ment that all below would become stuck in history was called the fall of man over time our bodies lost frequency due to not being connected to Source we became more physical and lost our memory BUT those that LOVE US were waiting until we could evolve enough to say is there anyone up THERE as I said there is so much this is just bits I have maps of the cosmos which you will never believe how big so many beings against us and yes they are frightened of us because we have 12 DNA here but further up dimension we have I believe 72 strands that’s were we started from in order to be here we have had to COME DOWN leaving part of our self behind in order to live in that frequency why we are being manipulated is because those races have lost their connection to source they cannot evolve they done it to them selves many times our races have tried to help them we still are because we all live within Source nothing out side of it within the heart and mind. well I will stop now and send this in order to have this information we have been told that our 6th DNA strand needs to be activated other wise will not understand it or our logic mind will dismiss this which I might add has also been compromised so that we don’t go looking but to stay locked. I have been wanting to share this with you if you like ask Lola well I am here if you would like to know more how crystals were brought here and buried as big as skyscrapers to put frequency around earth to help us I have maps where they are. There was A Jesus in fact 3 of them his name was Joshua he came to bring the imprint of 12 strand DNA back so I guess he was sort of our saviour I have the real Christmas story very sad to read. I have also tone and sounds that belong to our DNA our Ancient language. I a coming from a place to help for others to have this knowledge it hasn’t been made public because each time it has over tie it has been distorted by the fallen ones ie bible Gods of the bible are the fallen ones some of it is true only small proportion. I wouldn’t read this if I do I will not have courage to send it I hope you except this in the way I give it with love Blessings to you and Dani who I have just been excepted with on Facebook and also Lola love Glenda xxx I am not very good with technology

  7. Rina says:

    Tikanga the traditional/law of Maori we whakapapa/geneology back to the beginning of time. We know every generation we descend from this knowledge is the most important to us. Whakapapa is everything and everything has a whakapapa. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Our entire whakapapa will be together.

  8. pie-ata says:

    Lets have some fun
    and enjoy what is about to come
    Look up to the sun
    and feel the oneness of one .

    For it is you
    that will come to be true
    It is the lonely few
    that know what to do

    Come beside me my fellow being
    And share with me what you’re really

  9. Audrey says:

    Can you explain how to use 100% unlock with the water? Are you simply saying, keep saying that to ourselves and the water all over the earth? Thanks Lisa!

  10. Mary says:

    Yes, ditto, for Audrey,s comment on the “unlock” question. Thank you.

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