Journey to Morocco – part 2

26 Comments 27 May 2013

As I sit here with my computer in my lap it feels like I am attempting to explain the unexplainable, verbalize that for which there are just no words. ALL words feel inadequate today. Bring on telepathy so you can feel, see and know what is within me to share. Oh well, not just now it seems….

Today is Friday 24th May, I have been in Morocco for 1 week but it feels like many already. Heather laughed when I said that, ‘that’s just what a host loves to hear’…..hehe. It is just that so much has been happening. To an observer it may just seem like chaos, kids everywhere and floating conversations, but for those of us here and in the middle of this, it is non stop and multi dimensional.

I feel like I have been swimming in a thick energy soup since arriving, not in a negative way, almost as if there is SO much energy being created and flying around us all that it lays like a blanket over me. Today I woke up however and it was gone. I feel energized, activated and motivated.

Our group has grown and will continue to grow over the coming days. We now have Heather and her husband, D and her husband, Mark, Caleb, Bill, Vera, Sue, Muxi and myself, plus a gaggle of 9 kids all under 13 (the neighbours kids are starting to join in to so I am not sure what the final count is). Brian is due to join us in a few days and perhaps one or 2 others that have felt the call. Each time someone new shows up the energy changes and expands, and it is fascinating to watch.

Monday morning I awoke into an energy bubble that I could see and feel all around me. It took me a few hours to realise what it was, and when it did, the excitement really kicked in. It was the energy created by the announcement that we were all here together in Morocco. As more and more people throughout the day connected with us, this energy bubble grew exponentially. What a wonderful rush…..

I can feel so many people here with us now, even though they may not be here in body, their energy bodies are here….. so many of you.

I had 2 healings with Vera when I was in the moment of dealing with more energy than my body could handle, at least that’s what it felt like. It seems as if I am clearing old programming and beliefs that no longer serve me at lightening speed.

I had a realization on Tuesday morning that as I, and everyone else here, clear old, unwanted programs we’re collectively opening a window for everyone, everywhere, who resonates with that frequency to do the same.
We are a microcosm representing the macrocosm, but more than that, each and every embodiment on the planet right now is doing the same. We are all healing and clearing with and for each other.

For a week now I have been living more deliberately, more consciously in every moment than I think I ever have. I am aware of every sensation, every interaction, every memory. I sense the same happening with my Moroccan mates; the results of which are amazing, not just for me but for everyone involved.

AND then came the release.

It started with Vera and me, and it was contagious. For hours all we did was laugh. My muscles throbbed. Even my lungs ached as laughter became uncontrollable ecstasy; an ecstatic release of energy. For whatever reason this all happened just a few hours prior to the Collective Imagination Show, and right on through the end.

To be completely honest with you I have no idea what I said on last week’s The Collective Imagination Show. I was so in the moment and caught up in the ongoing, joyful release that the whole thing is a blur. The next morning I felt quite vulnerable as if I’d laid my soul out bare. Then I thought, “It is the absolute plan in action,” and let go… trusting all would be well.

Heather’s Terrace, Morocco – May 22, 2013
Here I am (center) with D (left), and Vera Payne (right) doing The Collective Imagination Show live.

(click image for larger view)  


The responses I received about the show have been wonderful. The energy liberation seems to have been far and wide, as well, along with the giggles.

I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you who have sent me messages about the show and it’s positive effect on you. Thank you so much.

I am boots on the ground in Morocco having followed the vibrational trail here. I will continue to be guided by its frequency to see how all of this plays out, to experience what we have collectively conceived.

Now is the time to IMAGINE, and DO as you dream……. Much Love from Morocco.
In Lak’esh

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  1. Carina says:

    Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for your message!
    We can feel the energy!
    Much love from Germany!

  2. I eternally appreciate and radiate with the energies and love from YOU and everyone in Morocco. I am allowing the “destination” to take care of itself, and savoring every element of the ride…please share my thoughts, love, and eternal ONEness with all.
    ROCK ON … YOU are truly The Thunder from Down Under <3

  3. Bethany says:

    Oh My dear sweet friends! I love you all! Made me cry like 3 times!! Had to take breaks in between! I look forward to seeing you all soon! 🙂 <3

  4. Bobby Peck says:

    Dear Lisa and All of My TOP Peeps ~
    It has been so wonderfully delightful to be on the receiving end of All of your Joy. All You Guys are serving as a Lightening Rod, a grounding mechanism for the new paradigm of energy shifting of the new world/heaven on Earth, if you like. Unity Tickles doesn’t it?! Love stirs Our Spiritual Vortex into a vacuum of Light and Love. It triggers our Innocence, our pure BEing, the Essential nature of Joy that Is Us. BEing in this state of “Receivership” opens and allows for the transmutation process to occur. On this road to ONENESS, I hold All of your hands, I embrace All of Your Hearts, My Own Heart Merges with The One, the Only One There IS!!! 🙂 <3 Only Luv, Bobby

  5. steve says:

    he-he-he. Qat anybody?

    What a great pic. Goddess energy conjuring.

    ~ Love


  6. we share your excitement at home so stay in this flow of alive with possibilities’


  7. Hi guys, may you DO for others what others can’t DO for them selves so they can BE & DO like you as the Roll Out continues. Keep Laughing so we can laugh with you & so any pain we may be feeling transmutes out of the laughter. I send you my Peace Love Prosperity so your journey is such & more.

  8. Bronny NZ says:

    Hi Lisa. Of course there is telepathy 😉

    Here’s an excerpt from a letter I wrote to an awake friend last night in regard to the Moroccan gathering. There’s much more. If you’d like to see the rest, I think you now have my e-mail address : ) Thank you for being a part of bringing these new Energies in to planet Earth <3

    "… The nomadic people are dressed in those big black burkas/ robes… but they're edged with a wide intertwining border of sparkling silver thread. I think it's 'real' silver.

    "It's a very spiritual journey… For some of the time, I think there will be 'inter-dimensional' experiences. Probably for not too long at a time, maybe 5 minutes, but it will feel like 2-3 hours for the people experiencing it…"

    ~ love Bron

  9. Bronny NZ says:

    Oh good…. You’re moderating…

    Does the ‘keepers of the secrets’ mean anything to you? … Local people ??

    re: the OPPT travellers: They are making connection… and bringing the energy in…. like: Light-worker beings will be hard at work at this time (unseen inter-dimensionals) who will be calibrating the frequencies of Earth and the other Domains, so that ‘appearance’ of I-D’s will be enabled, for ‘normal’ Earth eyes.

    ~ Bron

    Aotearoa-New Zealand

  10. Marti Gordy says:

    I so love the feminine energies that are leading this. I have always felt that women will finally stand up and lead the masses as we live in spirit and most, not all, men lead in ego. This is what I have been teaching for years now. Get strong women cos if you think about it honestly “where women go, men will always follow. Bless you all and I pray for your guidance and protection, Hugs to all

  11. heyyou777 says:

    Hello to all you wonderful beings in Morocco, bless you all!
    Looking forward to your next Collective Imagination Show on Tuesday (au time).

    Please accept the next comment as constructive criticism and don’t be offended to much, even though I am complaining!

    Lisa last weeks show was very frustrating to listen to, what with the constant giggling with you and D and the swear words from you Lisa, what with your knee high in s..t comment plus the f..k word is really uncalled for, even though you talked about a lot of energy around. Still no excuses Lisa. But, I still love you gal!

    Blessings to you all and the next generation that’s with you (of course).

    With much love (more than you can imagine)


  12. Simon Dawe says:

    Hi Lisa 🙂

    I want to express my gratitude for your wonderful presence, transparency and humanity in this journey we are on. It is great and helping those of us new to this whole scene! Honest responses and questions amidst conversations that are going into places so unfamiliar and unnerving! In the past weeks I have come to terms (in part) with that the conspiracy theory guys weren’t crazy after all, that there are a bunch of sinister types behind the scenes, that they have been undone and as if that is not enough apparently there’s a bunch of beings from other planets here to say hello!!!!
    In the short time I have been coming to terms with this, I have been flabbergasted, joyful, depressed, sleeping a lot, delighted, hopeful, questioning whether I dare to hope this might be true, knowing it is true and then considering myself crazy. hehehheehe!!!
    Having your voice on the airwaves allows me to breathe easier, knowing i am not alone in this. there is something else I want to thank you for too – a sharp and inquiring mind, matched by a compassion for other human beings, who are saying stuff that is off the charts. It’s so grounding!
    That’s all for now… think I need a lie down haha!


  13. Simon Dawe says:

    The above makes so little sense it is indicative of where my mind is at!!! i hope the message gets through in some form that I so love the humanity you are bringing to a mind blowing conversation!

  14. admin says:

    Hi Simon, I just read out your wonderful message to the crew here in Morocco and EVERYONE said ‘YES, we know exactly what you mean, thank you Simon”

  15. It’s wonderful to have so many of you gathered together to share these times. Once Brian arrives I’m sure the giggling will only increase! Even though last week’s show was a bit chaotic with all the laughter it was still as inspiring and interesting as ever. Thank you to you all for everything you are doing and for all the information you are able to provide at this exciting time. I hope you can get Andrew Bartzis back on the show at some point as his views were fascinating.
    Keep having fun guys!!

    All my best wishes and love to you all.

  16. For months I have been following the OPPT saga via your radio shows and the other websites that have come into your circle, and my partner has been very skeptical of all this information regarding the coming changes. But even SHE had to step back when I told her you all trucked off to Morocco! (She’s still skeptical of the cabal being dealt with, however).

    Also Lisa, while I’m here, I just wanted to say that the difficult experiences you’ve had with your father were similar to mine, and I wanted to thank you for laying your soul bare about that on one of your radio shows. I am still dealing with clearing that stuff (so many layers built up over the years), but it sounds like you are, too, so keep inspiring me.

    And tell D. and AK to start posting again; man, I really miss the rejuvenating burst from those snippets of sanity!

  17. Martha says:

    Thank you for part 2! Glad to hear the energies continuing to hum in Morocco and you wonderful embodiments are all together. I really loved the laughing show and you being in the moment, Lisa. I was surprised I wasn’t irritated, but the whole thing just made me happy. I laughed and giggled at times, just listened at times and enjoyed it all. I think you described your experience of clearing out old beliefs and healing, for yourself and for the collective about 3 times during the show. Each time you described this it sounded exactly the same to me. I felt that your experience was so powerful and you were just going with it, allowing it, trusting it and describing it in the present. Yes, its perfect! l also love the feminine energies bursting forth right now. Much love to the folks there and the ones on their way.

  18. Betty says:

    Dear Lisa… so much JOY and so much MORE to come~ this may be a curtain call on a finale of one play, yet IT IS only the BEGINNING of all NEW to BE. Blessings to you all, I’ll be trying to catch each new program!
    ~Cheers… Love to ALL~

  19. Simon Dawe says:

    Thanks so much for letting me know Admin 🙂

  20. gisella says:

    Dear Lisa and dear All of you in Morocco, amaziong the changes and accomplishments in such litlle time.! But WE are amazing Beings and when we DO right it is RIGHT, indeed. Honestly, I only wish I could experience first hand some of the action as you guys do. A big thank you from my hearth

  21. rhoda carty says:

    Dearest Lisa,
    Thanks to you and EVERY BEING involved in co-creating a new way of BEING. The blogtalk broadcasts are a life line.
    I am focusing all my energies so that I can help pull the plug on this BS. Every cell in my body is screaming “ENOUGH”. I am listening to C-SPAN and all the callers KNOW that something is terribly wrong. Time to heal the separation and live in love and transparency. Thanks to YOU ALL in Morocco for the role you are playing. I LOVE YOU ALL.

  22. rhoda carty says:

    Dearest LIsa,
    As I sit here awaiting the launch of Project 13 with I find myself pondering the responsibility of a blogger to his/her readers.

    Of course it depends on the motivation or purpose behind the blog.

    Is it to provide dialogue, information and maintain contact with the readers or is to entertain the blogger when there is no adventure to be experienced.

    This is something for the bloggers in Morocco to ponder. I am very sure that you all are very busy. However, if the motivation is to provide dialogue, information and maintain contact with the readers, there are tens of thousands of supporters all over this planet who would like some form of communication. We all have done our part and continue to do our part in this enfoldment and the healing of the separation. As you continue to enjoy the experience please reach out to the folks who continue to LOVE and SUPPORT you.

  23. So what is energy? Everything in this universe is made of energy all vibrating at different rates. Energy with very low vibration becomes matter. So for example the energy of tables and chairs has a much slower vibration than we as humans do, but they are still coalesced energy. And because this energy is vibrating slowly we see it as solid. That goes for every single thing in this universe. Because we are all made up of the same energy we feel the vibration coming off from each other and all things and it affects us. So when you walk into a room and you feel the vibes, that is literally what you are feeling – the collective energetic vibration emitted by the people gathered in that room. So you can feel whether it’s a good happy vibe, or a not so good vibe coming from the different emotions the people in the room are feeling, because emotions also have different frequencies, and your energy just naturally tunes into this. So if you were feeling really great and you walked into a room full of sad, gloomy or angry people it would not feel good in there to you. It would bring you down and make you feel heavy and drained and you would feel like turning round and going back out, although until now you may or may not have been consciously aware of why you were affected in this way. However the opposite is also true and if everyone is feeling good the vibration in the room will feel amazing and if you go in there not feeling good yourself it will really lift you up.

  24. Cecile Howe says:

    The basic process of accessing value is something like you have value, we each have value, because we are eternal essence embodied. We have value that we can access; the trick is in knowing how to do that and in a way that works, so that we can do the things that we want to do. That’s what is being worked on now. I have a room where people are asking a lot of questions in Skype and that’s understandable.  I’ve been primarily focused on the process and just literally got back today from the work that we were doing, I wasn’t on the grid. Now it’s going to be about the mechanics and getting it workable. If you take your own value and you back a certain amount of value in whatever currency you want to work in or whether you’re using the IUV ixchange, it becomes a way of working with each other through energy exchange and lawful energy exchange. Now it’s really just about making that workable. Project XIII will have that written into it now that we know more what we want Caleb to write; he’ll add that in there. Until that happens, even just having … Heather was talking about it even just having a spreadsheet on a website is a public registry of your value. It’s a public place where you can put your value and then exchange … (connection lost completely).

  25. We eventually get into a state of energy transfer. We both feel it as white light flowing from one to the other in an incredibly intense way which lasts for two hours. At the end of that time I perceive an initiation which is taking place on the astral plane. Surrounded by a group of ascended masters I introduce him to the chief initiator who uses the rod of initiation to touch his third eye with the intense energies of initiation so that his energies can never again drop into that state we call normal waking consciousness.

  26. Welcome to 2012! Bashar shares an uplifting and clarifying idea of what 2012 is all about and how to navigate the acceleration that is now occurring. He describes the wave of energy that is coming our way and how to be on the leading edge of these exciting times on planet Earth. This session will inspire you to live your best life at this critical time in Earth’s history and will provide you with the tools to ride this forward moving wave in a way that reflects balance and confidence. Also included is a wonderful new meditation technique that can help you attract everything you need to surf the wave like a pro and attract to your life the people, places and information that can propel you into the future of your dreams! Q&A Includes: Who is God and who/what do you pray to? What is the purpose of life? Are you Physical? Pain and Suffering and Karma: how does it all relate? What role does music and entertainment play on Essassani? Am I the only person in this room? What is the highest density before the one? Government and the Illuminati. What is my next step? Is the feeling of Lucid Dreaming similar to what we will feel going to 4th density? Is Jesus Still alive? Solar Gazing and Solar Flares. How can we tap into our photographic memory? Why do I let my vibration lower? Are there immortals on Earth? How much planning for the future does one actually need to do? All about the DMT Experience. How many civilizations exist? What are the 4 Laws ?

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