Journey to Morocco – part 1

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As I write this it is the 15th May 2013, just passed midday. I am on a train bound for Sydney International Airport where I will meet up with Vera Payne and Mark Hoza, together we will begin over 30 hours of travel to arrive in Tanger Morocco.

Don’t ask me why because I don’t really know.

Don’t ask me what I plan to do there because I don’t really know that either…

The only thing I am certain of is that I MUST spend more than 1 day on 3 different planes to travel ½ way around the world to meet up with a group of people I only know online (with the exception of Vera) so we can venture into the Sahara Desert and do GOD KNOWS WHAT ????

That I know….. that and how ridiculous it all sounds now that I am writing it down….. but it gets better, or crazier, depending on your perspective.

As I sit on this train it feels like I am on my way to the final act of a play that I have been cast in for eons. The curtain is finally poised to close (but it’s just a feeling) and I have no idea what comes next. Is there a curtain call, I hope not. I am ready to go straight to the after party, raise a toast and read the glowing reviews on humanities stellar performance in the play called “DUALITY”, “A tragicomedy of unheard of scope and ambition….”

Although it feels like eons have led to these NOW moments, it has only been 5 short months since my inner and outer worlds got turned upside down. December 26 2012 to be exact. That is the day The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) went public and changed everything for all of us.

I spent the next few days reading the UCC documents filed by the OPPT and listening to an interview conducted by Brian Kelly for the americankabuki website, with Heather Anne Tucci-Jarraf, one of the trustees of OPPT.

There was something about this woman’s voice, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew that I knew her voice. She had a magnetic quality, she exuded truth, at least for me, a truth and a familiarity.

I had spent my life up to that point looking for answers to questions I just seemed to have been born with. When I was young I thought I was strange because mostly what I saw, was all the things that seemed wrong with the world. I never understood why the world is the way it is and I have spent the last 20+ years actively researching to understand it on many levels, spiritually, legally, economically, culturally, historically etc .

I have spent last few years in particular talking with people, researching, questioning both externally and internally, much of it very publicly, in an attempt to understand the problems, find solutions, and prepare for a transformation that I believed deeply was coming…

But it never looks the way one thinks it will, the universe always manages to surprise me.

Before the end of 2012 I was talking with Heather directly and through her connected with D (, American Kabuki ( and Brian Kelly ( and that’s when things really got weird..

I spontaneously began to lucid dream. I was spending night after night with these guys in various scenes, mostly ‘intense negotiation’ scenarios with Military, Government, Divine, Galactic and Angelic beings. The intensity of these meetings had me waking in a sweat and/or arguing in my sleep.

It was not long before speaking with this small group became a daily occurrence as we debriefed on our nighttime activities. My connection to and feelings for these ‘strangers’ made no logical sense but it could not be denied.

Now here I am, just a few short months later on my way to Morocco to meet up with them all in person just because we feel compelled to do so. To do a job that we don’t all consciously understand all the pieces of yet, just that it is connected with the FINALE.

Of course there have been many times when I have questioned ALL of this over the last few months, particularly this trip. I am not a great passenger on any form of transport, prefer to be in the driving seat. Flying would have to be my least favourite. 2 hours before I left the house I had a call from Julien Wells, one which I was very happy to receive. He said I had come into his consciousness on the way to work that morning and he saw that I was surrounded by Angels, somewhere between 12 and 20. He said I was so protected right now it was as if I am wearing Angelic Armour. I could not get shot, harmed or even arrested at this point. They were both protecting me as well as supporting me in the DO’ing I am about to do. This triggered the memory of an event that had happened the day before,. I was outside cleaning a backpack to bring with me when suddenly a black form appeared in front of me, as if someone wearing black had instantly manifested about 2 feet away from me. I jumped back and just as quickly it was gone. I brushed it off and went about the rest of my packing. On hearing this Julien had an aha moment and explained that my visitor was one of the ‘men in black’, I had attracted their attention and they were scoping me out. That is what triggered my angelic assistance, he also added that the angels are with me to stay for the time being. I said ‘you have no idea how much I needed to hear this right now considering I am about to get on several planes and go to Morocco”. The surprise for me was that he had no idea I was going at all let alone that day.

Sydney Airport – May 15, 2013
Sydney Airport May 15 2013 
Here I am (left) with traveling pals,
Vera Payne and Mark Hoza.

I won’t bore you with the details of the trip because thanks to my angelic entourage it was completely smooth and uneventful..

We landed in Morocco at 3:30pm Thursday local time and there was Heather waiting for us with a big, warm beautiful smile of welcome. And so it begins…….

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46 Comments so far

  1. An Angel surrounded by Angels. You have no idea how joyous I am that you are all together in Morocco. I feel like I am there with you and the energy is so exciting.

    Great show tonite and know tomorrow will be just as great as you and us are all together. WOW, Loving this.

  2. Diane says:

    This brought tears to my eyes Lisa. You are so brave to do all that you do for all of us. Know that you are loved by us on earth as well as the angels in heaven.!! (heart).

  3. Lydia Madrid says:

    Hello and Blessings to you all. How beautiful that you are
    All on this grand adventure. I have been feeling so optimistic
    and in gratitude for all. Today however was particularly strong
    for me. So hearing you are together and sharing out of love
    for all of us, touches my heart deeply.
    I have had one dream myself that had me in the company with
    Brian and traveling together with he and my husband. Quite
    exciting, we were all very busy Doing! I have not yet been able to connect with you on the phone calls, I will keep trying!
    I know we are family, and I also know All is in motion for our
    Ultimate Family Reunion.
    Please email back when you can, just to know that you received this. My love to you all.
    Your Sister of The One People, Lydia Madrid
    Today is Monday the 20 th of May evening in Texas, US
    Not that borders matter any more!!!

  4. Jane says:

    Thinking of you all, esp Vera, sending my love
    Jane xxx

  5. Betty says:

    Dear Lisa,
    This is marvelous, really… I need to go back and listen to first hour of today’s program–missed it–yet, realize all of THIS explains the “energies” I’ve been feeling recently. Today, again…is even different, I struggle to find adequate words to describe, yet almost this uncanny stillness…absolute knowing of peace yet not knowing anything (really) at all~ Quite strange.

    I look forward to catching up… continue to DO what I can and do do in my area of our world… one by one, we share and bring more awareness to ALL the One Peoples. Blessings to you~


  6. Lisa, your wonderful story would receive rave reviews from a very special audience if told to readers of the Galactic Free Press. I suspect our friends from other worlds are following your activities with great interest. Blessings for a safe journey.

  7. All the best Lisa, have fun in Morocco!

  8. Anoka Shiva says:

    We are all with you on your voyage – lots to Be, lots to Do, lots to happen on our adventure coming together as THE ONE PEOPLE !

    In-Joy !!

    Anoka Shiva

  9. Dearest Lisa
    Your story is so similar to mine that it makes me smile, big smile! My Mom and Dad always said that I was their WHY child, lovingly saying at times it would drive them crazy!
    As soon as I escaped school I hit the road, always feeling for sure I must have gotten on the wrong bus, since birth. I smile with a warm heart just thinking about all of you uniting….And going into the desert! Oh yes, I will be there in spirit! The desert in this particular time will blow your mind!
    It’s funny how close I feel to all of you, a rebel hippy child of the 60’s-70’s, the OPPT rang my bell loud and clear, instantly after living underground while in the US hiding from the tax man, etc. so I feel I have a family that speaks the same language as myself! BRAVO, alas…
    Listening to Mark today, I recognized my soul brother, sending him a bow __/\__ Nameste..
    In all your unique ways of being, touch me deeply, each and everyone of you!
    My thoughts and prayers are with you Lisa. Send my love and gratitude to all………rock on~~~ in Morocco and the magic desert! The great entourage of angels just cracks me up! haha As I am sure you know they love it when you talk, sing, dance with/to them….

  10. Redza says:

    Love to ALL in Morocco from the One People Malaysia.

  11. Thank you for sharing Lisa !! One can only imagine the BEautiful time you are all going to have!! Sending all of you Love & Light & Thank you also for all you DO

  12. ani says:

    Holy cow!!!! Lisa thank you for sharing that! I would send my personal angels to be with you guys too right now! Look at you three! So beautiful…….
    You are so loved and protected. Can’t wait to hear and see the rest to unfold Lisa. Go girl! Hi to Heather and gang. xxx

  13. Ron Rafferty says:

    I too, immediately sensed the “army” of angels around this entire gathering and all possibilities for the People involved. The compassion emanating from within your voices on the broadcast last night, brought me tears from integrations long forgotten, and your words above, our beautiful sister Lisa, feel to me confirmation that the place and space you’re meeting in is already in the new Earth, meaning out of harm’s reach. So much magnificently grateful and gracious Energy, from so many of us is there with all of you.

  14. Cherily says:

    Dearest Lisa and Co,
    Thank you, you precious precious darlings… I’m so excited for you, with you and you us.
    Tears of love are just poring down my face… Would love more photos of the team and the environ.

    Also would so love to add more energy to you and your work…at the moment I can think of money which is a reflection of my energy expended but to be passed on.

    Thank you Mark for reflecting the power of just giving. giving wishes plus as you expressed with that taxi driver… I’ve so wanted do this all my life.

    Its about the gift of giving….
    Lisa my darling Ozzie Sister…
    with love, gratitude
    beyond words
    from downunder

  15. Oliver says:

    Hi Lisa,
    What a wonderfull story, concerning the protection I sensed it last week and we spoke about it in the chat me and D. I used the term “divine” but I actually meant “angelic”, so here you are writing about it, beautiful.

    I knew you guys were up to something since D’s, AK’s and Bryan’s blogs were not updated in days that usually never happens at the same time.

    All my love to you all and tons of hugs! Thanx for sharing.

    Oliver Troll
    One of the People in Sweden

  16. wow, just wow! look forward to reading about the rest of your journey. x

  17. lahcen says:

    well , morocco exacly in rabat there is one big festival of music , world music many famous singer will be in Rabat Morocco , between 24 may till the end of june , so come and enjoy ,
    mawazine festival of music ,
    love it

  18. ***Wow:) that is amzingly beautiful to know 🙂 bless you all my dear family, for all you have done already, and for what is comming, send my thanks to Heather, Chris, Bob, D, Caleb Brian and many more of you 🙂 I love you so much 🙂 Wow and look so forward to what is unfolding right now 🙂 Grateful for you all:) the angels, the Source and the Creator 🙂 Bless you all in Love and Joy ***

  19. Eileen Meyer says:

    Thank you so much Lisa, for taking the time to reflect here in your words and feelings. So many of us resonate with you now, having been on our own “journeys of trust” for what feels like eternity. Many blessings to you, the rest of the team with you in Morocco, and to all of us as we welcome our joy and fulfillment on Earth.

  20. Lisa says:

    Tears of Joy you just evoked. Love You All xoxoxoxo

  21. Hi Lisa,

    I feel God’s Eternal Presence right in the picture of you with Vera and Mark. It stopped me in my tracks and a strange “holy” sort of feeling came right over me. It is as if all three of you are in a divine field.

    All I can say is thankyou… to all of you on this awesome journey!

    Love from Sushie

  22. Chanon says:

    Double Like <3

  23. Dan Sauer says:

    I think it’s amazing how we are ALL on our own journeys, all of u met for a reason, and now u know why, let’s kick start this PARTY, with absolute gratitude, and with absolute love, I love ALL u guys for what u have done, and for what u are DOing !!

    A big heart felt thank u, u all know who you are !!……………………………….cheers !!

  24. Mark Hoza says:

    I have been feeling the waves, huge waves like tsunamis, throughout the night and today since the show yesterday. Focus we all on this time of transmutation. Thank you all so much for the energy you have been feeding into the work. May it come all into focus these coming days.


  25. Thanks for the wonderful sharing Lisa!
    and look forward to hearing more about your entire adventure!

    Also looking forward to when the next ground crew journey will be in Hawaiian Islands . . . as Aaron and I will be your tour guides off the beaten tracks!

    Lots of love,

  26. Bernadette says:

    Just to let you know I am so grateful to you for introducing me to all this. I have spent many wonderful times in Morocco and it is the wonderful aromas that always bring me back to my seductive times there.

    So looking forward to Collective imagination when I wake up tomorrow to continue the adventure.

    Lots of love

    Bernadette xxx

  27. rhoda carty says:

    Dearest LIsa, Heather,D, Mark.Caleb and ALL,
    Last year I spent a LOT of time by the river side LONGING for and clearing a spaces for a new,kinder and more loving world. When I found OPPT the longing went away. I KNEW Heather had found a practical way to help heal the separation between us and our Creator. The spiritual text I follow says the only problem is that we feel separate from the Creator and that problem is only in our minds. Gratitude to the OPPT trustees for their BEing and Doing and to you LIsa and all the others who lovingly broadcast all those blogtalkradio shows. I continue to hold a space for Love and safety for ALL of us.
    Enjoy your time in Morocco. I know the energy is BEautiful because I am with you. We are all ONE Mind and time and space are illusions. With Love and Gratitude.


  28. Thank you Lisa…and groundcrew for all that you are BEing and Doing for us all. We were very moved in listening to last nites show and could feel the love and the emotional connections and healing.

    This process and the Project 13 are so exciting in support of BEING FREE and living in Abundancy!

    We send you our love and look forward to get an opportunity to talk with you folk when at a WIFI point when we can synch in to the radio show. We live in a rural community so this is a stretch for us at this time getting to a supportive space to do this.

    Know that we are with you each week after the two shows air when we can download the files.

    Much love

    Alana and Max in New Zealand

  29. Megan says:

    Loved your story. Looking forward to hearing more of your travels. I am happy that you are surrounded by so many angels. The universe wants you to do this work. I love listening to your talk show. All of you have become my family. Your are all doing so well on this incredible journey..
    The website is my brother’s. One day I will have my own website.
    Love, blessing and hugs,
    Megan from México

  30. Martha Jane says:

    Haven’t heard the whole show from tonight, but it was fun to imagine/feel the lot of you in one 3D space together. What a lovely gathering/union. Hope to meet all of you in some space soon. Blessed trip to each of you; I wish for cascades of lovely energy in the combining of your essences in one place.

  31. Brigi says:

    Dear Lisa,
    A very big thankyou to you and all the other OPPT Trustees whom have embarked on this utterly life changing and world changing journey, and for bringing it to the forefront in many lives. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this information and lighting the spark of something which has enormous, and global effects.I am sure that you will rock the world even more from Morocco with your collective BEing and DOing. Have a wonderful time, sending you all love and Gratitude.


  32. Maree says:

    Hi my darling friend

    Although I haven’t written to you much this year, I have been watching and following when I can. VERY soon I will be joining in Had a bit of personal unfolding to do.

    You left on my birthday – that’s a great sign (hehe) and I was glad so many Gorgeous Ones of Light were there with you for the journey. What an amazing experience you will have WOW

    I am so proud of you for keeping at it – to finally come to this beautiful knowing and awareness. So much information at the moment is around us all and so many miraculous changes are about to occur.

    May the fun and excitement of Morrocco, the grace and presence of the beautiful ones you are connecting with and the whole experience bring you untold joy.

    Love to you angel xxxxxx Maree Z

  33. bob wilson says:

    Dear Lisa,

    The Laughter of You ALL
    l was the content, the message, the BEing and the doo-bee- DOing on TCI 21/22/13 show.
    All of the explanations that followed were irrelevant. The Joyful frequency of the laughter said it more than words and concepts could ever convey and was infectious. You can’t explain the unexplainable. You can’t logically analyze a joke and dissect it – you kill it. It’s interesting how my energy/frequency connection dropped off proportionally the further the various diagrams of the whys for the laughter continued.
    Lisa, you had it absolutely right-on. I-UV BE laughing with ALL-UV !!!


    Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy, Bob

  34. Michele says:

    Eternal love to you and all who are DO’ing and BE’ing for all Eternal Essences Embodied. Your words move me to my core. anticipation and excitment build towards another part of a long and much anticipated finally. i’m sooooo ready to take this up a notch. Much gratitude and eternal Love.


  35. Hiroko says:

    Love you Lisa. I cried when I started to read this post. Not because I was happy. Not because of sadness either. Something profuond touched core of my BEing. When I hear you talking, my BEing goes crazy with joy. You are such a beautiful energy. Thank you.

  36. Martha Jane says:

    I listened to Tuesday’s show and laughed and smiled as you continually cracked up just looking at each other. I love the wonderful flow of laughter. It is making me happy today, just thinking of it. Much love to all of you at the gathering and around the globe.

  37. Angela Cope says:

    I loved last nights show and it made me feel so good inside to hear the joy that you all are sharing right now and thank you so much for including all of us who love you all and have been there with you the last five months. I can’t wait to meet all of you one day. ❤❤❤

  38. winnie says:

    Thankyou Lisa for your being. I was feeling like such a fuck up when I heard your confession of feeling the same. It hit me that we are only fuckups according to the standards of the old paradym. I remembered that being this fucked up state is an essential part of transitioning for those who have chosen to experience it. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Light and love from across the universe in Toronto Canada

  39. Lisa,
    I attended a traditional Cherokee ceremony this past Tuesday. It was a ‘blessing of the seeds’ ceremony. During one part I had a vision. It was at night and we were all calling each other home. Each of us were like chards of crystal and each had their own tone. It was important to get all the parts together and as one, because the specific tone that would be sounded would be the sound that would break the core of the matrix – like ice/hot/electric/fire it shall burn away the wiring of it all.

    We all came together and each of us held a crystal, yet we knew it was the crystal space within our own hearts that were coming together. In the vision I had not yet arrived and everyone had begun toning, and I knew my tone, knew its place in our vortex of loving light we were creating.

  40. Stu says:

    When you said – “When I was young I thought I was strange because mostly what I saw, was all the things that seemed wrong with the world.”

    I’ve said the same many a time at a young age. In fact I bet every child in this world have thought the same unto themselves. It is the adults who eventually stop asking, because this “reality” that is foisted upon them and the burden they are is gotten used to. How often do we tell a child that “it’s just the way things are” ?Adults in all their wisdom are the ones given the responsibility to makes major decisions and not children. The council of elders should be a council of youngsters, or perhaps a mix of the two.

  41. admin says:

    Thank you so much, this information is both a confirmation and an additional piece of the puzzle for me personally. Much love xxx

  42. amazed says:

    just been to AK web site,i’m not a member so i cannot post a comment. I and amazed that as i post and do fliers WITH PEOPLESTRUST1776.ORG ALL OVER IT!!!! what a waist my time has been ! how do they know where to go now! that website showed creditibility, what is going on? yeah things are changing fast but by doing this is just fkd up! i am very awake and face many challangers waking people up! could you people have waited? whats the rush to confuse the info many peolpe are puting out, have you changed all the C/N tools? the fliers? etc that every body has downloaded, given out & i gather that if you people have done new ones that scrib site people will have to pay to get the new ones! making people support the banks in getting credit card to pay a $9 monthly fee! good one. i have been a huge supporter of oppt DOing & BEing heaps, i love you people but after informing over 3000 odd people with no seen result as yet, i am starting to think bugger it , what ever happens happens. i am struggling to find support & it’s more like 4000 people that i have informed come to think of it or more in tassy, yeah im free, the cops are already looking for the person responciable for putting these fliers in the letter boxes, oh well hope it was worth it in the end. I DO STILL LOVE YOU ALL!

  43. lynne says:

    lisa, i’m sending you love and wishes for joy at every turn!

  44. maryca says:

    the Earth turns, i wake, i DO another day. there is no one near me to share in the world as ONE PEOPLE. the Earth turns, i sleep, and wait for news from our PEOPLE in morocco. my heart is beating songs of praise to the ONE. blessings and gratitude to ALL of you there,as you turn up the volume on our new song of FREEDOM!

  45. Now here I am, just a few short months later on my way to Morocco to meet up with them all in person just because we feel compelled to do so. To do a job that we don’t all consciously understand all the pieces of yet, just that it is connected with the FINALE.

  46. Suzette Hays says:

    Now here I am, just a few short months later on my way to Morocco to meet up with them all in person just because we feel compelled to do so. To do a job that we don’t all consciously understand all the pieces of yet, just that it is connected with the FINALE.

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