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8 Comments 17 September 2012

This is my follow up with Amariah, this time speaking directly with the Simion Collective.

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  1. Timothy Tang says:

    I would like to manifest my own house on the 5D Earth and my own floating car!

    Please ask the other aliens if they will be interacting in real-life with the mass population on the 5D Earth. Will they be collecting back their starseeds? Will they be on Earth to assist the human race in creating the new reality? Will they be contributing their advanced technology?

    Will people be aging on the 5D Earth? Will there be more or less technology? Will there no longer be money?

    Is it necessary for people now to practice a vegetarian or vegan diet? Is it necessary to avoid dairy, and white meat like fish and chicken?

    Are there things like Karma and Fear that we have to give up in order to move on to the peaceful 5D Earth? If so, how can we resolve them? Is it by perceiving things in a neutral perspective and not perceiving things to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’, desirable or undesirable?

  2. You can`t describe 4D or 5D from a 3D perspective in my view Timothy.
    I`m shifting now and it`s undescribable. Phew ! 🙂

  3. Ken Mazik says:

    Thank you Lisa and Amariah.

  4. Lucille says:

    Thank you Lisa, Amariah and Simion for this great interview. Lisa, you always ask the right questions 😀

  5. This is an amazing interview. I keep listening to it and each time I do I see different facets of what was being talked about. It is very confirmatory and has helped me see some of what is going on with me in a better light.

    I also learned a new phrase – “go completely nutto” – love it!

  6. John says:

    Great job Lisa as usual,
    I do not put much stock in channels because of the 4D manipulation factor but they do usually contain truths which I resonate with.
    This interview I resonated with on many levels as it does describe how I am feeling (euphoria from gratitude [true love]).
    It also makes a lot of sense on a personal level so well done and thankyou both!

  7. Proggy says:

    I am not overly convinced by this woman…… sorry Lisa no banana with this one…. keep up the great work though… really appreciate it and love listening in…..

  8. Noel says:

    This was so beautiful. I especially enjoyed the parts about the energy of Australia and the unexpected visit from the felines! I have never been to Australia but everything Simion shared, especially about the humbleness and the significance of being surrounded by water rang so true to me. I was having a little celebration for Australia inside myself as they were speaking, just feeling so grateful for that energy you all are holding. I got crazy chills when Sekhmet started speaking. I cried out of release and relief, like I had just come home to some part of myself I had forgotten. So much to take in, this transmission really shifted me into a lighter space inside myself. Thank you all.

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