Amariah and The 7D Simion Collective

16 Comments 28 August 2012

Amariah (Jill Marra) is a channel for the Simion collective, a collective of light beings residing in a seventh dimensional perspective whose purpose is to assist in spiritual evolution.

Amariah channelled the book ‘Keys to Soul Evolution’

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  1. Mary says:

    Absolutely delightful! I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, have ordered the book and am looking forward to the next interview.
    Thank you both!!

  2. Dermot says:

    Many interviewers get recognised in the mainstream media like Parkinson and here we have Rove, Andrew Denton but I have to say you top all of them.

    WHY? I hear you ask, well because you do your research and you let the interview take its own course. Sure there are questions that need answering along the way, but your style is so easy on the person being interviewed that they come out of the facade and their truth and perception comes out.

    Some people can resonate with your guests and some can’t and you know what, it really doesn’t matter.

    After all there are so many perceptions of reality, truth etc that we all get bogged down argueing our own version of it instead of accepting others version of it. This is why I really was captivated by your latest interview, it gave me something else to consider.

    I just wish that I had people here in Adelaide that I could talk to like this because when I do, they give me that look that makes me feel like I am the alien ha ha ha Ah well

    Cheers Lisa
    Dermot Kelly

  3. I needed to hear this interview at this point of “time” in my life. Wonderful synchronicity! A great interview! THANKS!!!

  4. There’s so much that Chris Thomas states,that resonates with me and this interview. Both he and Jill haven’t really touched base with the Ascended masters that are here in human form. I would love to hear more on that subject.

  5. Jaime Rivera says:

    I have too many questions, so please, pick and choose from the following:

    What can the Simion collective say about the specifics of the transition into 5D?
    Any dates?
    How long will it last?
    Is it two Earths separating?
    Is it just a shift in vibration?
    How will we know it is happening?
    will we become light beings?
    Will we eat?
    Will we be able to use telepathy, telekinesis, and other special abilities?
    Will some be left behind?
    Is there another planet being prepared for those who do not want to shift?
    Is this truly the first time this happens in the universe?

  6. Dave W. says:

    Hey Lisa, love your work.
    Max Igan mentioned some things in the recent interview about how Australia was involved in previous awakenings on the planet. Would be good to hear Simion’s take on that, and how they see the role of Australia this time around. Would be very interested to hear the response!
    Thankyou Lisa, you rock… in the most spiritual way ha ha.
    Dave W. Sunny Coast

  7. Dermot says:

    I would be interested to know what their take is on the work of Tolec and George Kavasilas.At times like this with so much great info there is always the opportunity for disinfo. I believe the Simions perception might help people like myself to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.I also believe that there is an element of truth in everything and that it is our job to discern what is right for us.This is why it is so hard to figure it all out, there is no one truth that fits all.

  8. Savaom says:

    How do we know who is telling the truth and who is delusional, or pure desinfo? I feel sometimes I may give up listening to spiritual people since nothing that they predict happens and the info is so different from one another. Kavassilas said the chakra system and the kundalini is a slave system, Drunvalo said is our way to freedom, Drunvalo said we are inside the sun right now, and the sirians created a hologram to protect us…John Moore is expecting Nibiru, and the flood, August went away and nothing…mass arrests, dollar crash, disclosure at the olympics, Dr.Salt(kerry cassidy horrible mistake) …My God, what to believe? Somebody said fukushima would kill us all, but no japanese got infected, like never….thanks

  9. Cate says:

    There are so many conflicting scenarios from numerous sources of self proclaimed light workers about the how, when, what ,who is involved and,how long the process of ascension will take. I try to put the jigsaw together then another piece just does not fit.Is that it that there are many jigsaw realities? I need to finish the jigsaw my way, how I want it to be? Can you ask the Simion Collective to give me a good boot(or reboot) to create the best jigsaw outcome for the higher benefit of the universal family?I am tired of trying to work it out .How can I help others to awareness when I am floundering about the process?All I know for certain is that I embrace ascension.Thank you Lisa for your work.

  10. Jan says:

    My feeling is that what we are ahead of will most likely be a combination of a kind of a constant quantum-consciousness leap and gradual process of implementing all the new using our creative potential. It may sound contradictory but not to me, at least for the time beeing. Three days of darkness which have been predicted and quoted by many might be the leap, a metaphor for something which cannot be simply overlooked on a global scale yet doesn´t represent any fearful event.
    So, my question is related to the relevance of my view.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. Molly says:

    4 Simion
    Many channeled messages resinate with me and others don’t. All of us ascending are cleansing and clearing negativity, old beliefs etc. focusing on love, freedom,liberation. detaching from 3d and allowing the systems to fail…Obama is part of this failed system we are patiently waiting to end..Chanelers being so defensive about him pulling people into whether he is light or dark keeps energy into this failed unfair system. Many ascended humans on earth are saying many messages are of lower astral beings and or possibly the dark cabal that are spreading their agendas through the messages we have to discern, could you please comment
    Thank you both

  12. Janet says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and the candidness of both Lisa and Amariah. I do have a question for the Simion collective …. Recently I have heard from more than one source that our sun is phasing into a Red Dwarf and is in the same timing as the energies coming through our galactic center, which are expected to reach their zenith on/around December 21, 2012. What does the collective have to say about this and what will be the impact on sector of humanity that has not prepared themselves by raising their vibrations to withstand the intensity of these energies?

  13. craig says:

    I wrote a book this year called “2012 Messages” where I present predictions from notable psychics and channels about this time period and used some of Amariah’s channeled information as I found it helpful. I can see by the posts that many are confused about what is happening and about how the timelines are playing out. You’re not alone. This is a very uncertain time where everything is changing and timelines are shifting and then shifting again. Two major things came out – release fear and listen to your heart, your inner guidance. This will help to navigate any sudden or shocking transitions that we may experience. If we can find that place of being in peace in the moment and releasing anxiety about what may occur, this will place us in the right place at the right time to experience what we have come to learn as a soul. It will also help the Earth and its inhabitants as we hold more light and this will make an easier transition to the next level. No matter what anyone says about anything, we have a lot to say about how this will play out, so use your free will as a creator being in a postive way and you will be helping to create the future that you desire. Namaste’

  14. Shana says:

    I have found the Simion Book “Keys to your Souls Evolution” to be a really comprehensive, interesting and informative read.Truely excellent! After reading this I couldn’t doubt it it rings so true.

  15. Interesting I keep on seeing that the old cartoon character ‘Felix the Cat’, has a similar name to Feline? Thank you Lisa Harrison for this excellent interview with Amariah. You are both very wonderful people. I learned a lot more about the Felines and the Grays. I listen to an interview on the Gray’s by Alfred Webre with Mary Rodwell. It changed my mind toward some of them. Still a bit wary…lol Namaste.

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