Andrew Basiago and Bernard Mendez – Jump room to Mars

7 Comments 07 August 2012

Andrew Basiago and Bernard Mendez discuss their involvement in the Mars Jump Room program during the early 80’s along with Brett Stillings.

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  1. Larry Cox says:

    From what I’ve heard so far, this looks to me like a psy-op.

    In other words, the real researchers in this project were not interested in Mars or in time travel. They were interested in whether or not they could convince a group of sane and rational human beings that they had experienced one thing, when they had actually experienced something else.

    It is like the Prisoner episode “Living in Harmony” that takes place in a western town that is actually a total fake, with the experience enhanced by giving the subject LSD.

    This could be a total psy-op. This whole “time travel” meme could be a psy-op! The whole thing! What if that were true? They have everyone bamboozled! Enthralled by this incredible “alien technology!” And the whole thing is a psy-op! What a joke that would be on our community if that were the case!

  2. Sharon says:

    What is making the strange matallic noises in the background? Is it an audio file compression artefact , or radio feedback ? I found it very distracting.

  3. admin says:

    Bernie’s creaky chair lol

  4. Darryl says:

    Awesome interview Lisa. These guys have clearly experienced the ultimate Holideck. We are so vulnerable to the more advanced species in our neighborhood. To me it seems like a manipulation in a sense that we do not understand of our Pineal Gland or third eye.
    Thank you Lisa for listening to those you are interviewing and taking part in the conversation like so many journalists attempt to do.

  5. Bruno says:

    Quite intriguing. This really bends your mind…thanks!

  6. gil roman says:

    Did any of them see FMRI technology and its integration into our society or even experiences with God or Angels. I have 16 yrs of researching functional magnetic resonance imaging.
    Jose Collazo

  7. Geoff says:


    Thanks for putting this out there. Personally I think this whole story could go either way…depending on a persons capacity or “perspective” for lack of a better word. IF you can’t go there, fine, nobody is hurt. Les Visible said it well in a post of his a while back which kind of hit home for me.

    “No worries, unless you think it’s in your hands or unless you think you know something and don’t mind being held hostage to what you think you know.”

    And then there was a similar statement by Nesara in which she said,

    “The willingness to endure the shock of having your perception questioned, having your perception revealed as being inaccurate, this is the hallmark of a chela of the true ascended masters.

    I am not even in the court of an ascended master nor do I have any real understanding of just what one is; never-the-less, I can appreciate this attribute in others.

    I listened to the full three hours, as well as the interview you did with Brett Stillings, because I wanted to make the call for myself and get what I needed from them either way. I found them both to be sincere and unique in how they experienced this time in their life. Andrew seemed to be recalling rather than telling his story. Myself I could maybe pull off 7 minutes but three hours? This could prove to be an area I am totally naive in but I have yet to experience such a masterful story teller if that is what others are convinced he is.

    And if this proves to be the case, that my current perception proves to be false, I am happy to endure the shock as there are many other lies others are living that are much more harmful… like the endless “humanitarian” wars… for peace? This was a nice getaway. Thanks!

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