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45 Comments 30 April 2012

Andrew Norton Webber, creator of

Andrew has very important information regarding the power of distilled water for physical, emotional, mental, even spiritual wellbeing.

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  1. Maria says:

    Thank you so much for this interview! I had forgotten all about this. I didn’t know enough about it years ago and just left it. I really want to try this out. It’s difficult to buy distilled water here in Germany (at least some that is not only for filling an iron). Although I have a distiller (I use it to make colloidal silver), it would take rather a long time to produce 4 litres every day. Difficult working full time as well.

    I have just ordered a book about urine therapy and might try that first (cheaper and easier – after hopefully getting used to it quickly??)

    I do hope it will help with my many allergies and tiredness.
    I have passed on the link, hopefully others will benefit from it too.

  2. Jim says:

    Yes a great interview, very informative! I also want to try this out but finding distilled water not easy in the UK (if you want to buy it on amazon its expensive, and as Andrew was recommending 4litres a day about £15 per day for water (and you have to trust the source) other options are going to halfords for the stuff that is used to top up car batteries. so i might try and distill water myself or buy a distiller. but if anyone knows of any trustworthy distilled water places in UK please post it.

  3. donorina says:

    Hello Lisa,
    That was really a great interview.
    I wrote an e-mail and send it to Andrew to
    and it was returned to me, maybe I did not write it properly
    could you please send it to me his e-mail
    or better still write it down next to this interview
    my e-mail is
    and this is the e-mail I wrote to Andrew

    subject; Last night I went to bed late because of you

    Hello Andrew,
    I am a 65 year old man from Alicante, Spain and live in London. (Now that I am retired spend some months in Spain)
    Last night, because of you, I went to bed quite late, (2:00 am), because I watch the entire conversation between you and Lisa Harrison in this website (2 hours and 27 minutes!!)
    I am writing to you to thank you for all the work that you are doing to promote this TRUTH.
    I was aware of the importance of drinking water, but I did not know anything about distilled water. I´ve been drinking my pee for more than a year now and I am convinced that it is very good for one´s health to do so. I´ve read a lot of books about Urine Therapy, and some of these books I have in digital form and in several forums I have writen a message telling people that I will share those e-books with anyone who request them. I make that offer to you too, since you only have two books in your website. I also have books about fasting and Diet, both in English and Spanish. Because I do not know how to make a website, like you have done. I have to send these books to the people who request them by e-mail. (so far I have send those books to 199 people: 63 English 136 Spanish)
    As I am not an expert, I feel that the best contribution I can make to promote this healthy therapy is to share these books writen by experts like John Armstrong (The Water of Life) I am going to send the web links of both your website and that conversation between you and Lisa to all those 63 English speaking people in my list of contacts. I´ve learned a lot about distilled water listening to you and I now better understand how drinking pee is good because we make our own distilled water!
    When I was young I experimented with fasting and did the 40 day fast (the full complete fast) This year I started to do fast again, but I only fast one day a week, and drink a lot of water and a lot of pee, (about 50/50) I will drink a glass of water and later on when I pee I will drink a glass of pee and about one hour later I will drink a glass of water again, and then when I pee I will drink a glass of pee again. and so on…
    By the way, those people who forget to drink enough water, because many times they will eat because they think they are hungry when really they are thirsty, I give this advice: In order not to forget to drink enough water you should drink a glass of water after your pee, that way that glass of water will make you pee again, later on… and then again after you pee, drink another glass of water, doing this throughout the day will ensure that you drink more water…
    When I send those books I share with other people I also sent a letter of introduction.
    By the way the name I use in that letter is donorina (or don orina) that in spanish means Mr. Urine, I use this name because no one in my family knows yet that I drink my own pee.
    One of my contacts has a website that kindly advertise that I have these books to share and also copied this letter of introduction, you can read it here,
    actually I realise that you know about this website because you also recommend it on your website.
    to open the page where is my letter go to Urine Therapy by: and then open the one that is the very last in the list: UT Information by Don Orina, (that´s me)
    Anyway, if you read what I wrote on that page, you save me the time to repeat myself.
    And I just want to thank you for all that you are doing, I´m sure that it will make a difference to a lot of people, I repeat my offer to share my e-books with you… books that you probably have read already, but it is good to have them in digital form because that way, you can share them with other people, put them on your website, or if this is not possible because of copyright laws you can easily select paragraphs from the book and copy them and put them on your website, that it seems to me is under construction.
    Also it would be great if you could also have your website in Spanish, for the benefit of all Spanish people… specially in latin america urine therapy is more common and more widespread than in Spain and many of my contacts are from latin america

    Muchas gracias amigo

    if anyone reading this comment is interested in receiving my e-books just write to me requesting them

  4. Maria,

    Distilled waters will definitely help with your allergies and exhaustion. If you are new to urine, at the very least, drink a cup of your mornings first urine and remember to hold the last sip under your tongue for 10 minutes to allow you lymphnodes to study your allergy issues.

    All Distilled waters are LOADED with fresh oxygen so if you start to consume a gallon a day (4 liters), generally within 3 days you should notice an increase in pure, clean energy.

    It doesn’t matter which distilled waters you consume, just as long as your daily total volume is at least one gallon (4 liters).

    Be it urine, fresh juices, or machine-made distilled water, or a combination, you want to get that RIVER flowing………:)

    You can also look in the stores for DE-IONIZED or DE-MINERALIZED WATER, these are all different words for DISTILLED WATER.

    Which, in itself, is just another word for…


    That is all we are really talking about.

    Now who wants to argue against drinking pure water???



  5. Hi Jim,

    I’m glad you found our interview helpful!

    You said, “going to halfords for the stuff that is used to top up car batteries.”

    This IS a viable source. If it wasn’t pure water it would be screwing up peoples batteries. If you want to make sure its safe the easiest thing to do is to get a Total Dissolved Solids meter and check for parts per million. I found one on Amazon for $13. Pure water should read 0 ppm. But even my home distiller sometimes only makes water that comes to 2 ppm.

    This is still fine. You basically are just trying to get water which is as pure as possible. The cleaner it is, the better it will clean you……..:)


  6. Hi Don!

    Fantastic! I like it that you stayed up late to listen to our interview. ( I hope you did not get in trouble…..;) )


    I sent a letter to your gmail, asking for you to send me the books. This is very nice of you. And I totally agree that I need more books on my site. Thanks for thinking of me and everybody else in the world for that matter. It is people like you who will help to lift this planet out of its madness.

    I will try to get my site in Spanish as well. There is no copyright on my work and I hope ANYONE who can do translations, into ANY LANGUAGE, will feel free to do this as soon as possible. We need it translated into ALL languages.

    Thank-you, Mr. Orina!


  7. Ali says:

    Lisa & Andrew you are so great informers of such valuable
    information. I am so grateful for it & will surely try it. I will pass
    on this YouTube link relentlessly to all & anyone i can from now on. Something so simple they kept from us.
    I never ever knew that distilled water has a negative charge, thus magnitizing off & taking away all toxins in the body.

  8. Jim says:

    Cheers Andrew, Thanks for the response. I did buy some from there in the end, and measured its purity. the reading was something like 0.01 PPM which i presume is fine :-)?
    In the process of trying to build up to a gallon a day.
    Also ordered a distiller which hopefully should arrive this week.
    Can you recommend a descent juicer also? the one you recommended on your website is not available in the UK.

  9. Ellen says:

    Be careful about this. Chloramine, a very toxic chemical made out of chlorine and ammonia called chloramine, is fast replacing chlorine in treated municipal water across the country, due to a new EPA regulation. Distillation of water does NOT remove chloramine from water.

  10. Matthew says:

    There is a water brand “Pureau” in Australia. It is not distilled water but the company claim TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) as 1ppm. It is a reverse osmosis product and the impurities are all “0” according to their website ( Unless there is some other concern, this looks equivalent to distilled water. It is videly available at supermarkets & cheaper per litre if you get 10lts cask.

  11. admin says:

    Hi Matthew, that is the water I have been drinking for several years now and I noticed the difference as soon as I changed to distilled water. Although Nobles is a nice drinking water it did not have the benefits for me. Cheers Lisa

  12. Clare Parker says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I am concerned about purchasing distilled water from supermarkets because it is bottled in plastic containers and I don’t trust plastic to be anything else but toxic. How would you get beyond this problem in an affordable way?

  13. bruno says:

    This is an eye-opening, jaw-dropping interview! I had never heard of the power of distilled water before…

    The potential for all of us to change is huge…and yet its so simple…it certainly feels ‘true’ inside me also.

    I’ve just ordered the book ‘The Water of Life’, and distilled water too. A gallon a day…a bit of a challenge but will give it a good try!

  14. mooglit104 says:

    hey lisa

    thanx for all the beautiful interviews and work you are doing!
    i specially enjoyed this one with andrew and you and felt deep in me the truth of it ringing. it even made me try my pee although i though that will never happen. i`ve heard of the benefit before but just couldn`t overcome or even consider doing it. it really tastes like coconut and is quite pleasant (i have to mention that i was on a raw diet). i could feel my body analysing it and it had quite an interesting and opening maybe even liberating experience.
    also i wish to swap to destilled water but have after a bit of research a few questions for you and or andrew:

    1. is there really no difference between steam distilled, de-mineralised and de-ionised water as mentioned in an answer of andrew above. on a few pages i found information that there is quite a bit of a difference and has different effects on the body. for i live in cairns and i cant get hold of steam distilled water and mostly de-ionized (for ironing) what was the most criticised for consumption.

    2. why is the pureau water not a good joice? that was my first go but then i read in an answer of lisa it wouldn`t do the effect.

    3. why do sellers of steam distiller advertise they get min 90% of the flouride out?! i thought if you steam distill there would be nothing left in the water! and why do most of these distillers have an carbon filter as well? as i mentioned i thought they shouldn`t be needed.

    hopefully you guys can help me out with some answers for i don`t really know what would be the best way to go.

    both of you keep up the good work..much appreciated!

  15. Maria says:

    Dear Andrew,
    thank you so much for the tips and hope you gave me. I can’t wait to get started. I am hesitant for one reason. Maybe you would be kind enough to let me know if this matters or not. I am presently doing a heavy metal detox (started two months ago and it will take approx. another 3-4 months). I am taking 60 chlorella tablets a day plus MSM Sulphur and vitamins. Soon I shall be taking wild garlic drops and coriander as well (or instead, whatever – as part of the detox).
    My question is – should I wait or would it be okay to still drink my urine whilst I am doing this?

    Thank you so much for doing this interview with Lisa. It has helped so many I am sure!!!

  16. Tammy says:

    HI Andrew,
    After listening to one of your interviews (loved it) I’ve been
    drinking distilled water (as has my daughter) for 8 weeks
    now. I love/believe everything you say but I am a little concerned about what Dr. Mercola (whom I also follow on Twitter) says about drinking distilled water for any length of time. Is this one of those “discern for yourself” ideas?
    I can’t quite “get there” with the urine…maybe one day :–)
    Thank you for all the valuable information.

  17. Tanya says:

    Great interview. I have been doing 2 litres of distilled water for a number of weeks now and have added in 500ml of fruit and vegetable juice in the last 3 weeks. Aiming to get up to 3.17 litres per day as I am only small (about 52kg). Have had virus like symptoms which was obviously getting rubbish out of my body…great! I feel lighter like I am less dense. It is hard to describe. Maybe it is more spiritual light? Haven’t quite got into the urine yet, but I did notice that pouring urine that I had inspected down the vanity basin drain actually unclogged it (my water was not draining very fast), which just goes to show that it cleans things out.! No draino required 🙂

  18. k says:

    love this! been on 1 gallon a day for over a month now, incredible! only one question… i have heart burn or acid reflex now ,, never had it before,, what could it be? its it too much water for my body?
    thanx! :))

  19. Dear mooglit104,

    I appreciate you asking for clarification on De-Ionized Water…

    Unfortunately, the term can be used to describe THREE types of water. This is a problem.

    They’ve used semantics to confuse people. De-ionized CAN be used to describe Distilled Water, BECAUSE its had all of the positive ions removed. Positive ions are what the ‘inorganic minerals’ are.

    BUT GENERALLY, there are two OTHER types of de-ionized water found available to the public. And they are both deadly to you.

    De-ionizing machines, like the Kangen type, use electrolysis to FRY the water and blow the water molecule apart. You end up with OH, which is Oxygen Hydroxide. This LOOKS like water because it is made of Hydrogen and Oxygen, but it is NOT ‘H20’. IT IS ‘OH’!!! There is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE!!!!!

    This is pure poison to the body. Look it up. Here again, a biochemist would be your friend and tell you that you were insane if you told him you wanted to consume Oxygen Hydroxide.

    The other type of de-ionized water is a two-stage chemical filter which attempts to remove positive ions by chemical reaction. Unfortunately, the two chemical filters themselves can leave residues in the water.

    You don’t want that.

    mooglit104, I keep learning more and more about these things and I would definitely like to go back to this issue if Lisa and I do a follow up interview.

    There are things called VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which have a lower boiling point than water. Natures method of distillation uses the low-heat method of evaporation and the VOC’s do not make it through this process. Unfortunately, the typically used high-heat method of distillation cannot get rid of these VOC’s because they go up with the steam due to their boiling point being just under that of water.

    Carbon filters catch VOC’s, this is why distillers come with them. This is why the manufacturers say distillation ALONE gets a minimum of 90%. They are being honest and letting you know that a true complete high-heat distillation system needs a carbon filter. When it is done this way, THEN you get 100% clean water. As in, Zero parts per million.

  20. Ellen,

    When properly distilled, using a carbon filter like I mentioned to mooglit104, distillation does remove 100% of all foreign matter from water, including Chloramine. ALL laboratories used distilled water. If they couldn’t remove Chloramine, the entire exploratory world of scientific endeavor would come to a screeching halt. You can’t run lab experiments with impure water. It’s just not possible.

  21. Maria,

    I wouldn’t take all of the stuff in the first place to detox.


    Why wait? Why spend money on all that other foreign matter?

    Generally, when people go on urine fasts they try to wean off any and all medications and supplements as soon as they can. The purpose is to start accessing pure energy. Taking all of that stuff is not what animals in the wild do when they feel sick. They just fast.

    They instinctually know not to just keeping jamming more and more matter into their systems. They know, as Hippocrates also knew, that, “Only the body can heal the body.”

  22. Tammy,

    No, this is not one of those, “discern for yourself” ideas.

    Mercola is a classic 80/20, bait and switch, agent of deception. He is part of the global crew that wants to eliminate 5 Billion people from the planet. HIs main role to play is that of Chief Fear Monger of Distilled Water. He says ALL KINDS of accurate things. Like being correct about fluoride and eating healthy. These are all part of the ’80’ BAIT… The ’20’ SWITCH is that he gets you trusting him with all these other issues and then BAM!!! He lies to you about distilled water with his RIDICULOUS article titled, “Early Death Comes from Drinking Distilled Water.”

    It is no accident that this article on his website is ALWAYS at the top of the list when you do a google search for ‘distilled water’

    When you realize that Pure Water and Distilled Water are the EXACT same thing, his lies start to sound very silly and outright demonic and psychopathic.

    He is purposefully scaring people away from the best thing you could ever ingest, pure water.

    He is a dangerous man who is murdering people every day in which that article continues to stay on his website.

  23. k,

    your heartburn and acid reflux is just one of the ways that your body is choosing to detox. Remember, the body does not make mistakes.

    If you eat healthy, living foods and continue to drink the ‘gallon a day’ eventually you will not experience this anymore.

  24. molijana says:

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  25. David says:

    Hi Andrew
    Thank you for the wonderful interview. I have been drinking my own urine for quite a while now and feeling amazing. I probably have about 5-7 cups a day and your interview has helped me tremendously to understand how to use urine, to get that river flowing. In addition, I am also drinking coconut water and some vegetable juices. I have not started drinking the distilled water yet, but plan to buy a distiller next month. You mentioned that there are three types of distilled water. I would like to ask if there is also a fourth type, what about milk? Is not mother’s milk the best food for babies, and it is mostly water. So I would assume that milk is also another way to get distilled water? I wonder if we could also included goat or cow milk into the diet? Logic says that milk is the best food for babies, some are breastfed even until the age of seven. But then after that, humans must start relying on mainly other sources of nutrition. So we get distilled water from fruit, vegetables, most whole foods. From my experience though, I cannot seem to survive on just a raw food diet of fruit, nuts and vegetables. It might be severely deficient for the long term. Maybe we need to add milk like the yogis do? In ancient India, milk was seen as the best and complete food, and often yogis would fast on milk and fruit only. But the milk they used was different. The milk came from grass feeding, forest dwelling cows, not domesticated cows. So the milk we have now is different. Apparently the best practice is to either drink the milk immediately once it has been given from the cow or if used later, it should be boiled and then mixed with water to thin the milk.

    I am still not sure about what is the ideal diet as there is so many contradictory advice out there. I find personally that the raw food diet is not good long term at all. But we need to supplement it either with eggs, dairy in the form of milk and cheese, or chicken, fish and beef. I would love Andrew’s opinion on the whether milk is a good source of distilled water, and about what diet is best?

  26. Jim Stone says:

    This article is the biggest line of B.S. I have ever heard. IF you are stupid enough to drink distilled water you will be rewarded with:

    1. Mineral depletion, which results in lack of energy

    2. Osteo porosis, because distilled water is hungry water, trying to dissolve anything it can, and your bones are a prime target.

    3. Depression, because depletion of minerals saps your will to live. Your brain needs calcium to function, and drinking water that is not only totally absent calcium, but is craving calcium will steal that calcium from your brain and totally shut you down mentally and emotionally.

    4. The degradation of and eventual loss of your teeth

    5. Anemia, because the distilled water will leech the iron from your blood, and you will just pee it out.

    6. An early death, because the cumulative effects of the above mentioned will definitely shorten your life.

    I am a chemistry expert, and therefore I know better. Distilled water is considered a poison because it is not water that is in a natural form. It takes an industrialized setting to even make it, even rainwater is not distilled water because it dissolves gasses out of the air that take the bite off the solvent abilities of totally pure distilled water.

    Distilled water is widely known in chemistry to be the most powerful solvent there is. There is not a single substance on earth that wll not dissolve into distilled water to one degree or another. The electrical charge of distilled water, though it will not conduct electricity while totally pure, is higher than that of any other solvent. If you want a totally potent free radical type bath from the inside out, drink up, your doctor will thank you for it as he trails you along on a string of meds, in an attempt to figure out what is wrong with you.

    This article is a lawsuit level fraud.

  27. James says:

    thanks for the info bro. What are your thoughts on distilled water for pets? I have two 8 lb. poodles. Sidney is 16 and getting cataracts. Can he have distilled water all the time or should I cycle it? ( some days with just well or purified water? )

    Peace & many Blessings…

  28. Sariah says:

    Hello everybody, I wanted to warn you all about a company that sells bad quality water distillers and the man running the company is a scam artist. Avoid buying anything from a company online called American Water Distillers, who also goes by other different names which are AAA Wholesale, and You’ll notice too that each of these sites claim that their distillers are the best you can buy but they are cheap and poor quality. You will also notice on these sites that you will see the exact same phone number on each of these sites. That phone number that you need to avoid is (740) 544-5842. If you are looking online to purchase a distiller and you see this phone number, do not buy anything from them. I bought a distiller from them and it doesn’t work right and I can tell it was cheaply made in a factory in China and my first few batches of water that it produced had a burnt taste. I’ve been using it for a month now and it doesn’t have the burnt taste but tastes impure like tap water. If you have already purchased one of these machines from AAA Wholesale or the other names I listed, I wouldn’t use it anymore. I believe that the distillers coming from this company are just giving off more toxins than they take out. I’ve read other peoples comments about this company and they have all had problems with the machines, such as the machine power cord causing fires and so on. Don’t trust the companies I mentioned and if you call that phone number I listed, the man who picks up sounds drunk and slurs, very disrespectful and his comments are very inappropriate. I told him that I want my money back and he began swearing at me and telling me that there are no refunds and hung up on me. At first he tried to convince me that his distillers are the best around and I told him that all of his sites say the same thing and all have the same phone number and his response to me was this “What…is that a crime?” He’s very dishonest and is scamming people. I’m looking for a good quality distiller that actually does distill water and wont break down within a month or two. Andrew, Thank you for the interview you did with Lisa. The information you shared with us has changed my life. I started drinking the bottled distilled water from the store but I don’t want water out of a plastic jug although I did notice that I felt amazing after drinking it. I wont be using the current distiller I have now for the reason I listed in this message. Do you have a suggestion on where or whom I can buy a good distiller from?

    Blessings, 🙂


  29. Sariah says:

    Thank you for the interview:-) I’ve been drinking distilled water for about 2 months now and I can see and feel the results. I would like to make my own distilled water which I have been doing but I bought a distiller that doesn’t work properly so can you recommend a good reliable distiller and company to buy one from?


  30. DISTILLED WATERS CONFERENCE: A Presentation of the Original Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions for the Human Body


    68 Clapham Manor Street, Clapham SW4 6DZ
    020 7498 1779

    6:00 PM TO 10:30 PM, questions and answers until 11:30 PM

  31. Hey you guys and gals! Have no fear, Pure water is Here!!!

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    After you watch that one you may want to check out my interview with Lisa Harrison…

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  32. HR says:

    Jim Stone show some evidence of your claims. Distilled water and pure water are PH neutral. Most people from other countries still use rain water which is demineralized and have better teeth and bones than British or people from the USA witch access to tap or filtered water.

    The origins of your misconception reach back to studies conducted in the former Soviet Union about 20 years ago that were summarized in an article of the World Health Organization (WHO) without additional research or follow-up. The conclusions on physiological changes were drawn from rat, dog and human subjects who were volunteers undergoing water replenishment after strenuous forced marches in the desert. The study had few specifics on total water intake, diet, whether high purity water was exclusively consumed or the controls used.

    There is considerable evidence to counter the Soviet studies. Dr. Daniel Menzel, on of the nation’s leading toxicologists and the chairman of the Department of Community and Environmental Medicine at the University of California in Irvine, points to homeostasis as one of the reasons that the idea of leaching of minerals by consuming high purity water is an “erroneous assumption”.

    More evidence comes from the experience of the United States Navy. The U.S. Navy has used distilled sea water for human consumption for approximately 40 years.

    Other practical examples are presented by the people who live in Lake Tahoe, California; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Boston, Massachusetts; and San Francisco, California which have natural TDS levels below 100 mg/L. These areas represent a considerable total population that apparently experiences no ill health effects from the water they consume.

    A 1986 project sponsored by the US EPA in San Ysidro, New Mexico, offers an additional rebuttal to the Soviet studies. R.O. units were installed in the homes in this small town in order to reduce a high level of arsenic in the water supply. In addition to reducing arsenic levels, the units reduced the TDS level in the water from 800 mg/L to approximately 40 mg/L. According to Dr. Thomas J. Sorg, the EPA officer in charge of the project, there were no harmful effects observed in the subjects who drank the water.

    Read more and educate yourself before reposting false scares

  33. edbar says:

    My 9 year old son suffers from ulcerative colitis and I started him on distilled water 6 weeks ago. So far he is doing very well. The comment that drinking distilled water causes anemia because it leaches iron from the body is certainly not the case with my son whose hemoglobin measured last week was the highest it’s been for 2 years! So if distilled water is supposed to leach iron how come the level didn’t go down.
    I do still have some concerns whether long term use is advisable and if there was any scientifc data supporting that distilled water does not leach inorganic minerals from the body?

  34. lou says:

    The utube was so inspiring and i’m wondering how much urine can a person drink? after listening to the interveiw i immediately went and drank a glass of my pee and it felt great! My friend said its dangerous if you’ve had food because its a waste product and should only drink the first pee in the morning after waking up.But I didn’t hear it all on your interveiw and did you mention how much is good to drink? thanks, lou

  35. jim says:

    Andrew, this is very interesting as I have been on the healing journey for almost 4 years. One thing I have found is to speed up this healing process. I have been taking calcium hypochlorite size 0 pills for about a month now, otherwise known as MMS2 . It ends up oxygenating your blood and helping the acids in your system. If we you really want to open up the pineal gland as you would put it you do not want to be evil person. In other words, you would want to purify your soul First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have found taking DEME bitarate one size 0 capsule and if you live in the state of Colorado and Oregon it would be legal to try the other stuff you will open up your unconscious mind while you are conscious.


  36. KM says:

    Listened to Mr. Webber’s talk about distilled water. Seems quite logical. He mentions the movie Forks over knives near the end of his talk. If you wish to find more of the truth about diet check out

    I went through Dr. McDougall’s health seminar in Santa Rosa, California and found it to be absolutely accurate in its information and my health improved dramatically. Don’t be a victim of the medical industry!

  37. A Registered Nurse named Cheryl Scott came to a talk I gave at Mount Shasta, Callifornia back in August 2012, I received this letter in November…

    “I just completed a 40 day Distilled Waters fast to heal myself from significant degeneration of my knees secondary to osteoarthritis. I was able to obtain a 6 week medical leave of absence and on day one of my medical leave I began fasting on 1.5 gallons of distilled water and urine therapy. I am ecstatic with the results. I lost 35 pounds w hich was very important for my knees. My objective was to remove inorganic mineral deposits throughout my body (like years and years of arterial placque build-up, however I primarily desired to remove all the mineral deposits in all of my joints which are greatly impacted by osteoarthritis. 7 weeks ago, I had to order a seated walker to use at work in my role as a nurse consultant. Now that I have finished my 40 day Distilled Waters fast, I can walk and stand for hours with minimal pain. I am so grateful to you, Andrew Norton Webber, for guiding us with your information on this important health benefit. I also wanted you to know I had my chem panels and lipid panels drawn at 21 days and 40 days into my Distilled Waters Fast and my magnesium/phosphorus and calcium levels were always perfectly normal. This proved to me that drinking distilled waters does not leach organic minerals from our tissues. And my LDL and triglyceride levels are the best they have EVER been. I return to work in 3 days feeling much better and able to do my work without the need for a walker. This 50 something RN is very grateful for Distilled Waters Therapies! Namaste!”

  38. kit says:

    Lisa, you are just an exceptional interviewer. You ask such good questions. And thank you Andrew as well. I am really intrigued and hopeful about this information. All that remains is to try it out. Bought a distiller. Keep jailbreaking!

    P.S. I brought up this interview at work. We have a military guy who as part of a training exercise had to poop in a bag in sub-zero temperatures the night before, so it seemed like a natural conversation seque. It was one of the most hilarious over-the-coffee-machine exchanges I can remember. –big love, Kit.

  39. kit says:

    Kit again. While waiting for the distiller, I bought distilled water at a grocery store. Like some others the o=plastic container gives me pause. The ingredients say: water ozone fluoride ion 0ppm. Not sure why they cite fluoride if there’s 0ppm. In another store the distilled water said the same thing– and that it was produced by reverse osmosis. (which is the type of filter I have on my kitchen tap) Is this still viable?

  40. Fantastic interview! Just wanted to point out that a US Gallon is ONLY 3 litres – NOT 4 as per a UK Gallon. Thanks once again!

  41. Guisell says:

    I would like to start drinking distilled water and also making my son’s formula with it. Given that distilled water attaches to inorganic minerals, would it just leach out all the minerals in the powdered formula? He does need some form of nutrition from minerals so I’m just concerned it will not let him absorb any nutrition from the formula. Please advise! Thank you!

  42. admin says:

    Great idea, it will only leach the inorganic, unwanted minerals.

  43. Guisell says:

    But are minerals and vitamins in infant formula inorganic since they are man-made? They are not naturally occurring so they would be inorganic?

  44. rebe says:

    Guisell, and Andrew,
    I would beware of infant formula, yes, inorganic and hope Andrew can answer, this is an old thread.
    Andrew, what do you think about adding organic unfiltered honey w/lemon my kids will drink a lot that way. Also wondering your thoughts about distilled w/added electrolytes, I suspect no good. btw, I knew and loved Dr. Norman Walker 25 yrs ago by reading/purchasing his juice books and Water Can Undermine Your Health, book! He very much advocated distilled as it picks up the inorganic minerals! I know you know of him. Sharing thisvideo/ info! Hope to hear back regarding honey and electrolytes.

  45. Jake says:

    What containers are safest to hold distilled water? If It dissolves inorganic material, or leeches them, would that mean all plastic is unsafe? Should only glass be used? Or metal?

    Whole Foods only carries reverse osmosis and deionized water. I’m looking into another place to buy distilled water, or make my own, while I’m preparing to start UT. Their deionized water is meant to be drank, its sold per gallon and says “DI water, similar in purity to distilled water”, so I believe this the safe form of deionized water?


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