Brett Stillings – Mars and more

7 Comments 18 February 2012

Brett Stillings finds it very difficult to discuss the topics covered in this interview and does his best to fight through the memory blocks and discomfort. He discusses his training during his youth by both his father and the Military in preparation for teleportation to Mars. His mars training classmate Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama), his childhood friend Sam (a Grey ET) and more.

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  1. Timothy Tang says:

    Lisa, the liberating feeling you mentioned having at around the end of August and early Sep 11 coincides with the ‘supposed destruction’ of US military underground bases on Aug 23rd 2011, which could have been part of an unknown higher-level intention to alter the timeline. Maybe you can look into its validity? I don’t think anything else major happened around that time except this supposed event.

    I never believe that ‘Elenin’ could pose a threat to Earth nor even allowed to. I didn’t understand how people could be so fixated and believe in such things without evidence of its existence even. Those people were not even astronomers who could understand the data and trajectory of any major comet close to the earth–why are they fearing something that they can’t even understand, maybe their perspective was too small and they were brainwashed by fear based religion, or they were afraid that something from space is going to come down and punish them for their sins LOL? So now I am thinking that those people were too silly to fear something that was just faint speculation.

  2. Timothy Tang says:

    The Russian boy Boriska who had a past life on Mars also said that there will be a great flood sometime around 2012. I wonder if the 3rd dimensional Earth will experience that?

    (40:30)”Project Camelot Interviews Boriska”

  3. alloya says:

    hi Lisa, love your site and videos ,you are a great inteviewer . can you tell me does Brett Stilling have a website i want to contact him , thanks alloya 🙂

  4. admin says:

    Hello Alloya, best place to contact Brett is FB William Stillings

  5. alloya says:

    thanks admin 🙂

  6. Sounds like the way Brett talks he has been there (Mars) for sure.So what was like to talk to someone who has been there Lisa?Thanks for the great interview Lisa.

  7. STARMAN says:

    A very interesting, provocative interview, although I had a lot of difficulty understanding your Australian accent.

    The issue I have is this: If, as Mr. Stillings claims, a large number of humans now occupy Mars via teleportation, how would their friends, their workplaces, their circle, not notice their absence?

    Would they have notified authorities? Would they be listed as missing persons? How does that work?
    You may understand my scepticism, as much as I want to believe this has taken place.

    There is a lot of disinformation out there. Is this more of the same?

    I have been termed a ‘starseed’ and am no stranger to ufo sightings, etc.


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