A conversation with Allfaaraa – Day 3

37 Comments 13 February 2012

Allfaaraa – Angel of God.
Right from the start Allfaaraa assumes the position of teacher.
What unfolded was not a typical interview, but a conversation that lasted for 3 days, this is day 3. If you have not listened to day 1 and 2, please do so first as this is a continuation and may not make sense out of sequence.

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37 Comments so far

  1. hsgj31 says:

    this guy seems to have some truth.
    could you summarize what your understanding what he said during this 3 interviews ?

  2. Yes, putting it into “English” would certainly help. He certainly makes a strong case for the merit, the value the purpose of the dark side of duality.

  3. ALF says:

    Ill summarize it for YOU

    The understanding of your SOULS purpose Determines your contribution of Love and Light..
    To the creator above.This is your WORK or Purpose
    the Fullfilling of YOUR Purpose Determines IF you will ASCEND or……


    Oh And Darknes is your best friend..

  4. Thanks, )>A<(, I actually listened and understood what you were saying. I have friends who are extremely hard of hearing and cannot gather this information in this interview format. The written word is their best means of understanding.

  5. Shawn says:

    Maurice, I agree. The written stuff is on its way soon too. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. courtland says:

    Blessings Be to All ~
    firstly, let me say *WOW* ~ and totally resonated with MUCH … a few spaces were hazed, albeit, that is OK … for it is merely an indicator of more “lessons” …Thank You Lisa for this interview and to You ~ Alf for sharing wisdoms and Shawn for many clarifications ~ very helpful!
    as an Admin Moderator of one of the largest “spiritual social networks”, ~ I use my “angelness” ALOT … and it was so Refreshing to hear and I have LONG known this, “we would not KNOW LIGHT, if it were not for the DARK” and have never been compelled to “kill the ego” as my HIGHER Guides share … our human egos are transitioning into our “DIVINE MINDS” … that is the way **THEY** (higher source) share with me ~ can’t tell you how much flak I take for that …
    There is SO MUCH to take in … I will probably relisten a few times to integrate ~ and I surrendered many years ago to SERVING the LIGHT … hence, my name on site is LOVELIGHT! ❤
    I begin each day before my feet hit the floor ~ *Thank You Great Spirit for this Day ~ How may I serve? ….. then *I* get out of the way and ALLOW the *magic* and I am nor have I ever been disappointed!
    THANK YOU ~ Lisa * Alf and Shawn!
    Love Blessings be to You!
    courtland aka LoveLight

  7. Kain says:

    Thank you Lisa, Alf and Shawn for this mind-boggling conversation!

    First, I’d like to give my understanding of your basic assertions.

    Aspects of a human:
    LS + MS

    M = Michael = LIGHT, L = Lucifer = DARK, A = Angel = Higher Self, S = Soul,
    LS = Ego, ‘trapped’ in Astral
    Creator = All That Is, including Archangels Michael and Lucifer (an aspect of whom ‘plays’ DARK)

    Whilst most cosmologies assert that our souls are here to learn unconditional love (and to provide the Creator with a means to experience itself, of course, which you I think agree with) you say that there is actually nothing to learn.

    Rather we are twin souls who are in a sort of dialectic tryst creating Karma through interaction of Dark (LS) with Light (MS). By this Karma (the energies thereof) our twin Angels and by that the two Archangels L and M comprising them can expand as well as the Creator.

    From here on my understand is only partial:

    There are three kinds of incarnations.
    – Feeders only provide Creator / MA / LA with energy to expand
    – Growers do on MA / LA level actually expand (and by that the Creator)?
    – Refiners make their expansions more efficient?

    This brings us to ‘Christians’ who started to exist only after Christ.
    Is there an inbalance between their MS and LS so that they will have to go to ‘Hell’ in order to bring their LS up to their MS’s level? Is that why they make up the Growers?

    For Refiners there are two interesting events to be awaited.

    Ascension: Be heaved beyond the limit of the astral. Price to pay is that one’s LA is ‘voided’, all the effort and its accumulated expansion and refinement will have been for nothing. Thus a waste of energy.?
    This path will eventually lead back to Oneness in the Creator.

    Unite the realms of Heaven (M) and Earth/Soil (L): M as well as L can keep their achievemnts and something that does not exist yet in all of the Creator will come into existence.?
    This path will allow you to become aware of your two Angel’s scope.?

    I would really appreciate if you could comment on my misunderstandings of your teaching, ALF. As it makes little sense to ask substantial questions before I’m sure to have the proper view.

    Thank you very much.

    LIGHT & LOVEter,


  8. Shawn says:

    Courtland, wow, thanks for the positive feedback. We take flak too, so no surprise there.

    Kain, that was an impressive and detailed summary. I think I will allow ALF to comment and from me just ask you to wait for our website to be a little further along. I will be posting written and video explanations in the near future. In addition to that we hope to do a Q&A with Lisa for listeners questions.


  9. Bonnie says:

    Thank you to all, for bringing this to me, now I know: my two Fathers, my two Brothers, my two Sons.
    A Union of opposites will result. I have always loved my dark and loved my light and our ability to create together. I always give thanks to both for our creations, experiences, I often watch the antics of both, and get off the ride and watch them flow freely below. The power was given to Women also, because they can add 1+1=3.
    1 Question: Wherever I travel, I go in Pure White Light, but fragment the light into rainbow colours whenever I meet new people, I have experienced this since 4 years old. People think I’m kooky if I mention this, but I would like some help in understanding this if you can.
    Thank you All again for the interviews and am looking forward to a lot more information.

  10. Debs and Fee says:

    This is Debs and Fee here and we are wondering where we in the broad scheme of things i.e. where our ego and spirit is at as we so long to ascend and want to be in service to other parts of ourselves. Much gratitude to you all, we loved the interviews already and keep listening to them. Thank god for the clarity so far. We were once told that we would never want to go back to creator and this has confirmed this for us. We want to be our own creators and are sick of being recycled!

  11. Allfaaraa, Shawn, & Lisa:

    Thanks so much for this conversation. WOW! Definitely explained things that I already knew on some level but could not articulate. Lisa, once again, you don’t disappoint, and I found myself wondering things or saying things at the same time you did. And I was also wondering if I could have an email address for Allfaaraa. I would love to speak with him more. I am sure he is busy, especially with time so short now, but I feel like I would be a great student of anything he wanted to teach me. As always too, I am a big fan of Lisa and want you to know that you are truly a wonderful being.

  12. Don says:


    About this word

    One of the most prominent expressions of the Alpha-Omega-Centaurian-Andromi Anunnaki-Drakonian-Necromiton collective refers to itself as the “Archangel Michael” Matrix, a Bio-neurological Mass Mind-control Program run via the Alpha-Omega Collective, that is literally “broadcast into Earth’s airwaves to unsuspecting channels” from Parallel Earth through the NDCG.

    The largest False DNA Activation-“Ascension” Program is conducted by the “Alpha-Omega Templar Melchizedik Anunnaki-Drakonian Alliance and several other related Fallen Angelic Collectives following the Omicron-Drakonian-Zeta-Illuminati ”One World Order” dominion agenda.

    False 12-Strand DNA Activation Programs are geared toward “Monadic Reversal” – reversing the Fire Letter Sequences in the Human DNA Templates to create Reverse Sequence 11 – Strand Activation in humans, so human DNA will assist the Fallen Angelic mission of gaining control of Earth’s Planetary Shields & Star Gates on a reverse – 11 activation (34-CCW/21 – CW Nibiruian Merkaba) during the 2000 – 2017 Stellar Activation Cycle.

    Competing FALSE 12-STRAND ACTIVATION PROGRAMS are presently being run via unsuspecting New Age & UFO Movement “Channels & Contactees”, by Jehovian “Bipedal Dolphin People” Anunnaki (Sirius A, Arcturian, & “Galactic Federation”) and Pleiadian-Nibiruian (Anu-Seraphim Aquatic-ape-hominid) Anunnaki-Drakonian-Reptile hybrid races.

    Fallen Angelic and Illuminati Human Leviathan races use the seduction of false claims of “Easy DNA Template Activation” and false promises of Ascension without providing the details of the MECHANICS by which these dynamics naturally take place. If we know the mechanics we can detect when they are being intentionally misused to orchestrate Anti-Christiac Dominion agendas.

    (See: Fallen Angelics, Alpha-Omega Alliance, Illuminati)

    (See: FALSE New Age Movement, Questions for Discernment)

    The tactics of false “Quick-Fix Claims” and false promises are coupled with false “sweetness and patronization”, in which our egos are fed as we are told “what we want to hear” and “how great and Beloved we are”, while being covertly “railroaded right under our own noses”.

    If we do not “fall for” the age-old “Quick-Fix” and “Ego-Pat” Seductions, we can avert Fallen Angelic and Illuminati manipulation tactics and learn HOW THINGS REALLY WORK, so we become empowered to set ourselves, and assist others to set themselves, FREE.

    We CAN “Active our 12-Strands of DNA”, (24-48 Strands for Indigos) but it takes work, a labor of Divine Love, and it requires Divine Sacred Science KNOWLEDGE.

    DNA Template and Kundalini Activation do not occur via “wishful thinking” or “hopeful intention”, they are processes of natural Bio-Spiritual CREATION PHYSICS, which occur via educated, conscious direction of energy and genuine Spiritual Wisdom.

    There is a natural Divine Right Order of energy mechanics that govern the manifestation of consciousness in biological form; the mechanics of this order must be understood and appropriately applied if one expects to attain genuine Bio-Spiritual Mastery.

    ( – FAQ Section)

  13. Mik says:

    Thanks very much. Great new perspectives. Alf’s information seems to release a lot of fear through these new perspectives. Profound and subtle change instantly are possible with his insight and knowledge. I’m still picking up the pieces. And many questions still, awesome. Powerful stuff, with his ending message, one I know and have heard before, be love, radiate light, understand the darkness, and serve others. Again thanks, hope there are many more. I had one thing to mention in and aside, How many other people listening, noticed the vocals of Shawn, seemed like he was a natural radio voice, amazing.

  14. T Lux says:

    Lisa, Alf, and Shawn,
    Thank you for being able to listen in on your conversation.
    Greatly appreciate your work.

  15. Annie says:

    OMG what a rollercoaster ride…….Lisa, thanks so much you are a truly gifted interviewer. Alf and Shawn, thanks for sharing and taking so much time to get the information out. This is a lot to take in. By the end of the 3rd interview, though, you were actually making sense to me. So when you brought up about the number 5 overwhelmingly being walk ins my bells were really chiming and something I’ve suspected about myself seems might be true. So, how is this for being a 5 — my life number, my maiden name and my married name, no escape from it, change and challenge has been my entire life, or at least the parts of my life I can remember.

    A question about walk ins, does the other sometimes stay, too? I wonder because I have always had 2 distinct sounds in my head that are always with me. One of the sounds I have come to know as “me” like my signature or name and the other I’ve always wondered about. I remember a time when this body was 5 years old during a severe Asian Flu out break and the “Angel of Death” stood vigil at my bed for 3 days that I could remember. I have no recall of my life prior to that time and very little recall of my life from that time till age 13 when a certain type of life trauma seems to have stopped.

    Anyway, for the past 20 years I’ve known one purpose of my life is to help my husband, who is a 22 to wake up and step into his purpose (his daughter is an 11 and his son is a very strong 1). I’m not even going to go into his first name and is surname because then it all gets too mind blowing for me.

    I look forward to hearing the archives of the Q&A interview when it takes place for more clarification and for your website when it is up.

  16. Shawn says:

    Wow, thanks for the replies and Mik for the compliments on my voice. The website is up and we’ve just barely started adding content, but more is to come. The Q&A should happen within a week or two. We’ll try to include some of these questions either in the Q&A or in a future article on the website.

  17. heidi says:

    Hi Lisa, well that was a lot to take in. I have never heard any of this information before. I am not a big bible person, mainly because it has been rewritten and some what manipulated over the years. I see above that ashyana dean’s group posted a comment stating that arch angel MiCHAEL is a matrix based on a mass mind control program from a not so nice group of off planet races. I wonder what alf thinks about that comment. I certainly would like to read more about this and see that he has a website now. Thanks for holding the interview together.

  18. bruno says:

    That was fascinating, inspirational, provocative…and rather confusing at the same time!

    I think I need to go through it again…seeing this information in writing would definitely help.

  19. CLAIRE says:

    Hi Lias,Allf and Shawn
    This conversation was a lot to take in but really enjoyed it!
    as someone who grew up in a church going family (born agains) i had fear and guilt about looking out of that to finding other answers. i have always believed there was a God but found it hard to take in how black and white they make it, things that didnt add up.
    Last year i called out to my creator of love and light who ever they may be!! to use me and show me the true way to go. Im on a journey and it can be confusing at times especially when you listen to so many people telling you they know the truth( Lisa i listen to all your interviews 🙂 ) but i think i will just have to carry on looking to God to show me the truth and the way and be the best i can be. As they say the veil is heavy so im just walking around in the dark just hoping im getting it right and not being tricked!!

    WOW this life, world etc.. is tough what a ride!. Anyway going to do a silly little dance to myself just to lighting things up and if im lucky ill make God laugh! 😀

  20. Would it be possible to get a little more information on “Alf” and Shawn? i.e. background information-where you born, grew up, schooling, travels and people experiences? Just wondering what your “process” was like.
    Really a thought provocative, enjoyable, entertaining and homing interview, not necessarily in that order! Listening to it has given me much peace. Thanks so much for your time!

  21. )>AAA says:


    Thank you My Lofty One It is hard to respond as you R at the top of the page and I am at the bottom..LOL
    went to your site very cool, One day Shawn might get Us to Look like that. or

    Hope fully you will attend Monday nite for the Live Q and A on Lisa and continued Live Teachings.

    Allfaaraa Antaaraa Amaaraa

  22. )>AAA says:

    WOW Great comments from ALL of YOU.. Even the albeit Whackey stuff about My DAD. Well second dad actually.

    Must Be m..My Dad”S EVIL Twin

    Michael the LEGNAHCRA…

    I look forward to seeing and sharing Live with ALL of YOU
    on Lisa next AAA<(

  23. Shawn says:

    Kathleen, I thought we both gave a bunch of history in these first interviews. Relevant history anyway. I’m sure that will either come up in one of the future talks or we’ll put it in writing on the website eventually. ALF and I have had much different histories as you can imagine.

  24. Mik says:

    Hey guys, I’m working on my third time through the interview. Its great stuff, and extra intriguing trying to piece things together.
    In dealing with ego. I’ve been educating my ego, as i call it, as well as loving all that it is. The ego is my friction indicator, it tells me when I’m losing energy. As i respond in love and compassion, I ease the friction and raise vibration. I thank my ego for showing me the way to superconductivity. Also if the ego is my soulmate, we work together in love.
    Looking forward to Live with Lisa. I thought it very interesting that an Angel of God, appearing at this time, with almost unheard of interpretations of the bible… Somethings up, or down. Any comments.
    Thanks for all the work. Peace out.

  25. )>A says:

    Mik Unheard of?? By humanity only, I present the Bible from Gods Point of View, not Mans.After all ITS NOT about YOU its about HIM…
    Everything is About Him, humanity has it ALL Backwards
    indeed strange that after 4 billion or so years in this world I would chose this time to step forward..Must be Rather important as my Father Says….




  26. Rachel says:

    Just finished listening to all 3 parts and my heart is heavy. I have tears falling down my cheeks and a lump in my throat for what humanity could face. Sure, I understand that we have grown (most of us, I hope) because of so much darkness. But when is enough, well, ENOUGH?

    I have also been following all the various channelers and prominent lightworkers and it becomes impossible to determine if any of it is truth because even the ET’s apparently each have their own agenda. Therefore, most of the stuff is lies.

    “AAA” did lay out a clear and concise history and message, but everything is becoming a huge contradiction.

    If this is truth, then many “good” ET groups are distorting the actual truth, which is lying.

    ALL so confusing. I just want the highest good for everyone, which I hope is a world with little darkness and much love and creativity.

  27. Claire says:

    WHO,WHAT,WHY AND WHEN?!!! .. Woo Alf I can’t wait!


  28. )>A says:


    your comments were very Heart felt within ME.

    Attempt to understand this…my Fathjer scatteras seeds
    within this realm some of the seeds do not grow to maturity
    they are gathered back placed into a Baarrell of seeds so to speak, for use at a later time..Some do mature and Go on to Become Trees that then produce seeds of their own.

    The level of maturity of the seeds planted on earth differs one from another, some more and some less.
    My Father;s are now working out a way for ALL seeds to be umm Recovered if those who CAN..WILL.

    IOT If those who can Ascend are willing to Give what they have for others to ASCEND we may all go.

    Lets SEE who will BE, I know I AM IN…

    Be there Monday nite ON LISa


  29. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Lisa,
    These were fascinating interviews. Somewhere in the 3rd interview you mentioned something and Alfaara thought you were talking about “George”. What was he referring to

  30. admin says:

    George Kavassilas

  31. mybigtoe says:

    Alf sounds like a used car salesman for Lucifer. I personally would rather be thrown into the goo, than have to incarnate here again. This literally is Hell. Excellent interviews, i did watch them twice. I’m sure there is a lot of truth in what he says, but my inner instinct is telling me what I already know (don’t look outside yourself).

  32. )>A says:


    “Used car salesman for Lucifer” Now that is

    However Lucifer does NOT sell used Cars.What he does IS SERVE the Creator as the Schoolmaster here on Earth

    WHERE ‘YOU’ RESIDE…It is LUCIFER that will pass YOU to CHRIST (Ascension) OR plunge you into the Depths of His Consciousness. Umm you dont want to be there,

    I agree that Your greatest teacher resides within you, however there are TWO soul and EGO and Most of humaity
    is Listening to The EGO or MIND which controls all you do.

    The Active teacher is the EGO the real teacher is the Silent teacher the one attaches to the heart center it cannot be accessed through thought reason or rationality.

    So my enlightened ONE which are you accessing?? Hmm
    and HOW do you know which One is Which.
    Whom do you really Serve?? Have a Clue??
    Your statements come directly from your Ego/mind
    The fact that you will get irritated about this only verifies what I AM saying to you.
    BTW I dont sell used cars,,However



    "We"ll know for the first time ,if WERE Evil or DIVINE
    youre the Last IN Line….RJD

  33. mybigtoe says:

    “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense” – Buddha

    I didn’t mean to offend you, I’m not confrontational. I just don’t want to see people giving away their power. I watched all the videos 3 times, and some things just didn’t resonate with me. I don’t believe we are as powerless as you say, and I got the distinct impression that you were trying to talk people out of ascension by stating that it’s boring, yet you admitted that you never had the experience.

    As far as my own enlightenment, there is a virtual armageddon going on inside me, but I’ll win. My life path number is 9, so I don’t think I’ll be last in line.

    Don’t be so angry. People are entitled to their opinion.


  34. mybigtoe says:

    When I said I’ll win, I meant my higher self not the ego mind.

    wink wink

  35. ackless dresses on sale says:


  36. teslatunes says:


    “About this word

    One of the most prominent expressions of the Alpha-Omega-Centaurian-Andromi Anunnaki-Drakonian-Necromiton collective refers to itself as the “Archangel Michael” Matrix, a Bio-neurological Mass Mind-control Program run via the Alpha-Omega Collective, that is literally “broadcast into Earth’s airwaves to unsuspecting channels” from Parallel Earth through the NDCG.” from Don in the above rePLY!!!!!!

    Ok this is entirely distortional loblolly bunk…… someone has to say something about this so i will..I cant add to every comment but i will to the most blatantly incorrect statements.
    never mind! this was written to confuse everybody …Period There is some truth in it but i would never ever correlate Andromi with Anunnaki-Drakonian-Necromiton collective (Necromitron) Don have you been reading too many comic books…geesh! Please . the Andromi? you quite simply do not know what the heck you are talking about..
    Jehovian “Bipedal Dolphin People” Anunnaki (Sirius A, Arcturian, & “Galactic Federation”) and Pleiadian-Nibiruian (Anu-Seraphim Aquatic-ape-hominid) Anunnaki-Drakonian-Reptile hybrid races…. Please do not include Archturian or Galactic Federation or Pleiadian in this analysis.. it is totally incorrect!……………………………………Are you sure you are not speaking of the Sirius B Ayrians and the Nords who maybe as well as other regressive races under the well know Galactic Federation of light!… Geesh Inlighten me! Jehovah God—-two footed Dolphin race. what the mother load is that!. ooops thats right the Draconians hybreded humans with whales so they could walk on the land… Oki!
    OMG abdabdabdabdabdeeee thats all folks!

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