A conversation with Allfaaraa – Day 2

12 Comments 08 February 2012

Allfaaraa – Angel of God.
This is day 2 of my conversation with Allfaaraa. If you have not listened to day 1, please do so first as this is a continuation and may not make sense out of sequence.

This can be at times a challenging conversation for a few reasons, Allfaaraa certainly has his own style, his information is at times in complete contradiction to what I had been told, and he has a crazy case of ADD.
In amongst all that, I found a logic and wisdom as well as answers to long held questions. I hope you do to.

In Lak’esh

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12 Comments so far

  1. Dee says:

    Excellant interview with Bill Woods!!!! We finally know who he is and I like him!!! He is a wise old sole.
    Thanks for that.
    I could not get to your site today 2/10 Google said it was not available. I went on Ixquick web search and arrived here immediatly. I thought you would find that interesting.
    Great Work

  2. Tony says:

    In my humble opinion .. no, .not ok raising the ego=lucifer,
    when ego gets out of the way we become free from its slavery.
    and yea we might be feeding our gods accordingly
    evil might be serving a purpose in our spiritual evolution but in th end it is clear that we can not serve two Gods.

    Love and light .

  3. fatewhat says:

    God? as we have now understood is lights.
    Lights is an electricity. G=L, L=E. With E, production line started in many many ions ago, and many many ions ago products be made . With electricity, human living lives with prodcuts. Say, we human was created by God, yet, we be told from all great teachers to off the ego becasue we simple dont made with Ego, and ego is an illusion. Was human created ? Or, mainly be producted? and intelligence, be produced as well? To off ego, which THEY told is simply not there to have. So, what then is THEY knew about human yet we dont know ? But, THEY ( Jeuse, Buddha and many others) so sure and positive about ego that was not made in human THEY told.
    Was created?
    Ego grows.
    Be producted?
    Ego die.
    Words ?
    Mind be set.
    Fear cleared.

    and, About “fear”, coincidently, THEY told, to off it, too.

  4. Nancy says:

    Loved the interview and am anxious to hear the next one on the process for ascension.
    I absolutely wish to ascend!
    Thanks for sharing these interviews.
    Please More, Thank you!

  5. Michael is both Father and Archangel Michael. Jesus is the first born Son of Michael. Lucifer is the second born Son. Jesus was baptized by Jon the Baptist. Michael was Jon the Baptist.. He passed His divinity to Jesus. You are assigned a demon or an angel depending where your soul originates from. We did not all start out as demons.

  6. Lisa, if you want real truth, contact Dr. Mitchell Gibson at and watch the doors of knowledge fly open to you. You will not be left trying to figure it out, rather, you will be given answers that will satisfy the inner most part of your being.

  7. Archangel Gabriel is a female. She is a powerful Archangel who leads one of the heavenly hosts.

  8. Wow! I only discovered your site 3 days ago.
    I really appreciate your open minded, non judgmental,
    flexible, interview style. The simplicity is so refreshing.
    After listening to Bill Brockbaders last interview with Kerry
    Cassidy I felt frustration because his attempts to bring our
    focus onto some very important issues were not being
    recognised for what they were. I decided to trust that another platform would quickly open up for Bill that would
    enable him say all of what he really wants to say in the way
    that he wants to say it!
    Thank you Lisa for giving Bill that opportunity — now we are
    really getting somewhere!
    After listening to your interview with Bill I listened to the two
    “conversations” with Allfaaraa. All I can say is when is part
    3? I am totally hooked now!!!!

  9. ALF says:

    Michael,??Been watching Constantine a few to many times???

    There are 2 Archangels that Maniiest female,

    Tsafkiel, and Sandalphon..

    Everyone knows that Gabriel is reallly Christopher walken
    just watch Prophecy..

  10. Lisa:

    I like this guy Allfaaraa…and you really are a great interviewer.

    Am waiting for more from him.

    Thank you

  11. judy says:

    Lisa, Do you have a transcript of your interview of Allfaaraa day 2 & 3?

  12. admin says:

    No I don’t, it was 3 days talking with Alf. A transcript was way to overwhelming a task, sorry.

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