A conversation with Allfaaraa – Day 1

4 Comments 07 February 2012

Allfaaraa – Angel of God.
Right from the start Allfaaraa assumes the position of teacher.
What unfolded was not a typical interview, but a conversation that lasted for 3 days, this is day 1.
This can be at times a challenging conversation for a few reasons, Allfaaraa certainly has his own style, his information is at times in complete contradiction to what I had been told, and he has a crazy case of ADD.
In amongst all that, I found a logic and wisdom as well as answers to long held questions. I hope you do to.
In Lak’esh

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  1. Aeon Love says:

    I’m an awakened soul and the creator/higher self has communicated the same message to me. He thanked me for allowing him to understand his own strength via inversion/opposites and said that angels don’t need good because there is no bad. The soul that transcends opposites is the holy spirit (Christ consciousness). Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful interview.

  2. Tina Soucy says:

    I listened to both of these interviews and couldn’t believe my ears, it was as if someone was voicing every thought I’ve had over my entire lifetimes…this is truth. Thank you for sharing this…amazing…:)

  3. Debs & Fee says:

    Wow and right on! So many pieces of this puzzle have fallen into place! Ok so its time to get on with it and this time with implicit understanding. We are looking forward to the 4th conversation and feel this information will blow many minds – literally! Thank you all and thank god. Oh and if you are considering transcribing the audio look no further and email us.

  4. Karen says:

    This person talks as if the the biblical prospective is all there is. What about Lemuria and Atlantis, which existed long before Egypt. I’m sorry I think this person is out there and I couldn’t listen long because his annoying lip smacking. I believe in God the Source, the Son, the holy spirit, Angels as well as other multidimensional being and beings from other planets. From what I understand Angles is one of many celestial beings. Hence, the “Angelic Race”. I believe this person mixes the bible with whatever else he has ever heard.

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